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    ugh, lame, I find this guy hella lame. I get it, you are attractive and you think you can sing, welcome to everyone after 2006. It’s strange that our communities regular output of semi-talented eye candy is actually getting some real world attention, but that’s probably because moron reporters called him the first gay country singer. /grump over

  2. Jack M says

    Thanks Fenrox.

    This comment would never have been made if this guy were straight.

    Maybe he’s not going to turn out to be a superstar, but he’s following his heart, and isn’t that the point?

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    Fenrox, your’s is one of the more bitter posts I’ve read in a while. The guy has been through some tough times, goes into debt to create a piece of art that people respond to, and that makes him hella lame? Look in a mirror.


  4. Caliban says

    You know, part of my reaction to this song and video has been… tempered by the fact that he’s an underwear model. “He’s really pretty, so what problems could HE possibly have?” To see him on the edge of tears when talking about his parents’ reaction to him being gay really humanized him for me.

  5. mary says

    I see nothing lame about it. He’s a guy who’s trying to make it as a singer and has some talent. While there’s gay singers on the radio now, there’s none that I’ve heard that sings about being in love with a boy. Just by switching the pronouns around he’s doing something different.

    And as for the country label, that doesn’t seem to be his doing but just what the song sounded like to people. IN his interview in the Backlot he already says he doesn’t plan to necessarily do country songs and lean towards rocks.

    HIs song struck a chord with people who’ve been through a similar experience which is probably the main reason he’s getting all the publicity. Instead of knocking it, consider how this might help other gay singers feel it’s ok to come out and sing about their life. Even if you hate his singing I think he’s accomplishing something.

  6. Lance says

    Beautiful song. It touches a place so may of us have been and hold onto. I’ve watched it over 30 times this week and it still puts a lump in my throat.

  7. redball says


    Yes, b/c ‘pretty’ people have no problems. At all! Not even some problems that may be–gasp!–worse than yours. I’m thinking of, just as an example, the ‘pretty’ girls and gay boys who secretly suffer from, say, anorexia or bulimia.

    Your view of someone who is ‘pretty’ is really clouded by so much jealousy that you can’t have empathy for them?

  8. mg_xtra says

    I’m definitely on the fence about this one. I am so happy for his success and wish him nothing but happiness, however as a singer/songwriter that has been struggling for some time in NYC, I find it obvious that his talent really has nothing to do with it. If he wasn’t so good looking he wouldn’t have so many views.

    But then, I have this issue with most of mainstream media, it’s not really a problem that Steve has, just one that he perpetuates.

  9. dixichuk says

    Regardless of how good he may be, this guy would not have made it to “Good Morning Siberia”, much less “Good Morning America” just a year ago. If this is our fifteen minutes, we better use it.

  10. Richie says

    I think the song is great and he seems like a good guy.

    Normally when Towleroad features a ‘gay singer’ on this site it’s some swishy and shirtless Chelsea queen, the video is embarrassing and the song just makes you want to cringe. It’s gay, gay, gay first and music and singing ability second. But we’re all meant to be supportive because it’s a gay guy singing. Just as we’re meant to support ‘gay movies’ (which are frequently just as terrible!)

    We have to raise our standards. This song actually has a shot at mainstream / Billboard success.

    Plus Steve is very hot!

  11. mg_xtra says

    I think it’s somewhat sad that we would think that THIS song, just because he’s singing about loving a man, means we have to raise our standards. It’s not that great of a song. It’s simply heartfelt.

    Getting into an argument about the subjective nature of music though, will prove futile in the end. Taste is taste. Still, I find the music scene growing dumber and dumber by the year, and people being ok with it.

  12. DC Insider says

    Great looking guy, and I still don’t appreciate country music. Hope he succeeds, and the fact that he is nice looking won’t interfere with future success.

    I mean where on earth did he get that body? Great genes.

  13. wiredream says

    Get off your soapboxes, homos. He’s pretty. That’s the only reason you care. If he looked like Newman from “Seinfeld” you wouldn’t give him a second glance. Or listen.

  14. Paul says

    He seems so fake.

    Too bad most gay guys think he is “talented” because he is a good looking guy. His voice is nothing special (mediocre at best). If he looked like Lyle Lovett, he wouldn’t have made it on Towleroad and all those drooling over him now wouldn’t give a damn.

