1. Jeff says

    So happy that nobody made us wait another 30 days for the real celebrations to begin!!!

    Congrats Paul & Jeff!!!

  2. Zlick says

    It is so surreal watching them get married on live TV. I think my head may explode from the last 2 hours. The court decision came to us in slow motion and everyone was ready for it. Joyous, but grandly expected. TODAY is a total freaking surprise, and I am a hot mess of happy!

  3. Omar says

    Congrats and thank you to the plaintiffs, lawyers, clerks and SCOTUS Justices who voted in favor of Equality!!! Capital E!!

    Oh, happy day.

  4. Dback says

    Mazel tov! To a lifetime of happiness together. :) (How can anyone look at Jeff’s face as the pronouncement is made and not be moved?)

  5. Jim Elliott says

    I was sort of hoping he would get married in his NY Yankees t-shirt. 😉 Best wishes to both couples!

  6. Jose Arribas says

    I know Paul from Equinox and I am just so happy for him and his husband!!!!! Congrats. You guys deserve it.

  7. Reality says

    Is this the first time a gay wedding has been aired nationally on television? History. Congrats!

  8. Ryan says

    I’m from Massachusetts and we’ve had marriage for years now… but it all feels even more real and special with DOMA gone. It’s like a burden has been lifted.

    Am I alone in feeling this? I honestly wasn’t expecting to feel like this now, but I do.

  9. CPT_Doom says

    @Ryan – I totally get you. I’m single, live in DC, where we’ve had DPs for years and marriage since 2009 and I am a bit overwhelmed this week. The DOMA and Prop8 decisions were exactly what I expected (although the DOMA decision was broader than I’d hoped), but I didn’t realize how they would hit me.

  10. jsb says

    Damn, sitting here all teary eyed and a huge smile on my face!

    How do we keep the momentum going?

  11. darkorient says

    Congratulations to Jeff and Paul! When can his happen to me in my own country, Indonesia? Sigh… Still, I’m so happy that they’ve got what they have been fighting for. Good job, guys!

  12. jamal49 says

    No pollen allergies today. Just real tears of unbounding joy for Paul and Jeff!! Congratulations, gentlemen. Your happiness is well-earned and well-deserved. May you have 1,000 X 1,000 years of happiness together.

    Oh, yeah. One more thing.

    Thank you.

  13. David Hearne says

    Just because he officiated at a wedding doesn’t mean that Villar isn’t a dirtbag.

  14. KeepYourClothesOn says

    Ryan: I’m surprised you can feel anything. Former LA Mayor Villar is using gays as a stepping stone to run for Governor. He’s a sleaze, don’t fall for it. He and Duval Patrick of Massachusetts are like twin brothers in the ambition game, but Villar is transparent.

  15. Mundus says

    I am so happy for them – they are so obviously in love. I wish them every happiness and blessing; never let anyone tell them that their love or their marriage is in any way inferior. I am deeply moved and incredibly proud at witnessing their commitment.