1. Rob says

    Now this is why God made lawyers. Here’s hoping GLAAD or the ACLU or just any good plaintiff’s attorney subpoenas that footage. Civil matter my eye- that is reckless endangerment.

    A taxi license is worth about $50,000 a year and can easily be revoked. Here’s hoping a clear and public example is made. For instance, I wonder how are those drivers with African Americans and Jews? Should they be allowed to abandon people for other behaviors they dislike?

  2. Munro says

    The first mistake is getting out of the cab.
    The second mistake is not calling the cab company or the police from inside of the cab.
    The third mistake is not calling the police from outside of the cab.

  3. PJ says

    @KEV C:

    Sure, blame it on us, immigrants. Because we’re always the ones to blame, we are easy targets, politically disadvantaged, and you might feel uncomfortable about us. (Hm, what other group gets treated the same way?)

  4. says

    @ZETA neither of the two give the cab driver permission to kick them out. They also had a friend with them so I doubt they were doing something extremely explicit. We’ll find out if/when the video is released.

  5. UFFDA says

    PJ – it probably WAS an immigrant, people who better get used to the tolerance of this country and its people. Come here and put your bullsh*t god and horsesh*t social history behind you or lose the advantages of this society. I hope they throw his cab and his career in the dirt for good. Or they can just let him out alongside the road in the dark where the new ideas of a far better society can go on passing him by.

  6. Frank says

    Last Monday, a friend and I were visiting the Montrose area of Houston, which used to be lively, hospitable 19% gay neighborhood more than 10 years ago. What we found was dark and desolate and frightening. Even most of the bars were closed. We called a cab, and a Nigerian cab driver picked us up. He got us out of a bad situation, and he made us feel perfectly welcome. Please, don’t dump on all immigrants. This man was more friendly to gays than most Texans.

  7. says

    This proves there is no “gay community.” An example of a community is the black community – when there is the slightest hint of racism, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP come out and yell, shout and protest. They strike fear into corporate America to the point that everyone is afraid to piss off black people. Even Spike Lee got into the act and tried to tweet Zimmerman’s address so other black people could make his life hell.

    There is no gay equivalent of this. I’d like to see Jane Lynch and Neil Patrck Harris hop on a plane and lead a protest outside this cab company, but it will never happen. Ask yourself why.

    If this cab company did this to black people, there would be a firestorm and you all know it!!!

    A threat to gay people somewhere is a threat to gay people everywhere!

  8. Acronym Jim says

    I’ll bet the President of Broadway Cab goes to extra lengths to make sure this is unlikely to happen again.

    A similar circumstance happened in the mid-eighties. Broadway Cab was the bad player in that one too. When the gay community got wind of it, all of the gay bars in Portland tore out the Broadway courtesy phones and only used Radio Cab for years after.

    As far as I know, you still get a Radio Cab if you ask a Portland bartender to call for your ride.

    Broadway lost a LOT of business because of the community sticking up for each other. I’m guessing they don’t want a repeat.

  9. Wisebear says

    There is NOTHING here to indicate the women were racist. Nothing. Kev C above injected racism into the discussion.

    Even if they were drunk – again no evidence – cabbies take drunk people home every single shift. Guarantee it. To me, if they were drunk then leaving them on the side of the highway is criminal.

  10. Caliban says

    That’s what cabs are FOR, you idiot! Ask any police department in the country what you should do if you’re in a bar and too drunk to drive and their first answer will be “Call a cab!”

    And lets assume for the sake of argument that they were “making out.” If they were straight the driver wouldn’t have kicked them out, he would have angled the mirror so he could watch the free show.

  11. MateoM says

    It figures that Kev C, Uffda and Alan Brickman (all aliases of the same racist, misogynistic and homophobic troll) would come to inject racism into this situation. What a piece of human garbage.

  12. DannyEastVillage says

    “Alan Brickman” hates gay people so much that I bet if he has any friends, they’re either closeted gay people (like himself) or rabid homophobic “straight people” (like himself). Whatever it is, I’m sure that anyone who knows “Alan Brickman” crosses the street when they see him coming.

  13. says

    @Mike In The Tundra
    When you name-call on a comments section it makes you look ignorant and you lose all credibility. You have to grow up if you want to play with the adults.

    @Acronym Jim
    That story from the 80’s sounds like something you made up. Do you have any proof?

  14. jjose712 says

    PROVES IT!: Are you comparing a murder with this incident (wich is far from nice but they are not in the same cathegory for sure)?
    And comparing a polititian with two actors.
    Spike Lee always was an activist, but expecting every gay celebrity to speak on every little homophobic incident is just ridiculous.
    Fortunately this has nothing to do with Zinnerman’s case

  15. Kev C says

    I don’t know the driver’s race. He could be Albanian for all I know. MateoM and Wisebear are just pro-homophobe, always sticking up for bigots, always making excuses for homophobes. Any chance to show some love to a gay basher and these sorry gay apologists will grab it.

  16. Steve P says

    Something no one has said yet (that I’ve seen): Good for this policeman! Seriously, he actually did protect and serve these women like he should have. It’s a bright spot in an otherwise bad occurrence.

  17. Acronym Jim says

    Jose in LA.

    Nope. It’s not made up at all. Anybody that was part of the Portland gay scene in the 80s and 90s could attest that I’m telling the truth. I don’t appreciate your insinuation that I lied.

    “It makes you look ignorant and you lose all credibility. You have to grow up if you want to play with the adults.”

  18. Maleka says

    Yes. They should have never left the cab, it was on I-84 for heaven’s sake! It will be interesting to see how this is played out. Broadway Cab could be in real trouble.

  19. Paul R says

    I’m reserving judgment until the video is released, hopefully with audio. Suggesting that they file a suit before the video is released (and checked to make sure it hasn’t been doctored) is premature and could hurt their case.

    Their interactions with the driver and definition of “showing a little affection” are also crucial, as is the second driver’s interaction with the original driver.

  20. RD says

    As a long time resident in the Portland area, I can attest to the fact that Portland has very FEW ‘immigrant’ cab drivers… I will also say that Portland is a very gay friendly city in a not so gay friendly state, the result being that many gay folks here tend to think nothing of PDAs, and as a result are amazed when some one takes offense to them..We have had some very bad things happen to gay people who did not give any thought to what part of the city they were demonstrating their love in… Is it right? Of course not, but it is the way things are.. Change takes time, and pushing the envelope means things like this may happen…

  21. Randy says

    What is appalling is that not only did the taxi driver kick them out, but he also called the police to report that they skipped the fare. then he also called the other taxi driver to tell him to kick them out again!

    This guy is nuts. He ought be suspended permanently. That sort of viciousness is beyond the pale.

  22. emjayay says

    And driver number two cooperated with driver number one and kicked them out again? Pretty amazing, grounds for a bigger lawsuit, or it’s possible (just possible, I have no idea) there is more to the story. They certainly look respectable and credible. That’s all anyone has to go on from the article.

    Anyway, it would be interesting if the whole story gets told.

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