1. AggieCowboy says

    I was among those who got to the see the rings of Neptune for the first time during the Voyager flyby. Campus shut down (no one was in class anyways) and everyone crowded into the theater complex to watch the slingshot around the planet. The VLBA fed the raw data into the theater as they received it. That is something I will never forget!

    Of course, being home to a student body of 1400 geeks, campus was also a ghost town at 4pm on Saturdays for ST:TNG. LOL!

  2. james says

    I was going to say Nelson Mandela’s release, too, which I watched on television. Limiting myself to events that have happened during my lifetime, being in the control room when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. Historically, the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

  3. Tatts says

    “That was kinda lame – but of course it’s CNN.”

    “Lame” doesn’t half describe it! No thought or time went into putting that together.

  4. Miao says

    The reaction at Grant Park in Chicago when the election was called for Obama in 2008.

    The Gettysburg Address.

    The reaction to the Apollo 11 moon landing at NASA’s mission control.

  5. UFFDA says

    I wish I could have seen the great flood that shaped the Columbia River Gorge and much of the rest of the Northwest when the Lake Missoula ice dam broke a few thousand years ago. There were people around then and they saw it.

    And 911 from somewhere in Manhattan has to be one of the most memorable sights/moments in history.

  6. ATLJason says

    “The reaction at Grant Park in Chicago when the election was called for Obama in 2008.”

    Agreed! Every once in awhile I will pull up the CNN video of the moment Wolf Blitzer calls it for Obama and they cut to the scene in Chicago. Love or hate Obama (and, on this blog I think I’m preaching to a friendly crowd), it was an electrifying moment in history.

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