    He should enjoy his 15 minutes of fame while it lasts. They’ll be another prettier boy with a mediocre voice coming soon I am sure.

  15. Aaron says

    @mary has this 100% solid

    It’s not about the fact that he’s gay. We’ve had thousands of gay artists. It’s that he told a story that wasn’t trying to be hip or philosophizing as a way to gain hetero acceptance/interest. It was just a story – a story many of us have lived through.

    Yes he’s attractive. If the same song was sung by someone less attractive, would it be less noticed? Quite likely. But it’s out there now. People responded to it the same way they respond to any pop song. To be pop (with a tinge of country) is not to be evil.

    I wish folks would take a step back and just say, “Hey, I had fun and had some good memories that this reminds me of.” Yeah, the guy may make some money from this. Maybe he’s been an escort and selling himself on the internet his entire life.

    But that doesn’t mean he can’t tell a story that reaches out to people. Don’t try to negate other people’s reaction just by trying deflate someone’s image.

  16. GrandFan says

    I’m also stunningly attractive, so I take issue with the attacks here on this guy for having the guts to follow his musical dreams in spite of his beautiful face. For those who can’t relate, it’s difficult being smoking hot AND talented. Be glad you’re just mediocre.

  17. says

    Guys, throwing a little shade at a guy is not that big of a deal. Don’t you guys have catty friends? or pals that you can be a little mean to?

    I hate his singing and I think he looks boring, I think he will survive my displeasure. I wish you guys could just like something without letting anyone (I’m a dude on forum!) sour your good time, it’s a weak position to live in. Hell I still love the Cardigans! I know they are lame and “over” but I will always love them.

  18. says

    I do not find him beautiful, and my range for beautiful is pretty wide. But that is entirely irrelevant! As someone already said music is subjective, so if you like it you like it.
    My comment about the vapid eye-candy still stands here. LOOK AT HIS MUSIC VIDEO, then go to netflix and watch any gay movie with a shirtless “hunk” on the cover, he might not be a vapid boy-toy like most of those actors, but he is selling the same thing.

    Which by the way is still totally fine! I don’t see why gay people can’t have a “T&A” genre movement, I loved the straight ones focused on shenanigans and boobs. It was just a grump post from a grump. WE NEED CURMUDGEONS PEOPLE.

  19. jamal says

    So, uh, dixichuk? When can we expect your appearance on GMA? Or on YouTube? Or, anywhere?

    Nice to see this happen to someone who seems to be a very sweet guy. I hope he’ll enjoy this ride and make it last.

  20. Aaron says


    1. Your Jul 9, 2013 12:24:17 PM post is noting more than CYA. You have a personal distaste for his music, that’s fine. But’s that’s no excuse for being “catty” because that implies a relationship with an individual (or group) that you don’t have here.

    2. Your Jul 9, 2013 12:30:54 PM post is almost nonsensical. But I think your message is that you feel entitled to be bitter. You do – but not at some random stranger. If his attractiveness is irrelevant, and he’s still telling a pertinent short story, why are you even commenting?

  21. Alex james says

    What about two same-sex attracted Christian dudes, trying to live chaste lives, but having difficulty expressing it freely to one another? I have had an experience of a guy rebuffing a mere playful moment in the ocean, jumping up on him hoping to be caught and embraced. That would be a more accurate depiction of closeness unrequited.

  22. Francis #1 says

    His parents are proud of him because he’s got 15 seconds of fame? That’s pathetic of them.

    Anyway, I don’t like the song and I don’t really know why this song is getting more attention than other gay-themed songs, especially considering the song has about 600500 views whereas other gay-themed songs have as many as a million after one day. I guess because it’s less GAY gay, and you all know what I mean.

    With that being said, I wish Steve nothing but the best and am glad he’s received such a positive response. Maybe this could be a breakthrough for gay artists to truly become famous on a mainstream level, but we’ll see about that.

  23. says

    Still haven’t heard/watched it and I have no intention to. I don’t like country but it’s good he’s getting appreciation for something he worked on so earnestly even if part of that is because he’s above average looking.

  24. mary says

    Just out of curiosity Francis, name the gay themed song & artist, who’s not professionally signed, who’s had 1 million views of his video after one day. I’d love to see who’s this other unknown with a million views that’s getting no publicity whatsoever right now.

