1. Derrick from Philly says

    Some people are just extrodinarily brave. Ms Beck is one of ’em. I have no idea where they get such courage.

  2. The Milkman says

    So brave. Damn. And pretty, to boot. Agree with Derrick, I just don’t know that I’d have the cajones.

  3. Zeta says

    A eunuch is not a woman just because he no longer has a penis. I am happy this man has found his bliss in a dress, but he is not a woman.

  4. Pete N SFO says

    I REALLY like her… I hope we get to see a lot more of her. What a great voice for trans-folks.

  5. MateoM says

    Zeta, are you a new alias of Rick? Because that’s the sort of thing he would say. I see you’ve been trolling with your anti-trans comments all over Towleroad today.

  6. Gigi says

    “I don’t care if you like me…just don’t kill me.”

    That line sent a chill up my spine. She’s a very strong person. I wish he all the best.

  7. Rick says

    OK, so I watched the whole interview with an open mind.

    First of all, predictably, Anderson only asked “soft” questions that were designed to function as propaganda and get people to be sympathetic towards such people. Why did he not ask this man about his sexuality? Why, when he was asked, near the end of the interview, about his future, did he say nothing about his social life or his sex life (if there even is one)?

    If his sexual attraction is to men, then I really see no difference in kind, but only a difference in degree, between him and effeminate gay men….who also mimic female behavior in every respect, except that they don’t go to the extreme of cross-dressing or altering their genitals. In that case, I have to conclude that “trans” is just an extreme (and tragic) case of gender confusion that results (as does effeminacy in gay men) from the internalization of the idea propagated by an oppressive culture that sexual attraction to men is inherently unmasculine and those who pursue it are pseudo-women rather than real men.

    The result of that internalization seems to depend on the degree of internalization–the more deeply it is internalized, the more extreme the gender confusion…..with “trans” being the most extreme of all.

    This man is not a woman and never will be. His voice and face are a man’s voice and face. His gestures are not the natural gestures of a real woman, but the artificial gestures of a man trying to behave like a real woman. It would not require one single minute in his presence for anyone, including me, to ascertain that he is a man.

    And the business about being afraid of being hurt or beat up. Really? A big strapping Marine is afraid of being beat up? Please. More evidence of what is simply extreme psychological damage. Underscored by the fact that he actually ENJOYED being a Seal (and the masculine environment and behavior associated with it). If he really was a frilly, feminine little woman, why on earth would he ever have found that kind of activity appealing? That’s right, he would not have.

    One’s initial natural impulse is to feel pity for these people…..and indeed, like effeminate gay men, they are victims of an oppressive culture…….but what prevents me from feeling any sympathy is that, instead of seeing their issues for what they really are and trying to correct them, they have become adamant in denying the truth about themselves and are instead seeking to soil all men who are attracted sexually to other men with their “disease”…..they seek to define sexual attraction to other men as inherently unmasculine–entirely in line with the prevailing homophobic culture and PRECISELY what homophobes would like them to do.

    This is also, by the way, why transsexuals are not persecuted in a country like Iran, whereas “gay” people are–because they REINFORCE the prevailing homophobic culture rather than undermine it.

    In other words, they are the opposite of liberated.

    These are nothing but deeply psychologically-damaged individuals who need serious psychiatric intervention rather than encouragement to go down a path that virtually always ends in tragedy. And it is a shame that our society remains so wrong-headed about homosexuality that it has gone from one bad approach to another.

    Sorry, but that is how I see it.

  8. The Milkman says

    There are so many things that are offensive and wrong with Rick’s epistle that I don’t even know where to start.

    Let’s just all count ourselves lucky that Rick isn’t in a decision-making role when it comes to the happiness and identity of others. And let’s recognize that while we have plenty of enemies among the religious right, we also have our own housecleaning to do.

  9. Lovealways says

    Rick, your PH.d is from ??? You can have opinions “Sorry, but that’s how I see it”, but you are diagnosing here. Your rant is evidence of a deeply psychologically-damaged individual who needs serious psychiatric intervention. Seek the help you so desperately need.

  10. UFFDA says

    Seems like a very gentle as well as once-conflicted soul, a very good soul. Yet what an extraordinarily puzzling condition the transgender is, fathomlessly unfathomable to me yet clearly genuine and worthy of every regard. I hope his road is never lonely.

  11. says

    “OK, so I watched the whole interview with an open mind.”

    Thanks, @Rick, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read on TR in a long time.

