1. says

    in what universe does banning gays from marrying keep families together?

    or how do gay couples marrying “destroy the family”?

    at no point in history has “homosexuality” ever broken up any families.
    anti-gay prejudice, however, breaks up millions.

  2. David says

    Yep i live in rural PA, the wing-nuts have their panties in a bunch over this. Only chance there is if the Philly and Pittsburgh areas drag the state into the 21st century!

  3. anon says

    “The issue is one of defending heterosexual marriage,”

    “We see a moral imperative for heterosexual marriage due to the revealed truth of God based on eternal law.”

    Hey guys, allowing same-sex couples to marry doesn’t change anything about the marriages of opposite-sex couples nor does it stop opposite-sex couples from continuing to get married in the future. It’s not an either/or proposition.

    These guys sound like the racists of the past who used to lament “There goes the neighborhood!!!” when any non-white families would move in. Somehow to them, allowing same-sex couples to marry means straight couples just aren’t “special” enough anymore and they become devalued.

  4. Jay says

    Don’t these bigots know it is time for them to go back and crawl under the rock they came from.

  5. JDH1950 says

    “Mr. Rohrer added, “We see a moral imperative for heterosexual marriage due to the revealed truth of God based on eternal law.” ”

    Well, he certainly cannot prove (1) it is an imperative (2) it is reveled truth or (3) there is an eternal law. Other than that, he’s correct. :)

  6. Bob R says

    I’m not sure what they’re worried about — their reliable Republican Governor Tom Corbett will defend the law. Isn’t that right Gov. Corbett?

    Gov. Corbett?

    Now where’d he go?

  7. James in Toronto says

    They always lose me at the word “God”, although “eternal law” did it this time, too.

    Pathetic. Delusional. Idiots.

  8. just shows to go ya says

    Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the country. And 10 years of marriage equality. And the lowest rate of dishes running away with spoons.

  9. Hawthorne says

    Seriously, I would like to ask any of the pastors questions along these lines: “We are a nation which celebrates your right to believe whatever you want, and celebrates MY right to believe whatever I want. In the governance of our country your beliefs do not have any more power than my beliefs. In this country, we are ruled by the Constitution and similar related documents. Our laws may have some correlation to some teachings in the Bible, BUT OUR COUNTRY IS NOT RULED BY THE BIBLE. So, please tell me, how does MY marriage to a man threaten the basic family unit? Does it not provide some legal protections for my children? How does my marriage to a man threaten YOUR marriage to your wife? If I were straight, would any of my law-abiding behavior threaten you or your family or you marriage? The truth is you have no answers to these questions.”

  10. Hawthorne says

    I forgot a sentence in my post above. Sorry. I meant also to include this: ” … If I were straight, would any of my law-abiding behavior threaten you or your family or your marriage? What does it matter if I am straight or gay? My marriage does not affect you marriage in any way. No way at all. The truth is … ”

  11. bructer says

    These loony tunes are just like radical Islamist. They want everyone to live under their Christian Theocracy. Take your Bible and shove it. It is not their prerogative to put the entire nation under their egregious religious rule.

  12. Onnyjay says

    Will one of the blowhards kindly explain just whose marriage and family are jeopardized by granting same-sex couples the right to marry? The truth is, no one’s marriage or family is in the slightest danger of being downgraded in any way, and they’re not likely to run out of licenses any time soon. So just bloody get over it and worry about feeding the poor, visiting the prisoners, caring for the outcast, the way Jesus taught us to do.

  13. anon says

    It’s not at all clear how all this hand-waiving helps their case at all. Who are they trying to persuade? The problem for them is that they already won the popular vote, so having this become a court case will be an arena where their emotional appeals don’t offer any advantages.

  14. EdA says

    Jesus, of course, said not a single word about same-sex relationships.

    However, on the other hand, the “revealed truth of God” (Matthew 25:42 ff) also explicitly states that people who are indifferent to the poor, the sick, the hungry, the homeless will burn in hell until the end of time and beyond. I don’t think that Jesus would be happier with the Republiscum who are not just indifferent to those in need but who actively try to make their quality of life worse — and this takes in each and every Republiscum in Congress, with the vague exception of Eric Cantor, and most of the Republiscum officials elected at the state level.

    But for some reason the fundamentalist Christianists make no mention.

  15. anon says

    @EDA…. why on earth would you give an exception to Republicans at the state level for how they treat the poor? Have you paid any attention to what the new Republican majority is doing to the poor in the state of NC? Or, since you have also given this odd exception to Eric Cantor, are you speaking specifically about VA, the official state for Republican trans-vaginal exams for women and not expanding Medicare for the poor?

  16. 1♥ says

    Re:”the revealed truth of God based on eternal law”
    Oh yes, he must be talking about that book of lies called the Bible.
    When your “revealed truth of God” is a lie then your god is a lie.
    Oh wait, I’m not supposed to take it literally, but that would mean I can’t take your false god literally can I. I wish one of the Christians could tell me what the Bible means because it seems to mean whatever you want it to mean and their “revealed truth” is no truth at all.

  17. Jerry6 says

    If all of these “Do Gooders” want to preserve strait Marriage, then get the state to outlaw strait divorce and separation. Based upon available statistics, the Straits do not seem to be really interested in preserving strait marriage; at lease, not for very long periods.

  18. FlexSF says

    Anyone who has a painting of an espresso hanging behind their head is deeply disturbed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I’m absolutely fascinated with his props.

  19. ilcorago says

    Thank you, Ms. Kane. I am not interested in living in a repressive fundamentalist theocracy. It’s nice to see fairness and compassion win for once.