Congressman: Gays Should Hide Sexual Orientation at Work

GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) thinks gays should hide their orientation at work, which shouldn't come as a surprise to those familiar with Gohmert's extremist and nutty positions.

GohmertThink Progress caught up with the Congressman at a Tea Party rally in front of the Capitol on Wednesday:

THINKPROGRESS: Where do you stand on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act?

GOHMERT: I’m not aware of exactly which one you’re talking about

THINKPROGRESS: It would protect LGBT workers from being fired due to their sexual orientation.

GOHMERT: Who wants to go talking about sexual orientation when they’re working? Good grief.

As we reported yesterday, West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller became the 52nd sponsor of ENDA:

In just the last week, three other Democratic Senators–Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Tom Carper of Delaware and Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada–have come out in favor of the bill. Reid's official support is seen as an important boost for the bill, since the majority leader rarely co-sponsors bills himself. Earlier this week, even Gabriel Gomez, the Republican candidate for the open U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, announced his support of ENDA.

Only four Democratic Senators remain who have not endorsed ENDA: Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Bill Nelson of Florida, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Tim Johnson of South Dakota. Sens. Nelson and Johnson support marriage equality; Sens. Manchin and Pryor do not.


  1. LiamB says

    Who talks about their orientation at work? Um, anyone who discusses their home life/family/ or dating situations, maybe. I don’t know a single straight person who doesn’t mention their orientation at some point in the day. Why should it be any different for gay people.

  2. CPT_Doom says

    For the record, this is the last line of his bio on his official site:

    “Today, he and his wife Kathy are the proud parents of three daughters. Their family attends Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, where Louie has served as a deacon and still teaches Sunday school.”

    So, he’s not only shoving his sexual orientation down our throats (including mentioning the results of his sexual activity), he’s also broadcasting his religious lifestyle choice – one that is offensive to all members of the one, true Church of Jesus Christ, which is, of course, the Catholic Church.

    Why are you so proud of being a heretic, Mr. Gohmert?

  3. says

    well, that’s the thing CPT_Doom: that’s “normal” for Straights.

    but when we gays hold our partner’s hand in public, or kiss, or express affection, or discuss our lives, or refuse to “hide” that we’re gay, suddenly we’re the ones “shoving a lifestyle down their throats and flaunting our sexuality and blah blah blah.”

    there is, of course, no such thing as flaunting your sexuality.

    there is hiding it. and there is not hiding it. that’s it, that’s all.

    and when we don’t hide it, those bigots get angry. because they want us to be scared of them. they want that fear to send us screaming back into the closets, they want it to affect how we live our daily lives.

    and every strong LGBT person with a spine needs to do the exact bloody opposite.

    a man and woman kissing is love. two men or two women kissing is seen as a subversive attack on perceived normalcy – yet only in the mind of the weak and the bigoted.

  4. NE1 says

    That might be easy to do, if you’re an Oscar winner. I’m actually very talented, and decided to go along with that path, it lasts about 6 months, then people start asking, and you feel like a liar, or worse, someone who is repressing themselves, if you say no. reality is you can’t do this.

  5. says

    not only that, NE1, but Hiding Our Sexuality makes us look like complete f***ing wimps.

    you wanna be a strong man? you can’t be Closeted.

    “masculine” and “discreet” are, in fact, mutually exclusive.

  6. No Justice in Smith County says

    Gohmert, sadly, is not the typical ignorant, uneducated redneck that makes up his constituency. He is, in fact, relatively educated holding a B.A. in History from good ol’ Texas A&M University (whose student government recently tried to defund a LGBT center), and a J.D. from Baylor University (recently in the news for keeping Brittney Griner on a leash and in the closet). Gohmert was also military defense attorney and a district judge, once requiring an HIV+ man to inform any future sexual partners of his HIV status in writing with a court-approved disclosure form, and to submit any such disclosure forms to the court as a condition of parole. (So much for small government and keeping Big Brother out of your bedroom, right?)