  25. Seattle Mike says

    How dare he be attractive? Who does he think he is?

    Some people actually seem surprised that good-looking people do well in the entertainment industry.

    Don’t hate the player – hate the game.

    Personally, I love the fact that a hunky singer is gay, well-spoken and is getting tons of press coverage. I happen to love his voice. Reminds me of Bon Jovi who, it should be mentioned, also happens to be incredibly good-looking. How dare he?

  26. says

    Exactly, @SeattleMike. It’s not like attractiveness as an aid to success is a new concept in pop, rock, or country music. Look at many of today’s country-music stars, male and female: good-looking people, vapid music, attractiveness at least as important as talent. (Way back when attractiveness wasn’t a big deal, especially in country music–times have changed, and especially for men. One wonders if someone like George Jones would make it in Nashville today?)

    The new thing here is that an openly gay man is getting attention typically reserved for attractive straight people, and that’s great. Time will tell whether he’s savvy and talented enough to turn the current buzz into something lasting, but there’s nothing wrong with him having the drive and wherewithal to play the media game ambitious straight musicians play all the time. Nor is it a strange thing that people are responding to the song as well as his looks.

  27. Frank says

    Sigh, this is going to sound very cynical, but I agree that most of the interest in this guy in the gay community is physical. I just think this song is not really that amazing. The subject matter is mind you, but the vocals don’t really stand out to me. If this guy didn’t have gleaming white teeth, a six pack, pecs, and rosy cheeks nobody would be checking for him. I’m a much bigger fan of Frank Ocean’s “Bad Religion” than this song, and I feel it didn’t get half as much of the support from the gay community that this song has gotten in the week it has been released. Just my opinion.

  28. says

    I’m not hating on the attractive, and there is some talent there, but this video would not have gotten national attention if there weren’t abs scenes and a Fratmen model “boyfriend.” A cub in unrequited love would have been noticed in the community, but not gotten teen America all wet.

    I’m more offended by the references to him as a “Country Star,” gay or otherwise. A viral video doesn’t make him a star. By that metric, cats should be nominated for Oscars. And he’s certainly not the first gay country artist. He is the first artist to make being gay his career-launching gimmick, and it is nice to see that being openly gay might not be the career-killer it once was.

    When his sales/downloads/airplays go platinum, then maybe call him a star, but this disrespects hard-working artists of more talent, and the gay ones who were limited to the margins because they were honest.

    (It’s not his fault the media are clamoring to call him “the first gay country star,” so this is not a grump on him.)

  29. MateoM says

    It’s a HUGE problem when music becomes more about having the right look, than about having musical talent. This guy’s looks far outstrip his singing. The whole gay angle? Yeah, cool. But he’s only going to be the briefest of flashes in the pan.

  30. redball says

    I just watched the video and one question looms large in my mind:

    Did his mom come around and accept him BEFORE he became a famous viral hit or AFTER?

  31. redball says

    As a very partial answer to my question, I just read this in his youtube video ‘About’ section: ‘I recorded the vocals in my parents’ basement….’

    So they at least had a yes-you-can-use-our-basement relationship….

  32. ChgoGuy says

    I’m from Chicago and he is known to be the typical self absorbed and arrogant pretty boy. His whole image of being a sweet and nice guy is completely fake.

  33. MateoM says

    Oh hey Jason. I see you’re still pretending to be me (as seen in the two comments on the previous page). You know every time I call you out for posting under my name you just make yourself look more petty, silly, and pathetic…right? Then again, I don’t expect you to have any integrity, so I shouldn’t expect you to have self awareness either.

  34. beantown says

    I’ve never been on this site. If you just read these comments, you would think it’s full of haters and bitter queens. The guy is attractive, most famous musicians and actors are. If you go to his Facebook page and read the comments as I have, you would see that his words really resonate with people. There are plenty of pretty gays with six packs. If that’s all it took to be famous, we would have hundreds. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. But why do we have tear him down in the process? I love the song and video. Frankly, I can’t stop listening to it. As for, I live in the same city as him and I never met him but he’s known as…. Just lame. You don’t know jack about jack.

