1. Sean says

    Good for these good people! This is what we need to do, stand up to every oppressor. Put their pictures on every news station & every NY blog.

  2. JONES says

    Didn’t see your name anywhere or even if you identify as LGBT but regardless I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your bravery in standing up to protect these gay kids. You and the others that intervened are this country’s hope for the future.


  3. Kev C says

    A few good MA defense moves is all that is needed to put these 2 men on the ground begging. NYC gays really need to take some classes and learn some moves.

  4. Jeff says

    These guys should be very easy to find. NYC is a big city but it is pretty small town when it comes to neighborhoods. F Train Queens Bound I take it all the time within Manhattan. I’ll be watching out for them. They were traveling on to Jamaica Station.

  5. screamingqueen says

    The moment they lay a finger on you in any kind of menacing way, they have committed an assault. Grab the hardest and heaviest object within your reach and don’t stop hitting them in the throat, face, and/or crotch with it until they run away or stop moving. DO NOT HESITATE. DO NOT STOP. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE CHANCE TO GET THE UPPER HAND.

  6. nick says

    For their own safety, they should present themselves for arrest at their nearest police station as soon as possible.

    Someone might be itching to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  7. ratbastard says

    The F train to Queens is a long a** ride. It’s a hike from where pride took place.

    Incidents like this are more common than many people would suspect. This one was just videoed and posted online, and is being picked up. It also involved a decent sized group not just a single individual or couple being harassed. A lot of things like this occur that people never hear about, and I’m not just talking about anti-gay hate crimes, just regular assaults, people being jumped.

    For phuks sake people, learn to physically defend yourself. If necessary, carry something that can be used as a weapon. Talking to guys like this only provokes them. They have disdain for people trying to talk their way out of a fight. They only understand physical violence. Sorry if this simple fact upsets some people, this is the way most of the world really is. Cops are rarely around when you need them. Remember that.

  8. bobo says

    I know one of the guys really well, the shorter guy, I havent seen him in a few years but he was always non agressive. And never had a problem with gays. We worked with gays as well and he never talked bad about them and dealt with them really nicely. I also can tell that he is drunk in the video. Of course, I wasnt there to see the whole thing, but I think people are going too far. Anytime you get into a fight or argument with a gay person, its always called gay bashing. Did the fight start because he started it because the other peopel are gay? I pretty much dont think so.

  9. marcus says

    seriously “bobo”? you are protecting and justifying the d-bag’s actions? the drunk defense is such an out. so I suppose by your rationale, if he was fingered for domestic assault you’d say his wife/gf probably started it? gtfo … turn him in and let the facts speak for themselves…

  10. steve says

    disturbing to watch. not very politically correct to say, but getting into a fight with a self-righteous lesbian, definitely not something I would ever want in my life…haha. I’ve had more than my fair share pick fights with me when they’re drunk.

  11. Kev C says

    @bobo; I saw two hands on assaults and death threats. Those are arrestable offenses. Plus menacing and disturbance charges, although the video is edited and jittery.

  12. DLDoorsey says

    HERE is something very IMPORTANT
    the PUBLIC Continuously Miscontrues to their own great detriment:

    1)The LEGAL Definition of
    of Violence/ Physical Force,
    LONG BEFORE it’s made physical !!!

    2)Once PHYSICAL Force/Contact
    is actually made,
    the Legal charge is BATTERY
    or BATTERY with Brute Force !!!
    You then have Assault and Battery!

    3)LEARN Physical Defense moves, BOTH Defensive AND Offensive!!!
    by taking formal lessons
    4)Get and Always Carry
    a hire-voltage Stun-Gun to instantly and safely drop a hostile criminal-assailant in his tracks until law enforcement can drag his/her sociopathic-ass off to a filthy cell block!

  13. bryan -- mex/am says

    WTF little kiwi. i have been coming to this blog for years and have never felt compelled to comment. I see your posts often and agree with you most of the time. so you’re a bigot, and a hypocrite. you have no credibility. worse, you think you’re better than ratbastard et al. but your hypocrisy makes you so much worse. what a disgusting, hurtful comment.

