1. zing says

    roflol….but of course if someone would ask, he’d probably lie again saying they never have acted out these unclean sexual acts.

  2. Lymis says

    I don’t dispute the fact that some people will see this as jaw-dropping, but it shouldn’t be. Discussing what is literally written into public law in the actual terms written in that law should be a matter for basic reasoned adult discussion.

    He’s right – most people think sodomy just means anal sex, and since “sodomite” is commonly thought to mean gay people, most people think that sodomy is only gay anal sex.

    Virginia’s law mandates a year in jail for a married couple having oral sex. And their Attorney General wants it to not only stay on the books, but to be validated by the Supreme Court, in defiance of a whole body of Supreme Court rulings on everything from contraception to the Lawrence decision specifically about sodomy.

    He should be laughed at scornfully every time he tries to pretend this has anything to do with children. And if he meant it to be about children, there is a basic and straightforward way to make that happen – rewrite the law so it applies to minors only.

  3. Munro says

    I think it’s a brilliant use to ask this guy these questions during his debates. Put him through a similar form of public humiliation and invasion of privacy. Something tells me this dude gas plenty of self hatred already though.

  4. Scott says

    How can an Attorney General not know about the Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas, in 2003!?! “This case does not involve minors, persons who might be injured or coerced, those who might not easily refuse consent, or public conduct or prostitution. It does involve two adults who, with full and mutual consent, engaged in sexual practices common to a homosexual lifestyle. Petitioners’ right to liberty under the Due Process Clause gives them the full right to engage in private conduct without government intervention.” Oyez

  5. Petero says

    Ken C is just jealous because his ugly wife doesn’t give him any! He’s just a frustrated idiot!

  6. jamal49 says

    Traditionally, in evangie-fundie parlance, “sodomy” has always meant any sex act that (a) varies from the “missionary position” and (b) does not result in procreation.

    Cuccinelli is a sex scandal waiting to happen.

    One hopes Cuccineeli is asked bluntly about his, um, sexual proclivities during the debates. If that Republican reprobate, Cuccinelli, feels it is his right and duty to interfere in the private sex lives of consenting adults, then it is the right of those consenting adults to question Cuccinelli about his own, allegedly private, sexual activities.

  7. Paaat says

    … Or maybe Ken C is jealous and frustrated because his wife doesn’t have a penis…

  8. anon says

    This is the down-side of making the AG and elected position. You get ambitious politicians in the AG office who then use the courts to get populist positions credit, even if there’s no chance of success. Eliot Spitzer of NY did the exact same thing while AG, with almost all his populist cases against Wall St. going down in flames after he became Gov. It’s very nasty.

    KC’s legal gambit can’t work because the premise of the sodomy law is invalid. An invalid premise could use any reasoning since it doesn’t matter. Once the core argument is removed it’s circular logic. His position in court (and he knows this) is that “He’s guilty because I say he’s guilty”.

  9. Kevin says

    There are the self-loathers like Larry Craig,Johan Paulik etc but the fact is not everyone against us is a closet case.
    A lot of them are like Cuccinelli in that they feel they have the right to impose their views on everyone else,seperation of church and state be darned.

  10. bructer says

    The whole Senate, House of Representatives,Exec Branch, and judicial Branch would be put in Jail. And probably 99% of the state citizens. This makes tons of sense.

  11. says

    it’s not surprising – you show me a raving anti-gay bigot and i’ll show you a man or woman who hasn’t had an orgasm in decades.

  12. Mike in the tundra says

    He’s trying to buy his way into heaven, which means he thinks he did something really bad. I don’t know if it involves other guys, a female prostitute, or a male prostitute, but there is something.

  13. Neil says

    >>So, any heterosexual who ever gave or got a blowjob is a sodomite!<< Of course they are! Doesn’t everyone know that? Well, I don’t think they do. Since the NY Times apparently thinks that Scotland is part of England, I’m not sure what to make of people’s knowledge.

  14. Joseph Singer says

    And if you’ve been following the news it appears that Cuccinelli has been on the corruption gravy train as well as the guv.

  15. walter says

    don’t worry by the time they finish investigating his taking of gifts for services rendered he will really find out what sodomy really is

  16. Bob says

    FOLKS!!!! Cuccinelli and jerks like him are just saying whatever pleases their rich backers.
    It’s a waste of time to argue with them, it’s their livelihood

    Homophobe or Whore? — money is the point