1. Jim says

    As a long time Pines resident I’m excited about this, because the previous Pavilion was a complete disaster that looked like a Jiffy Lube and inside was like a bad impersonal club in Ibiza. I really hope this is a success because it’s costing them a fortune and it will be very hard to make money from it. Nothing will equal the excitement of the original Pavilion in its heyday, the 70s-90s, but The Pines is the greatest place on Earth to me, so bravo to them and good luck!

  2. rebarb says

    I’ve spent many summers at The Pines and the Grove, and it’s great that The Pavilion is completed in time for this season. I love the look of the new building, and I can’t wait to see it and have my first drink at the bar.Having a great new space to socialize with old friends, and hopefully make new ones is so exciting. Long Live The Pines and The Grove!

  3. Gay Puritanism Fixes AIDS says

    Hope Fire Island gets its AIDSatorium back in tip-top shape in time for the AIDS season!

  4. RAF says

    For me the best times were the fifties, when I had a house on Nautilus Walk and Peggy Fears (and Teddy) ruled and fought in the original Boat Club. “Get off my island,” she once ordered a tiresome gin palace owner who had the temerity to tie up alongside.
    The Pines remains a haunting memory, all these years later and from these disastrous times.

  5. says

    Please elaborate. I’d like to think that you just don’t like the design and are not being homophobic, but I’m afraid your comment comes off as the latter.

  6. Tyrone says

    This is news? While I guess I am glad that they are getting their building back, for us non-financial or non fashion types, we think its a little out of touch to see this heavy drug using, wealthy, hedonistic group as representing the gay community in any way. So much drug and alcohol abuse there, and energy that could be spent on community building wasted on conspicuous consumption and preening. Its important to hear other voices in Towleroad saying this is not the type of gay community most of us want to build.

  7. ratbastard says

    I’m glad they rebuilt their pavilion. It takes all kinds. But lets be honest and admit Fire Island and it’s allure is primarily for a very small and privileged few. The gay community/subculture has it’s presumed ‘A-list’ like any other community / subculture / minority group, and they are often aloof and disconnected from the more typical member of said community / subculture / minority group. They generally have far more in common with other ‘elites’. Fire Island is one of the gathering spots for the gay ‘elite’. There are a handful of such places. I’ve been to some of them, and found them generally to be filled with a certain pretentious ‘A-list’ demographic. I think I’d sooner cut of my left you know what then spend vacation time with a bunch of mostly ‘A-list’ gay NYers. Or if I had to, I’d make sure all my shots and vaccinations are up to date. Even in the best of circumstances, these types can be impossible to be around, gay or non-gay.

    Trust me.

  8. David Hearne says

    ratbastard – I guess “elite” has more than one meaning. I have never been to Fire Island or tempted to go there. I like to be able to park my car nearby so I can leave quickly if I so choose. I did visit Provincetown in my youth, which is probably why I have never had any interest in another gay resort where the water is freezing cold, you have to walk everywhere, and you have to wear winter clothes in June.

  9. Cody says

    “Hope Fire Island gets its AIDSatorium back in tip-top shape in time for the AIDS season!”

    Lovely. Very lovely.

    There is a special place in hell for you.

  10. Cody says

    “Hope Fire Island gets its AIDSatorium back in tip-top shape in time for the AIDS season!”

    Lovely. Very lovely.

    There is a special place in hell for you.

  11. Observer says

    Love this! go gays! be proud of your surroundings! fire island is one of them!

  12. Oliver says

    Calling the vapid and vacuous : the new Pines Pavilion is opening soon ! Let the drug addiction and alcoholism begin !