News: Mark Zuckerberg, Big Brother, J Lo, Colorado, Vancouver

RoadGuardian: World Pride power list.

RoadNYC LGBT Pride Day has more spring in its step: "The rulings lent an especially celebratory air to an event that has never been known for restraint. Crowd estimates for any parade of this magnitude are unreliable. And 200,000 people can easily feel like 300,000, if they are packed together on a day as steamy as Sunday was."

ZuckerbergRoadMark Zuckerberg rides with LGBT Facebook employees in San Francisco Pride parade:
"Facebook’s bolstered presence at this year’s Pride reflects a larger
push by some in Silicon Valley to champion gay rights in hiring
practices, and even in their products Google is sending about 1,400
employees marching in San Francisco on Sunday, about 40% more than last
year, according to a company spokeswoman. An Apple spokeswoman said a
large group of employees will participate, though declined to provide
specific details." (images)

RoadJ Lo apologizes for performing for human rights-abusing leader of Turkmenistan.  “What is the next stop on her tour, Syria? The dictator of Kazakhstan’s birthday is July 6, maybe she will also pay him a visit?”

RoadSame-sex couples line up to marry in California. "Dozens of couples in jeans, shorts, white dresses and the occasional military uniform filled San Francisco City Hall on Saturday as clerks resumed issuing marriage licenses one day after a federal appeals court removed the last obstacle to making same-sex matrimony legal again in California."

RoadKellan Lutz strips down for Op campaign.

RoadFarewell to Pam's House Blend.

FeistRoadMale model fix: Hugh Feist.

RoadAfter SCOTUS rulings, same-sex couples deal with diverging state laws: "It is a predicament the Obama administration is only beginning to grapple with: how to extend fede

RoadVIDEO: Jason Derulo gives shirtless performance of "The Other Side".

RoadTen states to tackle gay marriage next.

RoadBig Brother 15 already a cesspool of racist misogynistic and homophobic commentary: "…these will probably never air on television if history is a guide, so we’ll likely get a sanitized version of the houseguests instead of editing that reflects their actual personalities, attitudes, and comments….I appreciate the desire to not perpetuate and repeat bigotry, but that approach baffles me, considering that other shows—Survivor, for one—have dealt with similar bigotry on their broadcasts. The exact language doesn’t have to air, but why not air the conversations? Why not show these people for who they actually are?"

RoadMariah Carey pushes back record release.

IheartnyRoadNY launches LGBT tourism website.

RoadLGBT Pride march Istanbul.

RoadColorado to launch gay ban repeal effort: "Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino said gay-rights groups, with One Colorado at the forefront, are building a coalition to repeal the ban on gay marriage that Colorado voters added to the state constitution in 2006. Ferrandino, a Denver Democrat, is the first openly gay man to hold that title in the state Legislature. He expects an initiative on the ballot by the end of the decade, barring a lawsuit that could render an initiative unnecessary."

RoadAmerica's best cities for same-sex weddings?

RoadScholar: Vancouver's 100,000 Chinese Christians "fraught" over gay marriage debate.

RoadSoledad O'Brien goes to Al Jazeera.

RoadDOMA lawyer speaks out: "'My focus was all on [client] Edie [Windsor],' said Kaplan, who works for major law firm firm Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison LLP in midtown Manhattan. 'But I’ll take the benefits now … I now have a full-milk marriage instead of a skim milk marriage.'"


  1. Mike says

    Chicago never gets any love when people are mentioning prides. They mention the coasts and some southern cities, but the major outlets fly over :o( The police estimate we had close to a million ppl come into the city this weekend for pride.

  2. Jon Acadia says

    Sad that Big Brother 15 is full of bigots. DOMA was repealed and we have to watch young people hating on gay, blacks, Asians, and women. When will things change? Howard is the only hot guy anyway..

  3. ratbastard says

    Istanbul pride pics were interesting. I didn’t know they had a big pride parade.


    I love Chicago, for what that’s worth. And I’m in the despised northeast.

  4. Mikey says

    We had a killer Pride in Chicago on Sunday. The weather was insane all week, but on Sunday the sun came out without any humidity. It was glorious.

  5. Henry Holland says

    C’mon Mark Zuckerberg, get your shirt off, you have a nice body!

    we have to watch young people hating on gay, blacks, Asians, and women. When will things change?

    Never. But…but… I thought that once all of us baby boomers died off, The Youth of Today would not have any of the -isms and -phobias that we boomer’s do!! I’ve read that on a bunch of blogs!! /sarcasm

  6. unokhan says

    the comment about syria is spurious and gatuitous ….. corporate media have been painting syria with a wide brush for quite a long time now at the behest of vested interests, repeating the same lies used to prop up support for an invasion of libya. towleroad should know better –one expects it to know better– than to participate in farce.

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