1. Jake says

    Those two in the Boxers T-shirts appear sufficiently masculine. Who bought all the vodka? Protest does not sit well with Russians. This could increase the anti-gay abuse

  2. Mike C. says

    anyone who thinks this russian vodka boycott will work is a joke. what if Russians boycotted M&M’s to protest U.S. policy, would that make sense?

  3. James says

    BREAKING NEWS!!!….that no one cares about. I’m am STRONGLY against us getting into other countries business. YES It is a human rights violation, but we can’t be the police of the world. That’s how wars get started. We have our own backyard to worry about. Sooner or later other societies will “grow up” but we can’t do much to enforce our beliefs on them. If people were really concerned with human rights violations they would boycott the middle east and its oil production for how they treat/abuse woman. But we can’t live without oil now can we…….

  4. Mike Ryan says

    That’s water being poured out of those Russian vodka bottles. No sane gay person would actually go out and purchase such vodka simply to pour it out. Gay people are not stupid.

  5. says

    Queer Nation is trolling for publicity again. No organization that portrays LGBT folk as “queers” to the general public is a true ally. You can’t fight for equality and promote bigotry at the same time! It’s like President Obama, constantly evoking the name and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr, and all the while approving drone strikes on innocent civilians overseas. For shame!

  6. MateoM says

    Shocker that Jake, actually Rick/Jason would be focused on he masculinity of the protestors. That’s all that troll ever thinks about: the perceived masculinity of others, because if that person is at all femme, Rick/Jason/Jake hates them.

  7. says

    and yet, Queer Nation are out in public doing something while Stuffy the Uncle Tom Jesus-fellater sits at home because he has a butt-hurt problem with the word “Queer”.

    self-identified Queers out in public. and stuffy alone at his comp, doing nothing, because he doesn’t like that other people are empowered by self-identifying as Queer.

    why do you get so upset that other people self-identify as Queer?

  8. says

    p.s. any savvy new yorker knows that the bartenders at Boxers are straight.

    p.p.s. i realize, Stuffy, that you heard denigrating uses of the word “Queer” at your weekly gospel brunches. however, just because your family and church community used it negatively doesn’t mean that it’s an inherently negative word.

    one day, you’ll grow a brain and some testicles and realize this.

  9. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Stuffed Animal is a know-nothing: the LGBTQ-Studies at the nation’s universities – including the Ivy League – have referred to themselves as “Queer Studies” beginning in the early 90s. I’d say Stuffed Animal has some Stuffed Issues that could use a cleansing. Start with a Fleets, SA.

  10. Joseph2 says

    I wish I had been there. Boycotting Russian vodka may seem minimal, but it’s something, and we need to do it in tandom with protests such as this, putting pressure on the Russian government to stop persecuting their own citizens, on our own government to show support for the LGBT citizens (and their allies) in Russia, on the IOC to take seriously the issue of gay athletes and guests and on NBC to seriously address the issue.

    And, for what it’s worth, I prefer to call myself Queer. Because, dammit, I AM different from straight people.

  11. greenfuzz says

    I give these folks major props for getting their ass’s out in the street and doing something. And those complaining are like those gay neighbors who when ya have oter gay folks come over and hug and greet each other they’re hiding in the house but peeking out through the curtains.

  12. Mmike1969 says

    Point of order: I am going to hope all these people dumping vodka onto the streets did NOT just buy them from the local liquor store to just dump it on Facebook. You are defeating the purpose of a boycott.

    Just saying.

  13. Jeton Ademaj says

    sorry i missed this…i see Ann Northrup and Michael Tikili and Bill Dobbs and George something…big ups, guys! glad it went well!


  14. David Jarrett says

    I agree with James. The USA tries to police the world and get into everyone’s life, which I too am STRONGLY STRONGLY opposed to. Our wars are draining huge resources from the taxpayers.

  15. Ren says

    I live in Russia (Samara) and I’m Russian gay. Thank you very much for your support emotsianalno. Horrible to live in fear, where people like me hate it. Russian gays may have fired from their jobs, to condemn, to beat and kill and it’s unbearable. As you are lucky with your President Obama. I am ashamed of my country, where the deputy of the State Duma can openly say that gay people can only work with the corpses in the morgue. But your kind words about Russian gays give us the strength to live another day, and we have nothing but love and hope. And I believe – we do not die and do not fade away.
    I’m sorry for my terrible english)))…

  16. UFFDA says

    Thanks Ren for letting us know you are there. We do support you and are doing our best to figure out how to be of further help. The Western world is on your side and someday it will get much better for you. Love from us.

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