  35. Bryan L says

    When I was a shy 19-year-old college kid, I worked in a pizza parlor on weekends with this very handsome 23-year-old straight guy and was totally and completely smitten with him. I remember a night after work when he drove me back to campus and we sat in his car and listened to the radio and he talked about wanting to date a girl I knew…and all I wanted to do was kiss him. My gay, virginal little heart just ached. So, yep, this song resonates.

  36. Rick says

    Well, my own thoughts are all over the place on this one.

    First of all, yes, it is great to see a non-stereotypical gay man for a change performing in a non-stereotypical genre……as great as it is to see out gay athletes. In that regard, who cares whether the musice is all that great? It certainly is no worse than lots of other pop music, so if it helps break stereotypes, it is worth it for him to get publicity.

    Undoubtedly much of the criticism of him coming from gay men will be due to the fact that, as someone else once observed on this blog: “There is nothing gay men hate more universally than another gay man who actually succeeds at something.”

    On the other hand, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a “gay” friend of mine who is my age who wanted to know why I spent so much of my time mentoring often physically-attractive straight boys……and I replied to him that virtually all physically-attractive young gay boys were so utterly full of themselves and so obnoxious towards anyone who was not as young and attractive as they were that they were not even worth approaching.

    I then asked my friend whether he thought it was even possible to be young and gay and physically attractive and not be totally full of oneself and obnoxious and he went silent.

    So it is perfectly understandable if some gay men will respond negatively towards a guy like this, knowing, as they do, that he would have absolutely nothing to do with them if they were not as young and attractive as he is….and that being the case, why should they celebrate any success of his?

    Just about everybody has felt the sting of a gay social culture in which youthful physical attractiveness is the SOLE determinant of social status….in fact, it is not much of an exaggeration to say that if you are young and extremely attractive, you can be as much of a jerk as you want and face no consequences for it…..and that you could, by contrast, be the most wonderful human being in history and still be shunned with contempt by most all gay men if nature did not gift you with good looks.

    So, a complicated picture all around.

  37. Name: says

    Stop judging, you never know what someone went through to get where they are. Good fortune doesn’t happen over night for the majority of people. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of falling down with no guarantee of success. He’s seems like a hard working kid. Why so mean? Go Steve!

  38. CKNJ says

    *sigh*… bitterness and meanness abound… so sad. His looks were not the first thing that drew me to the song, it was the song and the video and the story.

    I guess I am just not jaded and self-important like all those that hate on him for this or that or another thing. I actually really like the song, it’s not a typical Country song, that is sort of the media spin that is being hyped to give the story an unusual angle… something that the media would have done, not the performer. I think he is a great performer with loads of potential and I wish him all the best.

    People are welcome do dissenting opinions, but really people, do we all have to come across as spiteful bitches?

  39. SAYTHETRUTH says

    Parents that sends you to a conversion camps that later on claiming they love their sons. Nope. We are not in Afghanistan, information has been around in quite a while, this kids parents surely are not older than me. There is NO excuse for not reaching for information before doing such drastic thing to a kid.

  40. says

    @beantown, see, this is where you are wrong, none of this tears him down. HE IS THESE THINGS, just like we are all of our criticisms. The trick to living in such an open mindset is to never get lazy and label people in ways that constrict them. This guy is a devilishly handsome musician that can do no wrong AND a tone deaf butthisface that looks like the one before him.

    It’s the lack of humor in the comments, that is the real problem. Such severe people.

  41. GregV says

    @Rick: So you like to mentor beautiful and young straight boys (none of those icky straight boys your own age or those icky straight boys of your own level of attractiveness or those icky straight boys with imperfect facial features) because, if I’ve got this straight, OTHER gay guys are unfairly judgemental toward guys of your age and who have your body type and of your level of attractiveness.

    People often project onto the whole community around them the values they carry around themselves when in reality they are gravitating AWAY from the very peer groups in that community that have very different values they pretend to be seeking out.

    My own friends span a wide variety of body types and ages. They all have something I value on the inside, and SOME of them I also consider gorgeous on the outside (and some of those hotties are a lot older).

    There are likely reasons that a young and good-looking gay man didn’t invite you to his last bar-be-cue that have nothing to do with your age or how you look.

  42. says

    @GregV, I like that he thinks this singer guy is a non-traditional gay. He hasnt updated his mental impression of gay since like 1998, he still thinks most of them are glitter obsessed feminine twinks, like the rave scene never ended…

  43. Rick says

    @GregV You are so eager to criticize me and be contrary that you go way overboard.

