1. JONES says

    There are lots of regulation that ‘trample’ parents rights. They’re in effect to supersede when parents do things that are harmful to their kids. Protecting kids from harm of any sort is what a caring society does.

    Let’s see if Christie vetoes this legislation and asks for a public vote on it like he did marriage equality.

  2. Peter M. says

    Christopher Doyle says he’s straight. So how on earth does a ban of gay “reparative therapy” for minors “marginalize his (straight) family”? That doesn’t make any sense. Just as “reparative therapy” doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Gigi says

    LMFAO! Doyle had a picture of David Pickup on his board of “changed” individuals. He’s another closeted tool who pretends to have changed so that he can make money trying to convince confused gay men that “change is possible.” He’s suing the government of California because they banned “conversion therapy” to minors, which means his practice loses a lot of money.

    Take a look at the ad he ran looking for a “workout buddy” online.

  4. Bernie says

    I find this article revolting and UGH! The comment about the bill being “unconstitutional” is an absolute freakin’ joke!! These morons think that banning their fake therapy is a constitutional issue, yet any rights for GLBT folks is not a constitutional issue….what is wrong with this picture?!?!!?

  5. JONES says

    @Brian in Texas
    Marriage equality passed both houses of the NJ legislature in 2012 and was vetoed by Governor Christie. There wasn’t enough support at that time for a veto override but there is hope that after the June primaries a few more equality minded Republican legislators will vote for it. They have until Jan 2014 to override Christie’s veto.

  6. says

    But isn’t the significant point that after listening to arguments for and against, the committee moved the motion forwards to the Full assembly?

    Jacob Rudolph is surely a hero of our times…

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