    And kudos to Kristin for her past service and her current honesty. May she safely prosper.

  12. Jon Mitchell says

    Rick – you don’t have an open mind and you’re not sorry. And you may feel pity – but I think that most of us on here feel compassion. Simple people often think that gender and sexuality are connected in a fixed, correct way – your post reeks of misogyny and narcissism. I don’t know whose time you waste more, ours or yours.

  13. Jon Mitchell says

    Rick – you don’t have an open mind and you’re not sorry. And you may feel pity – but I think that most of us on here feel compassion. Simple people often think that gender and sexuality are connected in a fixed, correct way – your post reeks of misogyny and narcissism. I don’t know whose time you waste more, ours or yours.

  14. Rick says

    “as well as once-conflicted soul”

    Don’t be fooled by what you see at the surface, UFFDA, in an interview that was obviously planned in advance by CNN as a propaganda piece.

    Nearly 70% of “trans” people eventually commit suicide…..and virtually none of them ever manage successful relationships. Truly heterosexual men want relationships with real women, not men masquerading with women. And homosexual men want sex with a man, the more masculine, the better, generally speaking… the “trans” has few options there, either.

    And I would venture to guess that even the ones who don’t commit suicide either end up habitually abusing drugs and alcohol.

    It is rarely a pretty picture, propaganda aside.

  15. says

    Tremendously proud of her! She’s a woman of remarkable strength, bravery and resilience.

    And it’s her strength and resilience that are going to upset a lot of Society’s Unfortunates; both in the gay and straight worlds: when someone who presents and embodies something that The Ignorant are confounded by, and does so in a manner that shows no fear, it inspires a great deal of insecurity, projected as hatred.

    When a gay person has a negative response to a woman like Kristen, there’s a very specific reason for it: that gay person is weak, and wants to think Kristin is “weaker” – yet her bravery, and her defiance by being a Visible Face proves that the hater is merely jealously, bitterly, projecting.

    Here’s a fun experiment: see the haters? Don’t ask them to explain themselves. Ask them to show themselves, just like Kristin is doing – being a vanguard, putting a face to not just herself, but part of her community.

    Will the haters do that? NO – why? because they can’t. cowardice, my friends.

    don’t ask them for long-winded ramblings, ask for the same level of transparency Kristin is giving. It’ll prove what every internet-savvy person knows – hateful online trolls exist solely to anonymously complain about everyone who is stronger than they’ll ever be.

    Kristin, I tip my hat to you. You’re a treasure.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    @”And I would venture to guess that even the ones who don’t commit suicide either end up habitually abusing drugs and alcohol.”

    Aren’t there other oppressed groups who suffer with those problems. And aren’t you exaggerating a bit.

    And where did you get that statistic about the suicide rate among Transfolk? It’s probably much lower than it used to be. Why? Support systems that didn’t exist 30 years ago.

    Half-truths: that’s always the strategy against groups/people you hate.

  17. JMC says

    I guess in a twisted sort of way Rick’s hatred of trans women is an endorsement of equality from him considering he hates cis women just as much.

  18. UFFDA says

    More than most here, I often find your point of view worth considering and often accurate. I just wish you’d change your mind and show some growth yourself. Your view is always too narrow with no room for the huge variety of kinds and types of people. You only have one bandaid, one kind of snake oil for every condition and it is hugely inadequate for the zoo that humanity really is. Although I love your phrase “cuture of effeminancy” because gay men too easily mimic each other in the cringe “cuteness” of their affectations, you’re a true and bona fide blockhead. This trans man above looks and sounds like the real thing to me – transgender -and there is no one more expert on the matter of himself THAN himself. Your world is simply too narrow.

  19. Rick says

    “Rick – you don’t have an open mind”

    If I did not have an open mind, I would not even have spent the 10+ minutes to listen to watch the entire interview.

    Some of you have no idea how dangerous a path you have gone down with the embrace of “gender-non-conformity.” This man is–rightly–scared to go out of his house because he knows that society will NEVER accept effeminacy in men….or, in his case, attempts by men to actually BE women rather than just mimic their behavior.

    It fools nobody.

    And wrapping the gay movement in this ideology will bring disaster in the long run.

    Nobody addressed my point about transsexualism being acceptable in Iran, while homosexuality is not, because it would force you to face the fact that transexualism REINFORCES homophobia rather than undermines it. And this is further underscored by the rampant homophobia expressed by transsexuals in this society, which some of you try to sweep under the rug.