    OK, like all gay men, I like physically attractive young men. Duh! That makes me human. Just as it makes straight men human when they like physically attractive young women.

    That said, a) I said that the young men I mentor are OFTEN physically attractive, not ALWAYS, b) one does not typically mentor someone who is one’s own age, so of course those I mentor will be younger than me, and c) when I talk about mentoring, I am talking about non-sexual relationships.

    And my point was that, if I even approached a young, attractive gay man, he would immediately dismiss me as an “old troll” and want nothing to do with me any more than he would want anything to do with any other gay man my age (or someone who was his own age, but physically unattractive)……whereas young straight men do NOT behave that way towards me, perhaps because they don’t automatically assume that I am trying to get into their pants the way a young gay man would. And they show the proper RESPECT for someone who is much older, experienced, and knowledgeable than they are……which most young gay men would not, given the perverted social values of gay life in which the young and the beautiful tyrannize everyone else and all the normal rules of society go out the window as a consequence.

    I am just saying that the obsession with youthful physical attractiveness in gay life is so absolute and extreme that it obliterates every other value and results in really perverse behavior that I choose not to be a part of.

    So you can judge me for that if you want to, but I make no apologies for it.

  44. redball says


    i mean, the cinematography and video editing alone must’ve cost a good amount.

    to me, this video definitely has a look that puts it on par with professionally done music videos so $7K actually seemed like a great bargain. and, i mean, he’s blowing up now so obviously it was a great idea and great value for his money. 😉

  45. MateoM says

    Rick is not an out and proud gay man, who only associates with fellow closet cases. What does he know about the gay male community? The answer is nothing.

  46. says

    @Rick, as GregV said, perhaps young gay men think you’re an “old troll” and want nothing to do with you for reasons other than being obnoxious perverted jerks. Perhaps the problem has to do more with your attitude than theirs? But that’s your business. I don’t go around chasing young men, gay or straight, but I know plenty of young gay men who treat me as a person and are perfectly happy to have something to do with me. If they think I’m an “old troll,” they certainly haven’t relayed that to me. If i went to a club in an age-inappropriate outfit and tried to pick up 20 year-olds I imagine they might have a different opinion. (And with good reason.)

    I agree, however, that some of the criticism of him is coming from a weird place, one that seems angry that he’s finding some success the same way young, aspiring straight musicians have been finding success for a long time. I’m in the camp that wishes him well and hopes he finds lasting success in what can be a brutal business.

  47. andrew says

    The guy is simply beautiful and there is nothing that aging queens are more envious of. They just can’t accept the fact that youthful beauty is more physically appealing than aging and wilting. The next time they pick out a bouquet of flowers will the choose the newly bloomed ones or the flowers that are beginning to wilt and loose their color and scent?

  48. jaragon says

    Wow there are some very jealous people here! Yes he is good looking but he is also a talented singer- the video works because it’s a universal story – we’ve all had these crushes. And stop hating and actually go out and do something creative.

  49. S. says

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and I wish him luck (the music industry is tough – I work in it).

    But, if he was a fat, unattractive non-underwear model with an incredible voice, singing an amazing song, would we still pay attention?

  50. Eddie says

    As is so often the case, Rick has a valid point, but it is smothered in overblown rhetoric and gross generalizations.

    The germ of a valid point is that there is ageism in the gay male community. And this ageism is heightened because of a subculture that revolves around sex and looks. Inevitably in such a subculture, youth is worshiped and age is denigrated. The weaker that subculture becomes, the more likely it will be that ageism declines.

    On a personal note, when I was young and hot, I scrupulously avoided being ageist. I would call out my friends when they put down an older person. I would tell them that even if they had no compassion for others and were purely self-interested, they shouldn’t put down older people because they are only heating the oven in which they themselves will eventually bake. Those friends are baking right now.

    Straight singles bars are ageist, but the vast majority of straight people eventually get channeled out of singles bars and into marriages. Until recently, gays were permanently single and could spend their whole lives immersed in a culture based on bars, clubs, baths and sex shops. The result is not only ageism, but social isolation, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

    This subculture is dying, thank God. It was dying even before gay marriage but it is dying even more swiftly now. Eventually, it will be shrunk to an appropriate size, as it is with the straight singles scene. It’s ultimate demise cannot come soon enough.

