1. nmmagyar says

    I would not mind if he was the first to come out. Nope, I wouldn’t mind that at all

  2. Francis #1 says

    That Stanford education has payed off for Andrew. Very impressed. And unlike most other players, there’s no conditions or “tolerance” but true acceptance. Good on him, he’s a star player so his words have weight.

  3. says

    Don’t know where my comment went…..and don’t remember what I said !!!!

    But I like this guy, he seems an ordinary player who wants to play without the overtones of who or what you are.

    And he is so right ! It is the 21st Century… grow up !…….and that includes yo Illinois politicians.

  4. D.R.H. says

    Wow! No one has attacked him yet for using the term “sexual preference”? It’s a great day at Towleroad!!!

    All the bitter queens must be too busy sucking c**k at gay days.

  5. JONES says

    Can’t help but notice that Andrew wasn’t asked his opinion on gay marriage. Just about having an out gay player on the team.

    I don’t doubt he’d be a equal rights supporter ‘this is the 21st century’ but still.

    Good on Andrew.
    And good on Indy, wish you ‘Luck’ this year.

  6. MickyFlip says

    Props on his personal opinion. He seems like a nice guy. But (much like it took a long while for myself to actually respect Chris Kluwe for being so bold and brave) it’s going to take more time for me before I jump on the bandwagon. Nothing personal nor disrespecting. Just cautious.

  7. Brent says

    When will these semi-educated players stop referring to the homosexual orientation as a sexual preference?

  8. says

    Seems what he is saying is so ordinary , so away from the drama of the issues;
    he’s saying ,
    “humph, so what, a gay player ? who cares ? I hope he’s happy and if he comes out, so what?”

    Good for you Mr.Andrew Luck, you are an actual adult……a rare breed in the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta that the right wing is dancing.

  9. Brent says

    How sad that many of you are referring mainly to his looks! You are appearance fascists in constant need of validation and shout-outs. You are highly insecure ally-seekers.

  10. melvin says

    Quit yer bitchin and embrace these fantastic allies like Luck, Ayanbadejo, Cohen, etc. They could very easily have fantastic lives without sticking their necks out. Real heroes.

  11. will says

    I’ll tell you why he wasn’t asked his opinion on gay marriage. Because his segment was about SPORTS. A gay player is a sports question. You’ll notice he, too, he wasn’t asked his opinion about cake decorators who refuse to sell to gay clients.

  12. Jimmy says


    We all know Alan is a troll and the regulars here never even read his comments as soon as we see his name. Very deranged, psychologically insane animal (no offense to animals). We mostly laugh at Alan knowing his life will be cut short soon.

    Anyhow, this man is lovely, compassionate and yes, absolutely stunning! and I’m proud to compliment him on all three attributes!

  13. melvin says

    It is not necessary to blurt out every random thought that passes through one’s mind. That is not openness, it is imbecility.

  14. Edward says

    Many of these comments sound like they are trying to kill him with kindness If nothing else, gays know how to sling it, when the game is lost.

  15. JONES says

    Do we know of any NFL player that was asked about his personal opinion on an anti gay cake decorator? No, of course not, why even bring something like it up but to be snarky.

    Do we know of any NFL player that was asked about his personal opinion on gay marriage?

    Yes we do. Adrian Peterson. On a SPORTS show. Asked about a political issue that has nothing to do with, wait for it …. SPORTS.

  16. andrew says

    @Jimmy: “We mostly laugh at Alan knowing that his life will be cut short soon” What a vile statement to make about anyone. Does that statement really represent your lack of humanity? How sad, if it does!

  17. Cindy says

    considering you’re always first to always attack those who attack known trolls on here, I’m wondering if you’re a troll yourself. We know you post as UFFDA, who made horrific commentary about feminine gay man and AIDS recently. But now I’m wondering if you’re behind every troll like poster on here (GB, Jason, Rick, Ratbastard, Alan Brickman) you all seem to repeat the same points, with the same writing style, using different names. Time for the troll to get exposed.

  18. desmond says

    I don’t find “sexual preference” in the context above objectionable at all. Whether it is genetic orientation or choice, either way, one can be heterosexual or homosexual in their acts.

    No one chooses their genetically ordained orientation, but some people do choose their preference.

    To quibble about that phrase is just nit-picking.

  19. says

    Another example of people saying learned speech to raise their endorsement profiles…or maybe he’s starting a foundation to avoid paying taxes???? I’ll believe it when I see it!!

  20. andrew says

    @Cindy: “We know you post as UFFDA” Sorry to disappoint you “Cindy” WHOEVER YOU ARE.. I only post under my name. I do tend to attack those who are intolerant of those with whom they disagree. If you have ever taken the time to read my posts, you would realize that I rarely agree with Jason, Ratbastard, Rick or Alan Brickman on any substantive issues. As far as I can tell, a troll is just someone with whom the accuser disagrees.

  21. Oscar says

    Fabulous.No straight man that is really sure of his sexual orientation is threaten by gay guys.When you are sure who you are,there is feeling of sexual threat by anybody whether straight of gay.Good for Andrew Luck for his comments.

  22. pscheck2 says

    It seems the ‘mountain’ is coming to Mohamed! I think you are going to be surprised at the number of NFL players willing to come out of their collective closets! Soon (ha!) it will be news that players will be coming out proclaiming that they are str8! There are a couple of NFL icons who I would like to see come out but that might set the sports bars across America into a frothing rage! Oh,well it would be fun to watch!