  14. Richard says

    @bryan, someone has been posting stuff as Little Kiwi for a few weeks now. Usually LK responds rather quickly, I would not take that post as one of Little Kiwi’s.

  15. kpo5 says

    As long as we have Bill O’Reilly prime-time temper-tantrums and Brian Brown foaming-at-the-mouth rants over our equality, the take-it-to-the-extreme fringe will think their hate is justified.

    In other words, protect yourself, folks!

  16. Derrick from Philly says


    if and when Little Kiwi comes to the blog today he will be praising those young folks on the train for their courage. He’d never single out Mexican or Latino Americans for ethnic insults.

    What brave young Gay folks…but that’s the way they make ’em in New York.

  17. ratbastard says

    Ratbastard DOES NOT troll or bait using any other name, certainly not hacking little Kiwis logon. He’s posting bizarre stuff after logging onto his TR account. Mr. Miller has serious psychological issues.

    Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye. It does take two to tango, and that includes verbal ‘assaults’ and trash talking. In my experience there are some gay men and many women gay and non-gay who have no problem verbally provoking an argument and keeping it up. Most males know that such behavior directed at another guy will most likely lead to physical violence. But from what I saw in this vid, those two guys were provoking the gay group and resorted to violence, although we don’t know if people in the gay group like the women videoing and pointing the camera at the guys was giving them the stink eye, glaring at them, stuff like that. Staring and glaring at people, and especially pointing your phone at them and videoing them, is aggressive and provoking behavior. It’s even worse because in that subway car on a long route, there’s nowhere to move to for either parties.

  18. ratbastard says

    And I’m not Bryan. I also would not gratuitously make an ethnic or racial slur. I don’t hate Mexican or so-called Hispanics/Latinos. I grew up in predominately Latino neighborhoods. My best friend is of PR descent.


    Neither do I hate black people, regardless of what kind of cr*p some say about me on here.

  19. MichaelJ says

    I agree with Kev C — responding to the initiation of the assaults by these harassers with some self-defense moves would have been both justified and very useful. There were enough gay people there to immobilize these two until police could be found. Until we live in a world where no one would have the impulse to attack us physically, it’s best that we fight back to make it impossible for those who would think of attacking us to presume that we won’t fight back and harm them.

    BTW, one doesn’t have to become a devotee to one of the martial arts, going after higher belts and all that, to learn some basic practical moves. I took classes 30 years ago and it is time I took a refresher course.

  20. JG says

    These two fools look like basic (and I mean baaasic) closet cases. Maybe even lovers. The short one reminds me of Roy Cohn.

    What’s wrong with all those straight people, just sitting there useless, allowing Roid Rage to mouth off and assault people? He definitely deserved a swift kick to his nuts, at least to shut him up.

  21. says

    thank GOD for the age of digital technology. doesn’t matter if you’re a Professional Bigot in politics, or a hack piece of trash spewing your nonsense on a subway train – your hate will be recorded and you will, at some point, have to answer for it.

    kudos to all who stood up against those cowardly pigs, and not just the ones featured in this story and video.

    we’re making massive advances, and because of that the most pathetic and worthless members of society are feeling “left behind”; when you’ve got nothing to offer and you see people you were conditioned and raised to hate out there living joyous lives, it makes a person crazy.

    thanks for this video,, i’m sure it’ll come in useful.


  22. trees says

    Threatening to kill the girl is serious. He may stalk her and kill her. He and his friend are too hostile, asocial and unstable to be on public transportation or at public events.

  23. jamal49 says

    @ratbastard: you nailed it. Learn how to defend yourself. Sign up for some self-defense courses. The AVP does offer these by the way. FIGHT BACK!!

  24. Frances says

    I would love to interview the woman who filmed this for so we could help get the photos and video out there for more people to see. I live in NYC and used to ride the F train all the time, and I am a bisexual woman so this hits home a lot. You can contact me at

  25. mmike1969 says

    screamingqueen is correct. F*** these bigots and any other bigoted a**hole. Defend yourself and your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/family. And remember this: If you slap their bigoted face with a heavy paperback book (like a bible, it does NOT leave marks!

