News: Glee, Miley Cyrus, Channing Tatum, Stephen Amell, The Royal Baby

Road Miley Cyrus doesn't get why you think calling her a lesbian should or would offend her.
Responding to criticism about her newly cropped
coiffure: "Everyone said I was a lesbian but I’m like, ‘Being a lesbian
isn’t a bad
thing.' So if you think I look like I’m a lesbian, I’m not offended.
can call me much worse. I’ve been called much worse. Being a lesbian is
a compliment more than what else they call me.”

Crazy Road What exactly is wrong with Amanda Bynes? 

 Road Justin Timberlake likes to keep it smooth.

 Road Benedict Cumberbatch has a man-crush on Matt Damon.

Glee delays production and premiere of season 5 following Cory Monteith's tragic death.

 Road Teen Wolf star and nipple tattoo aficionado Tyler Posey is engaged.

 Road Stephen Amell's testicles don't like yoga.

 Road The Disney Channel brings back the beach movie.

 Road Kristin Chenoweth had a completely proportional response to the glory that is Grease as a kid.  

 Road Gruesome images of 'The Real Boston Bomber.'

Road Tina Turner said "I do" to longtime boyfriend Erwin Bach. Wishing them simply the best. 

Road Project Runway is back with, as is to be expected, an interesting cast of characters.

Road We're still waiting for a little Princess or Prince of Cambridge. Bucklebury baby fever ensues as the Duke and Duchess decamp with the Middleton clan. 

Road Rumors fly about alleged liaisons between George Clooney and MaxEva Longoria.

Road Torben King does Parke & Ronen all kinds of right.

Road The week in celebrity twit pics.

Road Channing Tatum: blond and bearded for Jupiter Ascending.

Road Starlets, beware. Bradley Cooper has the ability to blind you with his eyes. 

Road John Barrowman grabs some junk at Comic-Con.


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