1. TonyJazz says

    Unfortunately, Domino’s is horribly anti-gay……

    Not as bad as Chick-Fil-Hate, but still a force for evil in the universe.

    Eat some pizza somewhere else….

  2. Paul in Honolulu says

    While Domino’s does not directly contribute to anti-gay activity, founder Tom Monaghan has contributed heavily to initiatives and organizations that oppose the rights of GLBTs. He is a co-founder of the Thomas More Law Center, which is advocating in court to restrict access to domestic partner benefits, and in 2001 financed a ballot proposal in Ypsilanti, MI to remove sexual orientation from that city’s non-discrimination ordinance. David Brandon, the current CEO, also opposes gay marriage.

  3. Marc C says

    Haven’t touched a Domino’s in over twenty years and this won’t make me budge. There’s better pizza with none of the offense out there.

  4. Gordon says

    this will never work. Many of these drones will be stolen by terrorists, reprogrammed, loaded with explosives and used to kill unsuspecting innocent people. I never buy Dominos pizza by the way.

  5. RITA says

    Yes, but in the real world where rain, snow, storms and high winds will ground the drone. So delivery only on sunny days? Pizza delivery boys need not to worry.

  6. Geoff says

    I can just imagine the air (as far as one can see) crowded with all manner of drones (friendly-retail, deadly-spy, etc.)…like big gnats…everywhere you turn! Hysterically funny, and yet, deeply terrifying!

  7. SayTheTruth says

    If this even becomes “a thing” without being regulated, I can see remote control thingies bumping on each other and everything around in no time. What about bad weather? The cost will be too high I guess.

  8. SC David says

    According to this:

    the founder (Monaghan) was anti-gay but has not been with the company for fifteen years. Domino’s says they have two out gay VPs and sponsored a gay pride event in St Louis in 2012.

    Aside from nasty unhealthy food, why should gays boycott Domino’s today? How are they worse for gays or liberal causes than Pizza Hut or Papa John’s or Little Caesar’s?

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    If I shoot it down over my property I claim full salvage rights to the wreckage. That means I’m eating the pizza (after picking-out the shot pellets) and keeping whatever is left of the drone.

    Hint: Use steel pellet shot shells intended for waterfowl so you don’t get lead poisoning.

  10. mcNnyc says

    Domino’s Sucks and how much did they pay Andy Towle to advertise the products of this hateful corporation.
    As if there weren’t enough ads on this blog.

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