    If you think we have permanently won the battle against homophobia, you are wrong. Western society–and ONLY Western society–and to be even more specific–only some ELEMENTS of Western society–has tenuously decided to experiment with the idea of making homosexuality acceptable, but that battle is far, far from being won……never mind the absolute intransigence that one sees against the idea in the rest of the world, including even parts of Europe.

    The less mainstream and more freakish the face of “gay” becomes, the more isolated in a box it becomes and the easier it becomes for the majority to dismiss it.

    Some of you, many of you, have a deeply misguided false sense of confidence that comes from a misinterpretation of the changes we are seeing and what is driving them…..and that could result in a tragic reversal, if you continue down that path, as the rash of violence against gays in this country and elsewhere recently shows.

    You are playing a very dangerous game, whether you are smart enough to realize it or not.

  20. Rick says

    “Your view is always too narrow with no room for the huge variety of kinds and types of people. You only have one bandaid, one kind of snake oil for every condition and it is hugely inadequate for the zoo that humanity really is.”

    If you or others think that, UFFDA, then you are misinterpreting me. There is a whole range of behaviors among straight men….and a whole range of degrees of masculinity. I have never denied that….and, indeed, I embrace the diversity one sees in men (and people in general)–without which life would be very boring, indeed.

    But what you do not ever see among straight men is a denial of their maleness or their core masculinity……which is EXACTLY what you see among effeminate gay men and “trans” men.

    That is where you see a fundamental divide that is NOT about individualism and diversity, but about psyuchological health.

    I am sorry if you cannot see that any more than some of these other people can, but the truth remains the truth, regardless of whether it is convenient for anyone…..and I intend to continue to speak the truth.

  21. The Milkman says

    Rick’s Chicken Little impression says more about his own fears than it does about any dangerous path or “disaster” for the GLBT equality movement as a whole.

    No one ever said we’ve won the battle against homophobia. That will never happen in our lifetimes, just as it hasn’t happened with racism or anti-semitism. The price for the equality we seek is eternal vigilance.

    Trans issues are often so very different from GLB issues, this is true. But in the mind of the bigot, there’s little difference between those who are gay and those who are trans. Both are sexually non-conformist freaks who need a beating. Why not work on behalf of equality for everyone?

    Unless of course you abhor femininity in all its iterations. Or are a secret bottom and are ashamed of the penetration aspect of it. Or, more likely, both.

  22. ChristopherM says

    The only one psychologically damaged is you, Rick. Your constant sexist, racist, and anti-trans rants are tiresome and only show your own insecurities. I long for the day when Andy finally gives us all a break by banning your bigoted a$$.

  23. Rick says

    “But in the mind of the bigot, there’s little difference between those who are gay and those who are trans”

    We were getting to the point where we were educating society about homosexuality successfully so that they understood that homosexuals were NOT gender-confused freaks, but were just normal, psychologically-well-adjusted people, who were pretty much like other people except for their same-sex attraction.

    And society began to buy that idea.

    People are naturally comfortable with other people that they can pretty much understand and with whom they have a great deal in common, in terms of values, way of life, etc., so it is not surprising that, once they began to understand that the gender-confused freak idea with regard to homosexuality was not accurate, they began to change their attitudes towards us.

    In the last decade or so, however, the increasing tendency for the gay movement to embrace the concept of “gender-non-conformity” and associate itself with “trans” people, has created enormous confusion…….in addition to having resulted, in a practical sense, in defeats of anti-discrimination measures like ENDA.

    You will not win a war against masculinity…..and if you continue to go down that path, you–and all of us–will be rejected and the gay movement will go up in flames. Men, in particular, will never be able to relate to other males who do not have any real male identity.

    I hope you all don’t have to learn that lesson the hard way, with tragic consequences, but you may have to……and that is very unfortunate indeed.

  24. Rick says

    You people need to understand where I’m coming from. My entire family hates gay people, myself included. I have no gay friends, and no straight friends. I have no friends. I am not out of the closet.

    So when I see transpeople and effeminate gay men who are not as afraid of straight people as I am, I get very very angry. Because I want to believe that those people are weaker than me, but the fact that they’re out and I’m not proves me wrong.

    The only thing I have to live for in life is to come onto the internet and from a place of complete anonymity type long-winded and incredibly stupid diatribes against the people I’m jealous of.

