Posts from July 20, 2013

How Will NASCAR React To An Openly Gay Driver?


Openly gay one-time NASCAR driver Stephen Rhodes gave an interview to Race Hub on the Speed Network this week about his plans to return to the sport after a 10 year absence. The segment questions how fans and other drivers might possibly react to an…

Report: Prelate Member Of Vatican ‘Gay Lobby’


Last month, Pope Francis admitted the existence of a "gay lobby" within the Vatican. Yesterday, the Italian news magazine, L'Espresso published an article that links prelate Battista Ricca, who was recently appointed by the Pope to a vi…

San Diego County Clerk Wants To Halt Same-Sex Marriages


Yesterday, San Diego County Clerk Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr. filed a petition seeking to put an end to same-sex marriages in California – at least temporarily. The LA Times reports: "Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr. argued that the court should halt…