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Epic New 'Game of Thrones' Promo Wants You To Fear The Return Of Dragons: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 12.10.37 PM

BlinkBox, a British video on demand service, has commissioned a terrifying-looking dragon skull as part of a new Game of Thrones promotional. The massive skull is on display on the "Jurassic Coast" in Dorset, England, a popular beach for fossil enthusiasts.

Are you ready for Season 4 and the return of dragons next year?

Check out a behind the scenes video of the skull's creation, AFTER THE JUMP...

(jezebel via buzzfeed)


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Seattle Mayoral Candidate Ed Murray Appears with Husband-to-Be in New Ad: VIDEO


Ed Murray, the 18-year veteran of Seattle's legislature who was a prime mover of Washington's marriage equality law, is now running for mayor of Seattle, putting his sexuality, his progressive record, and his fiancé Michael Shiosaki (an August wedding is in the works), front and center.


(via the victory fund)

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John Barrowman Talks About His Impromptu Marriage, Supports Dogs for the Deaf: VIDEO


Barrowman speaks out in a new video supporting Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Check out the adorable clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

He also praises the Supreme Court decisions on Prop 8. and DOMA, and discussed his decisions to have an impromptu wedding shortly thereafter to his partner of 20 years, Scott Gill, in a new interview with We Love Soaps:

"We always said when the opportunity arose we would go ahead and do it. We just woke up that morning, we had an argument, and then we just decided to do it."

Barrowman also spoke about the secret to longevity in a relationship:

I always say, if life is like a road, or a relationship is, then we have these speed bumps. Every so often they kind of jolt you. If there are any speed bumps in your relationship and life, is it really worth turning around and ruining everything for one little bump (or mistake)? Saying, 'We're going to stop this,' or 'End this, it's no longer valid, blah, blah, blah?' My mom and dad always said that relationships are work; you work at them. If something goes wrong or someone makes a mistake, you have to be able to forgive and forget and move on from it. If you decide to end something because of something stupid - like someone making out with someone at a party because they were drunk - is it really ruining your whole relationship over it, just because of that one little mistake?"

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Fly Anywhere In The World In 4 Hours Or Less: VIDEO

Sabre Engine

That's the claim being made at Business Insider by chief engineer Alan Bond at Reaction Engines. Unlike Elon Musk's Hyperloop system which combines existing technologies found in Concords, rail guns, and air hockey tables, the "Sabre" jet engine will utilze a brand new technology called a precooler.

The precooler can drop the engine's temperature by 1,000 degrees Celsius in 1/10th of a second, and being able to keep the engine cool means that more power can be exerted, which in turn results in more speed. Bond estimates that the jets would reach speeds of Mach 5 - that is, five times the speed of sound - with relative ease. 

The company's current vision is to enter the air transportation market with a passenger plane that can hold 300 and fly like a rocket, but the $1.1 billion price tag per plane will likely render it accessible to only the extremely well-to-do unless a way of subsidizing the plane's costs can be found.

Test flights are being planned for 2019, and an interview with Bond can be seen AFTER THE JUMP...

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One Direction's Harry Styles Channels Gay British Fashion Personality Gok Wan: PHOTO


Harry Styles is a snappy dresser in the upcoming video for One Direction's "Best Song Ever" in which, according to Me Me Me, he's supposed to look like gay British fashion consultant, author and personality Gok Wan.

The video is due on Monday.

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Dominican Republic Religious Leaders Organize 'Black Armband' Protest Against Gay Ambassador Nominee

Wally BrewsterObama's appointment of openly-gay James "Wally" Brewster as US ambassador to the Dominican Repulic is not being well-received by the Catholic country's religious leaders. In addition to the holy Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez calling him a "faggot" and promising that "he'll suffer" in the country, religious leaders organized a "Black Monday protest" and invited their followers to wear black armbands, ribbons, or clothing to protest Brewster's appointment.

The reason behind it all is that they view Brewster's appointment as an "insult to good Dominican customs," displaying a lack of consideration and respect, and as the US promoting its own gender beliefs in the country. In a statement similar to Cardinal Lopez's, Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Pablo Cedaño said during an interview,  “I have the hope that he won’t arrive because I know that if he arrives he’s going to suffer and will have to leave.”

So that's two Catholic religious leaders in a row making vague promises that Brewster will suffer.

Fortunately, the Dominican embassy is far more supportive of Brewster's appointment, stating:

"The Dominican Republic is a democracy with a vibrant media and a wide diversity of opinions on every conceivable topic. However, it is the position of the Government of the Dominican Republic that a person´s sexual preference is strictly a personal matter and it looks forward to working constructively with Mr. Brewster in his official capacity once his nomination is approved by the U.S. Senate."

Brewster currently is the senior managing partner for SB&K Global, a marketing consulting firm in Chicago.

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