    As everyone knows, the more society progresses the more those “freaks and weirdos” are empowered, and live openly, and thus change what one thinks a “freak” or “weirdo” is. More and more young people coming out. More and more gender-nonconformists living openly, and indeed being accepted by non-gay society.

    This is why you see straight allies marching in pride parades, alongside the people I continue to insist are freaks and weirdos.

    And that’s why I’m angry. Because for all my anonymous self-styled masculinity, I’ll never be man enough to live with their brand of empowerment.

    Just remember that whenever gay men like me complain about effeminacy and transpeople, what we’re really saying is is “Nobody in my life is a decent human being who respects people for who and what they are.”

    I am simply angry that other people are accepted on their own terms, while I was never accepted even though I wasted my life pathetically trying to appease others.

  25. Nick Name says

    Rick. I didn’t even bother reading your posting because I knew it was bound to be predictably reactionary and offensive. This predictable pattern makes your postings boring and irrelevant. Why don’t you shock everyone here and say something nice for a change?

  26. Carter says

    Rick, you wasted a lot of time and space to just point your finger at yourself. I hope someday you can show some compassion for yourself the same way we should all show compassion for Transgender individuals. Life is hard for EVERYONE and people like you just maker it all the harder . . . I’m I’m speaking as someone who has a very gifted life full of love and support. Your bottom line: You get what you give.

  27. ElCid says

    Ok, first things first: Little Kiwi posted as Rick the very last comment supposedly signed by Rick. That is wrong.

    How do I know that? Because it starts saying the very same things (a family that hates and anonymity) that Little Kiwi always uses to attack Rick.

    I don’t know any of them. But I think that posting instead of someone else, in order to attack that person is a very low thing to do, even when that person is wrong, because I also happen to disagree with Rick.

    Respect, people. Even if we don’t like each other, that doesn’t mean we’re entitle to bully each other.

  28. ElCid says

    Your posts have a lot of bitterness to them. I wonder where that comes from. But I tried to understand where you come from. Unfortunately I happen to disagree.

    About transsexualism in Iran, though it i true it has become officially accepted and sex re-assignation surgery is done in the open, Iranian society at large is far from acceptance of these people. They are as rejected as homosexuals by the society at large, and they are always advised to live keeping their past in secrecy. There are a lot of human rights reports that will serve as information to you about the issues they have to live up to (you can Google them)

    Regarding your opinions about transsexualism, and gender-non-conformity, may I remind you they are ONLY THAT. You should do yourself and us a favor and express them for what they are: your opinions. They are not truth, and you have not provided empirical evidence to support a lot of your assertions.

    Basically what you purport is that gays have done themselves a poor favor (in terms of politics) by allowing themselves to be associated with effeminate gays or trans people. Sir, you should be ASHAMED of holding that position being a gay man. You sound like a mature guy, so it is more sad that you have not learned that being gay, was and continues to be a sensitive way to live our lives (because of some of the social rejection still attached to it in some places) and you come here and talk exactly like those people who reject us??!!!

    I don’t think that is wise, I don’t think that is solidarity, i don’t think that is appropriate. But, you’re entitled to your opinions, just try not to come here and lecture everyone on something we should try to be more understanding of.

  29. UFFDA says

    ElCid – thanks for pointing out that Kiwi posted that last Rick post. He does it all the time because, in fact, he really is disrespectful as well as seriously insecure twirling around in his Little Kave of glitter and twisted mirrors.

  30. Derrick from Philly says


    You see how you’re responding to Rick with courtesy–just giving your views? He doesn’t do that, ElCid. He TELLS you what is true–what is fact.

    His views on race and non-White people are appalling. He’s an unabashed White supremacist–a f.cking Nazi.

    About a year ago or more Little Kiwi came up with this strategy of ridiculing Rick with the use of parody. He paints a ridiculous picture of Rick’s upbringing to “explain” how Rick became the monster that he is.

    Only new visitors to this blog don’t know that it is not the real Rick. The situations described in these parodies are so outrageous that we know it’s a joke. They must have been effective because for a while Rick wouldn’t respond to Little Kiwi’s comments at all, AND that might be a reason Kiwi began the parodies of Rick in the first place.

    Rick uses the English language very well…to put forth some of the most vile ideas about women, race, immigration and Gay men. He doesn’t deserve respect anymore that Adolf Hitler deserved it.

  31. ElCid says

    Hi Derick from Philly,
    Thank you for the clarification. I have been following the blog for 4 years now, and I have noticed that before, too.
    It’s kind of disgusting to me anyway.

