1. Caliban says

    From the Guardian article:

    “In an interview shortly after announcing he was gay he said he regretted supporting section 28, the law introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s government banning the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities in schools.”

    I’ll reserve judgement until I know more, but in my experience gay right wingers can be really twisted tickets. It’s as if they have decided that since their homosexuality is shameful and unacceptable to begin with they might as well go whole hog and indulge their basest urges, abusing those they consider their “lessers.” They often present themselves as prim and sexless aunties but all that self-hate and repression eventually expresses itself in a conflicted sexuality that can throw off some truly ugly sparks.

    Again, this is just in my experience so your mileage may vary.

  2. Craig Nelson says

    I very much hope there is no substance to this. However I am glad it is being investigated as opposed to being brushed under the carpet because it is an important person – which may, sadly, have happened in the past. It is important for people to be able to come forward and have the assurance it will be properly investigated.

  3. anon says

    It would be odd that a victim of sexual assault would still be hanging around the perp months later, so these charges are suspect. However, Tories are notorious for having bizarre sex lives (there were about five or six sex scandals in the late nineties that helped end the last Tory govt).

  4. Marty says

    If you are a 55 year old gay man, the ONLY reason a 20 something is hanging around you is if you are PAYING.

    Seriously, just do rent-boy and keep it moving…

  5. Sam says

    ^ What is with all the stereotyping as to why a 50 year old might hang around with young people?

    What kind of shallow attitudes are these? I’ve been friends with many older men for entirely sexless reasons.

    And for sexful reasons. Neither of those are wrong, and neither means I’m getting paid.

  6. MaryM says

    I reckon he is guilty.

    He came out of the closet at the age of 52. He has a dreadful record in terms of his voting record on LGBT rights.
    He’s a member of a party which hates him.

    He’s clearly massively messed up in the head

  7. Gigi says

    Love all the comments from the armchair judges saying it’s odd that a man his age has younger friends. No, it’s not. Especially when one comes out late in life. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  8. says

    If Keith Richards, who is 70, hangs around 18-year-old female guitarists, does that mean he’s screwing them? For all we know those guitarists are lesbians, or it’s just rock n roll shop talk after a gig, or that Richards is still curious about what tricks the new generation of guitarists – females and males – have up their sleeves. How insular do you have to be to see nothing but sexual tension between an older person in a room full of young people?

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