  26. David Hearne says

    When a black person mistakes an allegedly white person for black, clearly the work of multiculturalism is having the desired effect.

  27. David Hearne says

    The white people of Manhattan are surrounded by the advancing hoards. How long until the Manhattanites have to wall themselves in like the people in Johannesburg?

  28. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “When a black person mistakes an allegedly white person for black, clearly the work of multiculturalism is having the desired effect.”

    OK, Hearne. Like a damn fool, I’ve read the above statement about 6 times. You claim that you don’t drink booze. Well, I’ve been sipping since 3:30pm, and I’m making more sense than you are.

  29. says

    this must come as a shock to racist gay men who live in the back of their parent’s closet, armed with semi-automatic weapons, but, uh NYers don’t harbor your pathetic brand of racism.

    living in NYC means you live and breathe an interact in a diverse culture, minute by minute.

    who’s afraid of non-white people? racist white boys with no spines, that’s who.

  30. ratbastard says

    Mr. Miller,

    SERIOUSLY…get your medications adjusted and/or lay off the pipe. You still haven’t come down off your Canada Day high?

    *Raymond Miller of Toronto is Little Kiwi

  31. David Hearne says

    Derrick, you know I live to amuse you.

    Kiwi, do your homework. Manhattan is 72% caucasian and highly segregated. You may think those people celebrate diversity, but they PAY through the nose for exclusivity. You could go snow blind in the more expensive addresses.

  32. DannyEastVillage says

    To those who have been confused, “LittleKiwi” from Canada is NOT the same person as “Little Kiwi” who’s posting here.

    As for Davide Hearne, I would wipe my ass with his face: I have too high an opinion of my s**t. He’s a sick, bigoted know-nothing.

  33. DannyEastVillage says

    Sorry for my typo re: David Hearne: I meant to say I WOULDN’T wipe my ass with his face: I have too high an opinion–well, you get the idea.

  34. David Hearne says

    Sorry for my typo re: David Hearne: I meant to say I WOULDN’T wipe my ass with his face: I have too high an opinion–well, you get the idea.

    Posted by: DannyEastVillage

    Of course, you didn’t bother to point out anything I said as incorrect. You just whine.

  35. ratbastard says

    Go snow blind in the more exclusive and desirable parts of Manhattan? LOL…true dat Mr. Hearne. Same can be said in all desirable areas where wealthy and privileged ‘progressives’ live. They do talk a good talk, though.

  36. ratbastard says

    There was a 12 month period in Manhattan a few years ago where police stats showed less than a dozen murders were committed below 110th St. This on a 26 sq mile island with over 1.5 million people, the most dense and urban NYC boroughs. In other words, the vast majority of murders occurred in the majority non-white and non-yuppie/guppie/DINK areas.

  37. ratbastard says

    Very true, David Hearne. But then again, what are you and I? Two white closeted gay men with no spines whose conservative-leaning white families hate having us for sons.

    I guess you and I really are two peas in a pod: white, right-leaning, closeted, cowardly and no matter how much we hate blacks, it won’t change that our own white families, and our own white selves, haven’t done a damn thing to advance equality at any point in our pathetic lives.

  38. says

    I’m not surprised, but I’m glad you chose to fight back! Thank you to the bystander who got involved to stop the violence. There are some people who are really sick and these two certainly qualify and the drunk defense is pathetic. I had my own interactions recently and wrote about Bigots attacking a Fed program to provide housing and living services to LGBT youth who were throw out and disowned by their families for being gay! Look toward the bottom in the Disqus comment section! this is the CNS Christian News Service website! The article didn’t express the hate, but the commenters sure did! And they continue to claim there is no animus toward the gay community? Yesh, RIGHT!

  39. to BoBo says

    Are you kidding me? the GLBT youth group was just riding the subway and minding their own business when these two idiots harassed them. Please someone, anyone tell me these assholes have been arrested??

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