‘Ex-Gay Pride Month’ Cancelled Due To ‘Anti-Ex-Gay Extremism’

DoyleMany of you have no doubt been busy celebrating July as the first annual "Ex-Gay Pride" month sponsored by organizations such as Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council. Unfortunately, due to some apparent "anti-ex-gay extremism" causing "several security threats," it appears that the big public events planned around this month's celebrations have been either cancelled or postponed until September. A statement from Christopher Doyle (pictured right) with the anti-gay umbrella organization Voice of the Voiceless had this to say:

Due to some anti-ex-gay extremism that has occurred since we first announced Ex-Gay Pride 2013, the July 31 Lobbying Day on Capitol Hill and Evening Dinner/Reception at the Family Research Council has had to be moved and postponed to an undisclosed location in September. The harassment has caused several security threats which has forced us to change plans, and that is unfortunate.

On the bright side, this harassment and anti-ex-gay extremism has reminded us just how intolerant some individuals and organizations are about the existence of ex-gays and former homosexuals. So much so, that we believe it is necessary not only to hold events in July for Ex-Gay Pride, but also to declare September as the First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month. Ex-Gay Awareness Month in September will be a time to reflect on the discrimination and marginalization that former homosexuals and ex-gays experience in the public at large. 

Truth Wins Out's Wayne Besen, however, scoffed at the notion of any "extremism" or alleged "security threats" from pro-LGBT supporters:

"There was never going to be an actual 'Ex-Gay Pride Month' because ex-gays are as rare as the Dodo bird," said TWO's Executive Director Wayne Besen. "They simply could not find real 'ex-gays' to participate and had to cancel to save face. This was nothing but a desperate publicity stunt intended to revive a failing industry that has repeatedly embarrassed anti-gay organizations….we challenge Doyle to come forward and release the names of LGBT activists and organizations that allegedly jeopardize his organization's security. Until concrete allegations are made, we can only assume Doyle is making an excuse for his organization's abject failure to produce a viable Ex-Gay Pride Month event."

Be sure and mark your September calendars for all the exciting 'ex-gay' events that are sure to be cancelled or rescheduled once again! 


  1. says

    ex-gay pride sounds too hilarious for words.

    join us in celebrating the men and women of our family and religious communities who hate us so much that they’ll only tolerate us if we live a complete and utter lie every day of our lives! YAY!


  2. Chris says

    They worry about the alleged “intolerance and hatred” we show them, but can apparently care less about the very real and dangerous intolerance and hatred that is shown to gays. The sole reason for why they feel like they cannot live as out and proud gay people.

  3. Craig says

    It must be terrible to have an obsessed group of hateful people show up at your pride event like that. These poor souls!

    I’m sure it would have been a spectacular event. Think of the thousands … um, hundreds … ok, tens … alright. So Fred Phelps and James Dobson were going to be the parade and push poor old Pat Robertson in a wheel chair. It could have been fun. Fred might have brought those wonderful signs and stuff.

    They’e such cheerful people. I hope this works out.

  4. JONES says

    This is the one with the invite that was billed as the first annual and might possibly include Michelle Bachman but not Marcus because, well, you know why.

    Those ten ex-gays and assorted heads of hate groups are gonna be damn tired after their month of celebrating.

  5. bructer says

    If I were a so called ex-gay I would just want to be left alone to live my life, to assimilate into hetero life. That is all gay people want is to left alone to live their lives in equality and without prejudice and constantly having to worry that if the walk down a street they will be accosted or killed. If the Christian right were to just get off their ban wagon and go about their deary little lives and leave us alone, there might be peace in the streets.

  6. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Always the victims, when they actually realized that the “event” would be unattended and be a miserable failure (pretty much like most ex-gays) Just remember folks they’re being persecuted!!

  7. Ken says

    Besides the obvious inanities that folks have already pointed out, the name Voice of (and “for”) the Voiceless was already taken; oops. My bet is these haters have been hearing from the other Voice of the Voiceless, which is none too pleased.

  8. patrick says

    Liars. Harassment is a crime. And these people would have reported it to teh authorities if it really happened and then publicizing the hell out of it.


  9. says

    These people are such liars, it is amazing. I guess the donations didn’t flow in as expected, by them anyway. Good think the Stonewall protesters didn’t worry about backlash and threats.
    How prideful can you be from an undisclosed location?

  10. jjose712 says

    Sorry but the whole ex gay thing is hilarious.
    I know some people think their sexuality is fluid, but i never heard any of thouse people define themselves as ex gay (or ex straight).

    Pretend that you are not gay anymore is ok. Everyone to their own (or course there’s a grndr scandal surrounded them for sure), but expect celebrations or even threads to their parades is simply pathetic.
    You are free to fool yourself as much as you want, but you don’t fool anyone else

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    While there may be 1 or 2 real ex-gays living on our planet, the last thing they’d probably want is to become poster children for any right-wing, attention-whoring, pity party that can only pretend to suffer prejudice. For those rare ex-gays, let’s just wish them happiness in living as heterosexuals who, by definition, are not a minority.

  12. AdamK says

    If they’re ex-gay, doesn’t that mean they’re straight or bi? Why don’t they just call themselves “straight” or “bi”? Ex-gay isn’t even a thing.

    Their problem is that they’re right-wing christianist haters. That’s why nobody likes them.

    They could just wear a big sign saying, “I’m a fool. Please make fun of me so I can pretend I’m a victim.”

  13. Jim says

    Oh, yeah. Anti-ex-gay extremism. Uh-huh. So it’s a security threat nowadays when these boys and girls peddle dinner tickets nobody wants to buy and go bust? Who’s threatened by that? Isn’t the truth more like this: had the dinner occurred as scheduled, the guests would have been out-numbered by the waiters and busboys and the whole world would have seen that the ex-gay movement is dead, dead, dead? The jig’s up, kiddos. Time to pack up and move on to the next scam.

  14. andrew says

    If the Ex Gay Pride folks have the courage of their convictions they should get out there and celebrate them. Every year In Phila we have Christian Wingnuts with their bullhorns interfering with our gay pride events in June and Oct. Franny Price and her volunteers could care less. They put on fabulous events in the face of the haters.

  15. Alida says

  16. 1♥ says

    Alida’s post above is complete bull. It sites people like far right extremist Judith Reisman who writes for World Net Daily. And some of the other “scientific research” on those links is based on “some people say”

    Alida is just another right wing extremist troll that wishes the gay community was exterminated.

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