    I am in total disagreement with Rick but I just happen to think that this sort of technique is not far from bullying someone. It’s easy to ignore somebody if that person is talking bs, and probably that is what I would choose to do if Rick continues to bs people around here.

    I don’t believe disrespect or ideas of superiority can be overcome with parody. Just don’t give that someone the privilege of having an exchange of ideas, shut him down, talk to everyone but that person. Ignore that person. It’s like you Americans guys say a lot “two wrongs don’t make a right”

    But again, thank for the clarification… 😀

  32. FakeOutrage says

    So back to the topic at hand, is Kristin attracted to men or women? And, to honest, something does seem a little “off” with Kristin. You faced death almost every day as a man, yet as a woman you are “afraid someone might kill you”. It doesn’t compute.

  33. ElCid says

    Ironically though, I usually agree with most of Little Kiwi’s thoughts and comments. And I do think he’s a brave gay man, too. I have visited his blog and his ideas are much of what I consider to be the truth.

    I’m just not happy with this particular approach.

    Peace, everyone.

  34. ElCid says


    That is why we need to buy the book, :)

    But seriously, it seems to me that her journey to become a full woman is where her focus and efforts are put into, and maybe not so much into finding a partner. Did you hear when she said that going out everyday “was a mission” ? I think she still is going through a lot, I can only hope that she will be able to find happiness now she’s able to be what her true core always was.

  35. Zeta says

    Rick is correct in his posts.

    And for the record, I’m female — a real female, not a legal construct. If this guy wants to put on a dress and cut his penis off, more power to him, but he is not a woman no more than I would be a man if I took hormones to grow a beard.

    Follow your bliss, but don’t muddy real women’s accomplishments and struggles by thinking one’s desire to be a Pretty Little Princess is equivalent to being a woman.

  36. Zeta says

    FakeOutrage, the answer may lie in Rick’s post about the treatment of transpeople versus homosexuals in the middle east — whether people want to hear it or not. You are correct that something is off with someone who can take on one of the most dangerous jobs in the world with relish, but when he cuts his penis off he becomes a Nervous Nellie. He should be the exact same person he was then as he is now.

    Why can’t he be strong as a woman? Able to shrug off those things which make him afraid, as he did when he was a soldier?

    Because embracing femininity means embracing the role of the Simpering Little Thang?

    I feel for transpeople, but I draw the line at the embrace of gender stereotypes which seems to be part and parcel to much of current trans-b.s.

  37. trg says

    Kristin, I hope you’re reading the posts here. I sure hope you have the strength to do so, and hope you have a great support network. Thank you so much for having the bravery to tell the truth about something that so many people misunderstand.
    I’m sure good things will come from this in a way no other person’s story would effect.

    The only part of your story that shocked me was your accounting of how the Seals would react. I’m a gay man. I’ve dreamed of becoming a Seal, and always thought those guys – like many others in the military – were accepting and protective of their buddies. I’d thought Seals were not only smart, but of extraordinary character. Despite the very macho culture of the military, I’m reading more and more about how accepting and protective men are of each other. But, then again, this is after those men have bonded – and I’m referring to gay men – not trans individuals – and as you know there is a long way to go to educate people in every part of society about trans people – even in the gay community.
    I don’t know if you’re gay or straight, but it’s unfortunate most people automatically assume all trans people are “effeminate” gay men who want to be women because it oversimplifies and stereotypes not only trans people, but gay men and women as well.

    You have begun to smash that stereotype. God bless you! I wish I could give you a hug.

  38. Tom Cardellino says

    This life story of a tried-and-true great American, Kristin Beck, has me shedding tears both of joy for her finally finding her most true to herself life, as well as tears of sadness that the complexities of life as a human being can be so devastatingly disparaged by ignorant and stuck and hateful and revengeful fellow humans who refuse to widen their set-in-concrete views of this world’s fascinating persons, those very persons who have even denied their innermost selves for other civilian citizens, only to be immediately disparaged. Thank you to Kristin for choosing such a hard and patriotic path while you were trying your best to figure out your own, as are we all in our lives, true self. Thank you for further educating me and all other folks who are curious and empathic toward a wide swath of humanity, Transgender men and women, the members of which have always been with us just as much as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Intersex persons, whom are all worthy of respect and understanding, as well as decent folks who have something complicated to teach us all about human life and its numerous challenges and struggles. Congratulations to Kristin!