1. Jeff Henderson says

    Not the whole story, I live in Dallas, and in that district. Sheridan is a nut job who didn’t have a chance. There were 10350 votes cast, and Sheridan only received 28 votes. There were 4 candidates. Leland Burke is an openly gay business man who is well respected, his sexuality was not an issue in the election, Dallas is a very good city in general for the GLBT community. The winner was Jennifer Staubach Gates, who is the daughter of Roger Staubach, and probably won largely on that name recognition.

  2. Lars says

    I do believe the GOP caucus in Congress could find space for him.

    Also, what is his accent?? I’m thinking maybe East Coast somewhere? Can’t place it.

  3. mitch says

    I would score him a 10 in profanity. Eloquent use of extreme expletives. A bit repetitive but lovely use of the word Mother Lover. You may move on to the next round.

  4. Mike says

    Gee, sorry that he is so “iffy”. Too bad that this meek and mild chap just does just not spit it out. (He is such a restrained and gentle person.) Wonder what he REALLY thinks . . .

  5. Skooter McGoo says

    Homophobia in Dallas is nothing new, hence the reason I left the state. When you feel like any person at time would kill you because you are gay, it’s time to get out. Too many gun toting folks there ready to kill for the glory of their god.

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @Lars – The Bronx is (was) a cafe in the Dallas gayborhood of Oak Lawn.

    BTW: The building in the background is the former Texas School Book Depository.

  7. Lars says

    @Anastasia, thanks for clarifying. But that means I’m back to square one, wondering where the hell this guy is from. Call me crazy, but I’m not hearing much Texas in that accent.

  8. Dave says

    @Skooter McGoo: Homophobia can be found anywhere, anytime. I’ve lived in Dallas most of my life. It’s a gay-friendly city with a vibrant community. My partner and I love living here and are accepted everywhere we go. Being gay is never an issue and we never have to hide anything. Don’t let the nutjobs color your perception of our city please.

  9. Chevytexas says

    The only thing more laughable than this ‘headliner’, whose dog voted for him, are the comments here avout Dallas “the Atlanta of Texas” as one wit put it (probably from Des Moines) . Dallas has over 14 districts; many districts had many candidates -that’s the accessibility to voters we present here. I’m pretty plugged in and I never heard of him, or your claim he fot headlines. He’s a party joke. We have plenty of gay politicians here, we don’t really notice. You wish you lived here lol.

  10. Bill says

    As to Sheridan, I can just imagine Clark Gable, playing Rhett Butler, saying, “and you, madam, are no lady.” At least he knew how to play a southern gentleman, even though a scurrilous one.

    Sheridan at least now has some name recognition, so he should thank Koller for that! But he probably won’t.

  11. millerbeach says

    Ah, yes, another fine example of Texas culture. My, oh my, what a classy fellow. I am sure his mother is so proud. (Maybe he has love for his mother after all?) 28 votes, huh? I’d like to meet any of the 28 loons who voted for this nut…on second thought, nah, I don’t need to meet them.

  12. Cory Smith says

    As a Dallas resident who is politically aware, I’ll confirm that he had no chance of winning the seat, Leland Burk and Jennifer Staubach Gates (the victor) were the only names I heard or for whom I saw signage. Burk is openly gay and successful, and Staubach did indeed win favor with her name.

    @Skooter McGoo, you don’t know Dallas as well as you think you do. It isn’t perfect but no place is. Dallas is a great city and has a history of LBGT inclusiveness. Our city council set non-discriminatory rules in place long ago including for our police. Our sheriff is in her 2nd term and is openly Lesbian. Time Magazine wrote about it:,9171,1622593,00.html.

    Sheridan’s fifteen minutes of notoriety end here.

  13. RexT says

    This is SO not a dude that represents anything about the Dallas I know and have lived in. Sure, there are a few assholes like him – but he and they are a minority – big talking bully types are a dime a dozen. Losers, who hate the world…. and it’s never ‘their’ fault when they fail. And, fail they do, over and over again.

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