1. Al says

    I don’t want to be mean but why are the women in these organizations always really fat?

  2. gregorybrowng says

    Like so much generated by orgs of this ilk, it’s child abuse.

    Fatness among the spokespersons is something to reassure the numerous obese people in our population that the orgs are truly representative and mainstream. It’s a cunning ploy we deviants can’t be expected to appreciate.

  3. CAM says

    …am I the only one that wanted to see it? I mean, these are the things we’re going to watch in 20 years and roll on the floor about. Sadly, in 20 years I then won’t be able to get back up off the floor. :-/

  4. Mary says

    “I don’t want to be mean but why are the women in these organizations always really fat?”

    Because although gluttony is a sin it is not a sin that religions have historically given a lot of attention to. Throughout history, not so many people have had the problem of having too much to eat. So food is one thing people, especially conservative people, tend to indulge in with little thought to the possible immorality involved in the consequences of overeating – straining the health care system, shortening their lifespan and depriving their loved ones of the presense of a spouse or parent, etc…

    Of course it could also be that the thought of gay sex makes them so nervous they begin to overeat. And considering the amount of time conservatives spend thinking about gay sex, we could have our explanation right there!

    I personally find the gay sex question interesting from the theoretical perspective – the possible social consequences both good and bad of so many people having gay relationships/marriages. The mechanics of gay sex don’t interest me. Which is why I never use those terms you hear conservatives use on their websites – “rug-muncher” and “fudge-packer.” On Towleroad I can watch these 13 minutes or less clips that feature gay make-out scenes without getting turned on OR turned off. Gay sex is starting to look somewhat normal to me now – part of the whole spectrum of human behavior. Although I have no idea of I’d react to lesbian sex scenes in the same way.

  5. Clayton says

    @ Cam: “…am I the only one that wanted to see it?”

    No. But I’m a fan of the orignal “Reefer Madness.”

  6. scollingsworth says

    Damn! I wanted to post it with the heading “Republicans think your kids should smoke instead of be gay”

  7. says

    I wasn’t aware that homosexuality has killed more people than lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.

    Maybe in their next video, they can claim that standing near a gay person causes second-hand AIDS.

  8. houseoftrash says

    @Marc C:

    I totally agree. I also think there’s a corollary: There’s no excuse for laughing at or otherwise delighting in someone else’s mental illness, *except* when it involves that person’s bigotry (or other form of evil). Then there’s no reason why it’s morally wrong to marvel at it, especially if it happens to be hilarious.

  9. Basil Brush says

    Yes wingnuts, please do raise your children to be self-righteous ignoranuses (sic) who cannot cope with anyone who is not identical to themselves. That will really set them up well to function in the world they will live in as adults.

  10. Basil Brush says

    My rule of thumb is not to get my health advice from anyone who thinks gravy is a beverage.

  11. EchtKultig says

    “I don’t want to be mean but why are the women in these organizations always really fat?”

    A lot of the are probably self-hating lesbians, and overeat as a way to cope.

  12. Shelly says

    Honestly, Mary, I think the bottom line is that lots of these women have body/gender issues and so cloak themselves in body-armor of fat to desexualize themselves in the eyes of others. It’s a fairly common dynamic among obese women.