    Gohmert has become a stereotype redneck hick because of his accent and the stupid things he says, but he’s actually much more dangerous. He plays and trades on that kind of igorance and bigotry to stay in office. Unfortunately, his East Texas district is dominated by that kind of mentality, so we’ll continue to see the Louie Gohmert show in C-Span for sometime to come, until we can catch him on video in bed with another human who isn’t his wife.

  7. says

    Kiwi, you just… YOU ARE EXACTLY LIKE THIS CONGRESSMAN. Just think before you type. How did you come to this conclusion? How is it supported? Can I knock any holes in this argument?

    You can absolutely flaunt and be discreet about your sexuality. You can also be honest, which is what you are referring to, an honest approach would be where you don’t hide nor do you force it into a conversation. Flaunting it would be to forcibly refer to it at all times. That is tasteless for anyone, Federal Boob Inspector shirts are a straight way of doing this.

    Your blinding obsession with phony masculine obsessed people is, frankly, insane. Even now whne you read this you are skimming it, jumping to the comment box, coming up with a pithy response like:

    “HAHAHA, as if I would listen to some cowardly gay guy who supports the GOP” or something along those lines.
    You don’t read, you don’t think, you just bash people over the head with the latest regurgitated kiwi-ism. You, Rick, UFFDA, Mary and the rest need to seriously start your own site where you just rage at nobody.

  8. says

    Fenrox, my being Out and unafraid is not the reason that you’re unable to do the same.

    I repeat: it’s not my fault that you live a cowardly existence. I’ve been Out, to any and all, since I was a high school student. Your inability to grow a spine is not my fault.

  9. Hey Darlin' says

    I’m constantly amazed at how far the uneducated can make it in government. It’s his job, that we taxpayers pay for, to keep up with current laws, even those that don’t directly affect his personal life.

    I’ll help school you Mr. Gohmert, if you won’t do it for yourself. People can be fired for being gay and never even mention it at work, to use your twisted logic. Answer this, Where do people who need medical leave for a spouse or berievement turn when they can be fired from the job (the one they were careful to never mention their sexual orientation in). Remember they make tax dollars to pay your overpaid salary at these jobs.

  10. says

    either he’s So Stupid that he believes his own B.S.


    he’s smart enough to know that his constituents are so stupid as to believe this B.S.

    either way, it’s B.S.

    pretending that you’re as stupid and bigoted as the people whose votes you want is, perhaps, an even worse societal and political ill: you know better, you can rectify and remedy the curse of prejudice, rather than feed it with buzz-terms that suit right-wing talk radio, but rings false to anybody who actually completed high school.

  11. RMc says

    Then so should heterosexuals. No pictures of your family. No pictures of your spouse or the person you are dating. No talking about your family, spouse, or the person you are dating. No wedding rings. Oh that’s right, that would be a violation of their first amendment rights.

  12. aj says

    and in that same context, US Congressmen and women should hide their animus and discriminatory attitudes toward GLBTTQ Americans while serving in the US CONGRESS!!

  13. dards says

    Once in a while I work in Louie’s district, they are not the most forward think people over there in the piney woods. I’ll apologize for Texas sending this nut to DC

  14. says

    And now people are posting as me, great. And see? Kiwi couldn’t understand what I wrote! What is up with that? Can you not read? Do you have comprehension issues? You have some sort of internal dialogue that you can’t ignore huh?

    How did you read what I wrote and come up with me being closeted? It’s insane!

  15. Andy says

    Look at what happened to Carla Hale. She hid her sexual orientation at work, but when her mother in law died, Hale was included in the obituary. Hale didn’t flaunt her personal life. Some troll found something private about her, and ratted her out.

  16. walter says

    actually congressmen who crazy should avoid displaying it on the floor of congress, which means old nutty louie would never be able to open his mouth again

  17. says

    Don’t worry, Little Kiwi, we are not afraid of anyone; we are not going back into ant closet; we are going to take down any clown who disparages us in any way, or who expresses conventional and outmoded conventions of inequality about us.

    And if SCOTUS supports our rights there will be bonfires burning on every vacant lot.

