1. Scrammy says

    Would it be possible to dedicate one day, or even better a whole week, where the site doesn’t publicise all the hate-mongering. Yes, we all are aware of how much of it exists. It is enough that we have to be confronted by it through the mainstream media and other outlets. It would be so nice to visit a site like Towleroad and not be subject to such frequent vitriol.

    Maybe I’m asking too much.

  2. Trev says

    When religious hate groups are forced to defend their right to be cruel, hateful and discriminatory because their God told them to be cruel, hateful and discriminatory, we win.

    I think we’re winning.

  3. Just_a_guy says

    comments here. Now, most would not. Our gay and straight leaders, colleagues, families, and friends have blessed us. But the fight is not done yet. And Sprigg still has remarkable influence. If black people, for instance, don’t vote as much in the next election, the presidency, the Supreme Court, and maybe even the Senate could tip against us?

  4. anon says

    @JUST-_A_GUY… People need to turn out and vote in the 2014 mid-term election just as much as they did in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections or the Republicans will take over the Senate. Nate Silver is already predicting that the Repugs will likely get 50 or 51 seats. Of course, he is probably basing that on the usual lower turn-out numbers that happen in off years. Vote, Vote, Vote It was the result of the 2010 off year election that allowed the Repugs to gerrymander everything in the states to keep control of the House even though they received fewer votes overall.

  5. MikeKV says

    “”direct assault on moral values,” and is actually just an effort to legislate the “immorality of those who accept homosexual conduct.””

    So, let me get this straight (pun somewhat intended):

    “Legislating” values that include inclusiveness and equality for everyone is bad, but “legislating” values that discriminate based on religious grounds (something congress is *expressly forbidden to do*) is somehow good?

  6. Kevin says

    It’s important to highlight this because the fight about ENDA is supposed to be about religious liberty.
    Sprigg simply says out loud what they really mean and that is a desire to discrimanate against gays,lesbians and trans without reprucussions.

  7. woodroad34d says

    Yeah, I guess legislating morality from a heterosexual point of view didn’t work so well; then again “legislating immorality” has a more je nais se quois air to it and I kinda like it….mmmmm, immorality….

  8. Bob says

    I am with SCRAMMY

    Why, why, why, do we keep seeing posts about groups that may be tiny and ineffectual (or may be important) without any mention of their reach or their power?
    Is it because they make an easy quote, and there are stills and video readily available, or is is due to their actual import on us?
    Who is “Janet Mefford”??? Is she on a big network or a local show?
    How many members does the FRC have? Is it 3 suits funded by a crazed billionaire? We don’t know.

  9. Joe in Ct says

    I agree with Bob, this sounds pretty low profile to me. Unfortunately, we give this guy credibility by reacting to his pronouncements.

    I know this site wants to report the “news” but I’m not sure this is even relevant unless it’s placed in context. A better writer would do that for us.

  10. says

    Why does Towleroad give him attention? Because he routinely appears on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, New York Times, etc. Don’t complain about it here, complain about it to the other media outlets.

  11. forrelishingc*cks says

    I thought FRC had something to do with porn…oh wait I was thinking of RFC (Raw F*ck Club) & I think MateoM hit it on the money.

  12. jamal49 says

    @ANON Let’s take your words and put them on billboards all over the country. It ain’t over until it’s over and unless we (and I mean LGBTQ people, our allies, our friends, our families ALL OF US) get out the vote in 2014, the Republicans could very well increase their hold on The House and take control of The Senate not to mention increase their hold on states’ legislatures all across this nation.

    Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote out the Republicans in 2014!!!

  13. Jerry6 says

    I keep wondering why so many strait people keep trying to keep Gay People from enjoying their lives together. After observing many Strait families in public with their constant bickering, and their unruly children, it is no wonder that they object to happy Gay families.

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