1. jlavoy says

    This must be how it felt when some LGBT organizations were willing to drop Transgender people off the ENDA bill a few years ago, to secure passage.

  2. RWG says

    If Chuckie votes against an inclusion for gay couples in the immigration bill he will regret it for the rest of his life. He will never, I mean never, hear the end of it from LGBT groups and our allies. I have never trusted this guy and it looks to me like he’s perfectly willing to sell us out, yet again.

  3. will says

    Gay inclusion (at this point) has a good chance of killing the bill. I think we can all put aside our own agenda for the time being to get an immigration bill in the first place. Gay inclusion is a red-target reason for every skittish conservative to salve his conscience and vote against a bill he didn’t want to vote for to begin with.

    If gay inclusion is going to kill this, let’s cut our losses and at least push for A bill — which is better than NO bill. This is contentious and fragile to begin with.

  4. Pete N SFO says

    There is nothing ‘contentious’ about holding elected officials accountable to the basic tenets of equality & justice for all; in truth, Schumer should be screaming THAT at the top of his lungs. It has taken 17 yrs to fix DOMA!

    I agree with the poster above; if Schumer dismisses gay people & their families in this moment (w/ the national shift, the Prez on-board, the imminent defeat of DOMA) he WILL absolutely make himself a political dinosaur in a fleeting second.

    They need to ‘re-frame’ this discussion and put the GOP on the defensive… aren’t they really just asking for continued permission to discriminate? The Nation gets-it, why don’t they???

  5. says

    TR ate my 1st comment so try again…

    There is no reason we should throw our own equality under the bus to appease the anti-gay right. What kind of message does that send? That we’re willing to cave before we even get started? These are amendments, reasonable ones, amid myriad other amendments. If they don’t make it–which they likely won’t–at least they clearly highlight the inequality same-sex couples face in immigration. Make those opposed justify their opposition.

    I’m proud of my Senator who, unlike Schumer, is willing to put politics aside for one second (and he’s no political novice) and just put forth why these amendments are necessary. That’s what politicians are supposed to do: speak out on behalf of ALL of their constituents and attempt action. The right would like nothing better than for us to put our rights on hold until the right time–which, for them, is never. Don’t buy that BS.

  6. jeff says

    We should not quit pushing, but dont be too disappointed if gay issues are not included in the bill. The Democrats are desperate to get a bill for the President who has been blocked at every turn on every issue. Once the odious DOMA has been either outlawed or repealed, then the other chips will fall in place. Keep pushing but dont expect much on this one.

  7. Randy says

    Friends like these…

    are why I moved to Canada.

    If the Dems want to impress me by growing some balls… actually it’s too late for that now.

  8. Bernie says

    Pete in SFO is correct.

    This is just another, perhaps the last desperate gasp of Right-wing anti-gay zealotry trying to bash gays.

    We can work here. (mostly)
    We can Marry here. (someplaces)
    We can raises families here.
    …pay taxes here…

    But JEEEEBUS FORBID we want to immigrate here…???

    So, straight homophobe Republican Christianists – and their DINO’s think they can legally keep Gays OUT of this country, what do you think they they think they can do about the ones (us) that are here?

    Well, you DAMN WELL KNOW what they think. We see it every day here at TR: reports of their violence, their hate, their seemingly incredile stupidity and jack-assery they use to stretch their bigotry across our lives.

    Enough. Schumer; Godwin be damned: You are playing Nazi games side-by-side with people who admire Hitler, not Jesus. Knock it off!

  9. says

    @Tyler: Sometimes it’s not about everyone BUT us. This is one of those times. And, even with the simple inclusion of equality for binational same-sex couples in immigration reform, it would be far from all about us. Back to your bridge, troll.

  10. walter says

    well i guess it is about time for chuck e cheese to start putting out his resume because his time is over . but to bet he will show up the last sunday in june to march in the pride parade because he has never met a camera he didn’t love or a parade he wouldn’t march in

  11. David Hearne says

    Why would this surprise anyone? He’s against your right to keep and bear arms, and he’s against your right to equal treatment under the law. Pig.

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