  51. Caliban says

    Uh, redball? I admitted that I had some bias against him initially then I overcame it.

    We all make snap judgements and sometimes we don’t get it right. We have to allow ourselves and others to be wrong sometimes because “perfection” is both unattainable and it doesn’t allow for growth.

    But make no mistake. You don’t get to abuse me EVER.

  52. okay says

    honestly, i think he tries way too hard to use the whole sex appeal thing and negative aspects of the gay culture in his video than to send a positive message. i mean, he really was going a bit over the top. with that said, i think that the negatives outweigh the positives of the video. it’s good that he’s successful and all BUT @ damn, i feel as if he’s being exploitative.

  53. MateoM says

    The person posting as MateoM in this thread in response to ‘Rick’ is NOT me. I actually agree with Rick on many issues, and think that offers a very reasonable alternative gay man’s perspective.

    Please don’t be fooled by the hater who attacks Rick posting under MY name, trying to destroy my internet reputation that I have worked so hard to achieve on Towleroad.

    Rick, on behalf of the fake MateoM, I apologize for his untoward comments. Please continue posting on Towleroad. I for one value your insights.

  54. Arthur says

    If we as LGBTQ people cannot support each other, we have learned nothing from the experiences of oppression & hatred. Many comments are shameful & shallow, likely from jealousy.
    Our young generation is struggling to get by. Our young generation has amazing skills & talents. Our young generation will be alive when we are gone.
    What do you think our young generation is going to tell their children & their younger generation about us?
    Steve Grand is sincere, talented, & a risk taker. All the best to him.

  55. Sam says

    Its amazing to see persistent trolls like Fenrox who repeatedly infect this site with useless diatribe and must be called out by astute readers here.

  56. Brad says

    I think he comes across as genuine and emotionally connected. The fact that he still feels some pain over the ex-gay issue is proof that he speaks from the heart and that is evident in his talent.

    While I understand and appreciate that “comments sections” will draw their fair share of negative posts, many of these statements here are almost toxic and vile from any perspective. If you don’t like him, move on to something else. Don’t leave your negative slime trailing behind you.

  57. says

    I like this guy and his song and his honest story.
    I do not like reading the bitter self absorbed twisted posts on here…….many gays should learn that all their sick jealousies need not come out their holes.
    Shutting the f**k up is a good policy most of the time.

  58. Michaelandfred says

    What?! The entertainment industry, and humanity, wants to see attractive people? Wow, that should surprise Diana Ross, Beyonce, Madonna, Spears, George Michael, Ricky Martin, Taylor Swift, the majority of Hollywood, yadda, yadda……..

    The REAL difference between him and the armchair bitches here is not his looks, but that he struggled and worked and put himself into debt to take his one chance in a world full of beautiful and yes, talented people, to actually do something instead of sitting on his ass tearing others apart anonymously on the internet.

    As the saying goes, beauty may be skin deep, but ugly go clears to the bone. Some of you have ugly in spades.

  59. Glen says

    I was onboard until I saw the interview. While I feel for him if his parents sent him to straight camp, the crying seemed like acting. No tears. It’s like when my niece fake cries to get attention.

  60. Caliban says

    Glen, if he’s faking the emotion in his voice when he talks about feeling like he was a shame to his parents, he needs to give up music and become an actor. Because that seemed real to me.

  61. Randy says

    Love this comment: “they shouldn’t put down older people because they are only heating the oven in which they themselves will eventually bake. Those friends are baking right now.”

  62. says

    I’m a fan and I give Steve great credit for taking the risk and going for it. I, unlike others on here, LOVE to see a gay boy make it in this world. You use the talents that you were given, to better yourself and the world. He’s already touched the lives of thousands of gay men in a positive way. That’s good enough for this man.

  63. Dennis says

    A little tallant? This guy is loaded with all kinds of tallant. He wright’s song’s, creates a very good video, models, has an abundance of spirit and energy, he rolled the dice with everything he had, he’s not afraid to show his feelings and heart. He’s going places that Fenrex is not and Fenrex is just jealous of. I even see him in movies. All the best to you Steve. Check out his video “You and I” great…

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