Gay Indiana Teen Settles Bullying Lawsuit Against School District

Young and Twin Brother

Towleroad has previously reported on Darnell "Dynasty" Young, the openly gay Indianapolis teen who was expelled after bringing a stun gun to school to defend himself against bullies. Young subsequently sued Indianapolis Public Schools for discrimination, restriction of free speech, and negligence, alleging that school officials did nothing to protect him. 

According to WTHITV News, Young has agreed to settle for $65,000. 

The proposed settlement filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis also calls for the school district to remove all references of Darnell "Dynasty" Young being expelled from school from the 18-year-old's academic record. The agreement still must be approved by a judge.

Young also told WTHITV in a telephone interview that "he's pleased with the settlement," and that "he plans to use the money to launch an anti-bullying magazine."


  1. NotSafeForWork says

    He should use the money to go to college and contribute some to anti-bullying campaigns.

  2. ratbastard says


    A well connected, upper middle class white, Asian, Hispanic, or black kid would have probably had better a legal team on their side. A poor or average working class-lower middle class white kid is not more privileged than this kid.

  3. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Alan Brickman – you’re really a jerk. You should be really proud of your comment. It shows you for exactly who you actually are, which isn’t at all attractive.

  4. says

    Jonna, I was never bullied for being gay. Because I was always in the closet in high school, where I belong. Better that than being thought of as a dirty sodomite.

  5. Rowan says

    Alan what are you on weirdo??

    And I agree with Rat…to a degree. You are right but in more cases, a white lawyer may fight harder for the white kid as there are more of those lawyers who are predominantly white.

    But yeah, I don’t know why he didn’t reach to the gay internet/media for advice on the quite. He got pennies.

    And why is he being encouraged to plough it into a magazine???! He should go to college but as a non American, I have noticed that few Americans appreciate education.