    BTW I’ve found that it’s the straights who are afraid of me……they fear the entire subject of homos.

  18. andrew says

    Better yet, Gohmert should hide his stupidity while on the job in Congress. Suggestion: Keep your mouth shut Gohmert and people may not realize that you are so stupid. However, that dumb look on your face may still give you away. Staying in the “stupid closet” may prove to be very difficult for poor Louie. He may find out that trying to hide something that is an integral part of who you are is very difficult indeed.

  19. Markin says

    Like you are qualified to talk on gay issues? You PASSIONATELY defend the phrases “that’s gay” and heterosexuals calling gay people “f*ggots” and “d*kes”….every post you make on this site is anti gay. EVERY SINGLE POST. You play the race card in the same sentence you tell gay people to not be uppity about calling out homophobia. You’re the classic case of someone who feels entitled to be proud of your race, but see LGBT being proud of our identity as a threat to your demographic (and you may have sex with the same gender but YOU are not LGBT…and your horrific anti gay comments highlight that)
    Don’t you dare lecture the gay community about ‘flaunting’ our sexuality when you flaunt your race and religion everytime you call someone a racist or promote religious superiority. Troll.

  20. Jordan says

    Heterosexual privilege.

    People like this just make me hold my boyfriends hand more lovingly in public and not be shamed of my incredibly loving relationship.

  21. Two Dads says

    LOL at Fenrox attempting to call people trolls when his whole presence on this site is best summed up with the word: homophobic. You resent gay activism, fenrox, and gay activism is on the rise. Eat it up.

  22. Glow505 says

    Nothing and I mean NOTHING irks me more than the phrase “flaunting your sexuality” right behind “shoving it down our throats” considering heterosexuals cant go a waking minute without revealing their sexuality. Observe them and see how often and how many ways they reveal being hetero.

  23. Mark says

    I’ll hide my sexual orientation at work when Louie exposes a scintilla of intelligence at his own place of employment.

    I feel SO safe making this offer.

  24. AngelaChanning says

    I am out at work. I refer to being gay to remind people just in case they forget, because it becomes the Liberace syndrome. I could walk in wearing a sequin suit, and people would think I was straight. (Take a deep breath…my joke merely means that once in a while people are surprised to learn that I am gay, just as I am surprised to learn they think I am straight. LOLs.) If this is flaunting it. Tough shiz.

  25. P says

    What always strikes me is how the religious right talks about “sexual orientation” as if it were a place on the human body somewhere along the inner thigh. Suddenly allowing people to “display their sexual orientation” is tantamount to an act of public indecency to them, when in fact sexual orientation is a lens through with a certain portion of the population experiences the world. This is not saying that all gay men are girly, etc or any other stereotypes, but that all of our relationships are affected by our sexual orientation – the kinds of relationships we form with women, the kinds we form with men, the kinds we form with our family (depending on their level of acceptance). Maybe an employee can’t mention his/her child because then a coworker might inquire “I didn’t know you had a kid, you never mention your wife”
    “umm… I don’t have a wife, I’ve got a partner named David.”
    Suddenly that’s TMI for Louis Gohmert?

    My guess is that he really *hasn’t* given it much thought beyond the line he knows he needs to toe. For political reasons or because it would require him to recognize that he’s not actually fundamentally better than an entire subset of the human population because he has sex with women.

  26. Richard Dey says

    The US Constitution trumps the Bible every time. No “kingdom” will come to us because we are a decided republic. No biblical “authority” shall guide us or rule us whilst we can make our own laws. Judaeism, Christianity, and Islam are all straight inventions. Monotheism, individuality, democracy, republics, and science are gay inventions. Oh, and the airplane, and they were smart enuogh to invent the parachute first. I hope this guy has a parachute to heaven, because he didn’t, doesn’t, and will never know which way is up.

  27. says

    Only if straight people hide their disgusting orientations by taking off their wedding rings and getting rid of any family photos on their desks. How dare you flaunt your deviant lifestyle in my face!?

    /end sarcasm

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