1. Matt26 says

    Didn’t see any video, but he looks (in the pic) so lovely and handsome. All the best to him.

  2. jay says

    It is very cool to watch Robbie rise up and play again. This is his time and I look forward to great things for him and for the advancement of gay folks in sports.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    He is such a handsome guy. I hope he meets another guy as good as him and falls head over heels. He’s young and deserves to have kids.

  4. Nich says

    @Mike Ryan,

    He deserves kids? That’s a bit presumptuous don’t you think? Not every gay man wants kids! No offense.

  5. DLRnATL says

    @Mike Ryan,

    It also begs the question that homely gays don’t deserve to be happy with another guy and have kids. I think I get what you’re after, but gay culture has a thing about only pretty guys need apply. I’m not trying to be catty; believe me, I struggle with that concept all the time. But, when I read a comment like that, it crawls under my skin.

  6. SC David says

    He looks very, very happy and contented. I hope he has a successful season. And I doubt he’ll spend many Saturday nights alone!

  7. Seattle Mike says

    I’m just so grateful that he came out on his own terms and that he comes across as an articulate likeable person. Same with Jason Collins.

  8. JONES says

    As nice as it is to see and hear Robbie interviewed I’ve just gotta say that I hate this morning show format.

    Three or four minutes of questions squeezed in between traffic, weather, and the rest of the daily morning show nonsense on something this monumentally important to Robbie, to gay kids, gay athletes, most of the gay community just trivializes this milestone for straight middle America consumption.

    Please don’t do any more of these Robbie. You deserve better.