1. norseman says

    Duh, of course. This is Massachusetts, the cradle of liberty and the cornerstone of gay marriage. It’s all good and generally the populace is supportive. The sky didn’t fall and the institute of marriage among the breeders didn’t crumble… Gay professional sports players ? Come out, come out, wherever you are !

  2. ratbastard says

    All this is a non-issue here in Boston. People here are generally very blase about gay civil rights issues. There’s nothing remotely approaching the hostility that exist elsewhere. I think it ultimately comes down to the prevalence, or lack thereof, of extremist evangelicals-pentecostals. Religion of any kind is simply not in your face here like is for example in much of the south and bible belt. We tend to be more similar to Canadians or western Europeans in this.

    That’s not to say everything is perfect and it’s one big love fest, absolutely not. Life is just easier here for gay people.

  3. Jonathan says

    I realize this is an odd bone to pick, but the Sox won 6-3 on a walk off three run homer by David Ortiz.

  4. Francis #1 says

    Awesome for Jason, for LGBT folk in Boston and for the Red Sox! Even if I’m a Yankee fan.

  5. David Hearne says

    Baseball is even more boring than football, but not as boring as golf.

    When are we going to get with it and have pro-soccer in the US? Even more hilarious, would be watching our steroidal football players trying to play soccer. I think they would be exhausted in five minutes.