1. DavidR says

    He’s likely to at least make the top two in the primary. The real question is who will be the other one.

    Murray’s the best choice for mayor and not b/c he’s gay, but because he knows how to make difficult things happen in Olympia (the state capital). Dealing with Seattle’s biggest issues (transportation funding, school funding, stopping coal trains, and homelessness) all require state and county cooperation.

  2. Peter says

    Ed has been a good state representative and helped bring Marriage Equality to our state. However, Seattle has a fabulous mayor already, Mike McGinn, who is a tremendous ally to our community and has done great things for our city. As a gay Seattleite I am concerned that Seattle’s LGBT community will be voting for Ed just because he is a gay man and in gratitude for his years of service as a representative. This does not mean he will be a good Mayor. I will be voting for Mike McGinn because I truly believe he is a better man for our city. Sorry, Ed!

  3. D.C. says

    Ed isn’t just gay, Peter. He’s well-qualified and deeply experienced. If Mayor McGinn was widely thought of as having done ‘great things’ for Seattle, I wouldn’t think he’d have so many Democratic challengers for his job. Clearly many are unhappy with his tenure.

  4. Joseph Singer says

    Just because Ed Murray was big on getting SSM in Washington it does not give him a pass on everything. His accomplishments in other areas are really nothing special. A one issue candidate does not speak to me and doesn’t for a lot of other people as well. Being gay does not automatically mean you’re the best person for the job.

  5. Bradford says

    “When I realized I was gay…”

    Seriously? That shouldn’t even be relevant in the race or in this ad. It sounds like you’re using your camera time as a counseling session. Just leave that part out and focus on real issues.

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