1. will says

    This seemed a very mediocre “showstopper”. I did like the Macklemore-like rapping, but nothing stood out. I’ve pretty much forgotten it already.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    Just a note – after the number and the costume change NPH was sporting quite the peen outline. We were watching on a plasma 54″ and everyone in the room couldn’t miss it. Thank you NPH! :-)

  3. IonMusic says

    This guy represents why I stopped watching reality t.v. No joke. I watched NPH in an interview discussing all the work he does and I realized I need to support the arts. And true artists like him. I stopped watching my useless reality t.v trash and started watching more sitcoms, attending plays, reviewing worthy films.

    Thanks for all you do for the arts, NPH.

  4. Two Dads says

    He’s a family man. A brilliant performer. Funny. Smart. Can act, sing, dance, perform, and make anyone smile. And he’s got a rescue dog, two adorable kids, and a beautiful man by his side. NPH is everything Harvey Milk fought for.

  5. gr8guyca says

    I have now watched the opening number four times…and it is still totally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. NPH jumped through hoops, balanced on the cheerleaders shoulders, got from the stage to the back in 10 seconds (I counted), remembered every lyric for his patter, sang, danced, played guitar…..and barely broke a sweat.

    How can anyone be that talented?

  6. Bill says

    There isn’t a more entertaining awards show around – the others could learn a few lessons. And whoever decided to give NPH a chance to host for the first time deserves some special award. He owns this!

  7. Geoff says

    One of the finest, funniest, foremost entertainers of our time! Is there anything he can’t do? Did I mention REALLY likeable? Oh, yeah – I hear he might be ‘a gay’, too. (SNARK!)

  8. michaeld89119 says

    NPH had me with the solo opening song; the rest was gravy. NPH = multitalented, role model, father, husband, amazing! …And he can sing and dance and do magic and act, comedy and drama, and, oh God, I envy Mr Burtka. Thank you, Mr Harris, for a wonderful turn hosting the Tonys. It’s time to put the Oscar producers on notice: NPH hosts or WE don’t watch. Just kiddng, but please, Mr Meron and Mr Zadan, consider NPH!

  9. polarbeast says

    @Will I would suggest you talk to your doctor. You may be developing Alzheimer’s if you cannot recall the 2013 Opening Act just minutes after watching it.

  10. db says

    Mary, obviously Tyson hasn’t been fully forgiven–you haven’t forgiven him. And if Desiree Washington has something to say I’m sure she can speak for herself.

  11. Randy says

    Phenomenal! I can’t believe NPH nailed all the lyrics, and the dancing and the singing! And everything went off wihtout a single glitch from the enormous cast.

    I only wish the Oscars could do as well.

  12. woodroad34d says

    Can you imagine the amount of energy and memorization he put in for that opening number….not to mention how he got from the magician’s box to the back of that huge auditorium and then run back up on stage to sing full out and not fall on the floor gasping for breath. That was truly NOT ho hum.

  13. Zeta says

    (meaning, why didn’t the Daily Mail just print ‘We were wrong’ instead of removing the story and pretending they never wrote it.)

    I’ll need to hook up some speakers to hear the tape myself.

    Off topic: MaryM, if you really believe Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington, ….

  14. dumbnhung says

    Rosie O’Donnell tweeted right after the opening that this was the best opening ever. Even more than her opening! And I’d have to agree, this is better than Rosie’s own opening.

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