1. Joseph Singer says

    It’s just Newt being obtuse. He had a slow day and felt he needed more exposure now that he’s no longer a prez candidate. Or maybe he’s trying to make us forget about his three failed marriages.

  2. JONES says

    Here we have Newt Gingrich who doesn’t know what a smartphone is.
    He was the leading* Republican candidate for President of the United States for six weeks. Thank you Sheldon Adelson.

    *The rest of that stellar field:
    Michelle Bachman
    Rick Santorum
    Rick Perry
    Herman Cain
    Mitt Romney

    How utterly ridiculous this must have looked to the rest of the world.

  3. Luke says

    That’s an interesting video. As Newt said, that was shot back in 2003, ten years ago. I’d say for once that he’s right here. I’m not sure when the term smartphone came up.

  4. E. Manhattan says

    Hey, guys, he’s right. The phone part of smart phones is one of their lesser-used functions. They do network us together in ways we don’t completely understand yet, and won’t understand for quite awhile. And our society will change a lot more due to these things as the devices evolve.

    Gingrich has said and done LOTS of obscene and appalling things in his career, has caused a lot of damage, and deserves criticism for his long-term evilness and hypocrisy. But don’t trash him for using his intelligence for something useful, for a change!

    That’s being as mean-spirited as a hung-over homocon.

  5. John in Houston says

    @Luke: “As Newt said, that was shot back in 2003, ten years ago.”

    That’s clearly an iPhone he has in his hand. You can tell by the iconic home button. The iPhone was released in 2007, so the video could not have been shot in 2003. Further, he mentioned “going to Wikipedia.” Wikipedia didn’t have WAP access until 2004. At that time, feature phones with internet capabilities did not have full internet browsing — they had pared down mobile WAP browsing. He mentioned YouTube — didn’t exist until 2005. Netflix on iPhones — not until 2010.

    He did say it had the computing power of a 2003 laptop (I personally think he’s underestimating the power of a good smartphone), so maybe that’s where you got the 2003 from.

  6. Luke says

    @John in Houston

    I watched a second time the video, full screen. I’m afraid you’re right. Afraid because if it’s that recent, what’s the goal of the video. I seriously doubt that it’s for educational purpose. For looking stupid? he’s smarter than that. Political? not sure.
    I guess today is not the day I will start understanding him.

  7. Jols says

    Honestly? I was ready to laugh at him, but his argument isn’t entirely stupid: As long as the word “phone” will be part of the name, it will be tied to the phoning feature which is clearly not the principal feature of “smartphones” today, and it does limit in a way the way we think about it.

  8. says

    Gingrich is a shrewd man, and an able politician. He certainly knows very well what a smart phone is — he describes one, even though he doesn’t use the term. The first question is “Who is his audience?” followed by “What is the point of this video?”

    Keep in mind that one way Obama hammered the Republicans in 2008 and 2012 — and the most effective — was grassroots organizing, which in the 21st century means social media, e-mail, instant communication — smart phones. I think he’s trying to push the GOP — the rank and file, not the movers and shakers — into the 21st century. There are people in their fifties who don’t have computers, don’t understand computers, and are terrified of the whole idea of computers. (Take my word for it — I used to have to deal with them constantly, to the extent of having to walk a caller step by step through “copy and paste,” a completely foreign concept to her that was just noise. The idea of a search engine was a revelation to my sister.) A lot of those are the Republican base.

    I think the point of this video is to get his supporters thinking about it — granted, it’s rare for any politician to want his followers to think, but sometimes it’s necessary. At least he can try to direct the thinking.

  9. Ricky Waters says

    Well guys, let’s think about it in a different way ………. how about instead of changing the name of the device ………… how about we change he concept of what a phone is?

  10. sherman says

    Some good comments after the video, like “How about “The Horseless Telephone”? and “I think it’s obvious that in honor of the man who started this important national discussion we should call these mysterious devices “New Telephones”, or for short, “NewTphones” -Sent from my NewTphone”

  11. anon says

    If you watch the video he uses the term “app”, which is recent. It’s not that he’s confused w/ smartphones or unfamiliar with the term, it’s that he’s trying to come up with a way to discuss them politically or in political terms. Not sure why, but he likes to pontificate, so maybe it’s just an easy way to do that.

  12. E. Manhattan says

    ??? Who could watch this and think he doesn’t know what a smartphone is?

    I don’t get it. What are you guys responding to? Not what he’s saying, that’s for sure.

    He’s just commenting on the impact these devices are having and will have as they evolve, and pointing out that they have less and less to do with voice communication as time goes on. That’s all just true – it’s in no way controversial.

    If you’re looking for things to criticize, there’s his hypocritical claims about equal marriage, or his lying about Christians being victimized – those are real issues.

    What is the point of criticizing the fact that he understands the transformational nature of technology? How is that a bad thing?

  13. Rich says

    I don’t fully understand why Newt would make this video, but he’s not wrong. I work in the cell phone industry, and I can tell you that the leaders of the industry have essentially the same conversation quite often.

  14. DN says

    I forget who said it, but Newt Gingrich is the ideal republican candidate because he is what a dumb person thinks a smart person sounds like.

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