1. DjR says

    What right did they have to remove her? Remember freedom of speech? It’s in the constitution. You know, that document that you say Obama and democrats trample over. I guess they only believe in it when it suits their purpose.

  2. Jason says

    Memo to gay community: beware of what you wish for. A woman’s right to an abortion may one day lead to the abortion of babies that carry gay genes. Is this what you want ?

  3. James says

    She had every right to say what she had to say. To be strong armed are carried out like some animal is digusting and unjust. Woman should have the right to do what they want with their bodies. END OF STORY.

  4. Pete N SFO says

    She also pointed out that Gov Perry’s sister is a lobbyist for the surgical centers.

    This crazy bill would require that women are only seen in surgical centers. That reduces their options from around 40 to 5, in the whole state of TX!

    It’s wrong, and a HUGE conflict of interest. People in TX seem to be asleep at the wheel.

  5. Jason says


    But it isn’t just her own body. There’s another body in there. That’s why pregnant women have regular ultrasounds to check for a beating heart.

    It real worries me that many gay men have this blind devotion to “women’s rights”.

  6. Frank says

    “Memo to gay community: beware of what you wish for. A woman’s right to an abortion may one day lead to the abortion of babies that carry gay genes. Is this what you want ?”

    If a gay gene is ever discovered abortion will become a sacrament.

  7. Jason says

    Gay men need to stop being so blind when it comes to women. Many women are very homophobic and would not hesitate to abort a fetus that tested positive for a gay gene.

  8. Mike8787 says

    Women should be denied their right to choosed because some women would abort children with the gay gene, should one ever be identified?

    The ignorant, self-serving commentary in this thread is sickening.

  9. MIke says

    The Texas House has already voted and there were more votes for the abortion bill this time than the first time. The support for the bill in the public has INCREASED to 65 percent since Wendy Davis.
    Harpies like this just ensure its passage by a landslide.

  10. RMc says

    “Senator Jane Nelson tried to say I was being disrespectful but how would she know?”

    That right there shows the arrogance of politicians (mostly reich-wing). They are not our bosses. We ARE there bosses. We are under NO obligation to respect them, OUR money pays them (they are technically the slaves of ALL of the people), but they have NO choice but to respect us. INGRATES!

  11. Chrisme says

    Jason. You assume that in the future that there will still be anti-gay bigots that don’t want to have gay kids around.

    And as far as abortion being murder?

    If the fetus cant survive without the mother’s body then it’s not yet a “person” yet, is it?

    It’s none of your business of the gov’t business what people do in their private lives!

  12. MateoM says

    Jason hates a woman’s right to choose because he hates woman, which he has bluntly said in the past. Don’t fall for his trolling talking points. He’s just trying to take this comment thread off topic.

    To the women of Texas fighting the good fight against these “pro-life” (snicker) d-bags, all pro-women and pro-choice Americans salute you and your perseverance in the face of the stupidity of Republican legislators in Texas.

  13. Pat says

    Pathetic legislators. Delawarean here. we had to sit through hours of hateful speech about gays but not once did i think ‘lets have them carried out by police’ sure i absolutely hated what they were saying but they had their 3 minutes just like we had our 3 minutes to say our piece of mind. i hope she publishes the rest of what she wanted to say!

  14. Reality says

    so they’re allowed to sit in their comfy chairs and talk trash about women, gays, students, immigrants, and the poor – – but when someone talks trash about them then that person is out of line? I hate the republican party. They are disgusting!

  15. Sander says

    So what ever happened to freedom of speech? She is allotted a specific amount of time and had not used it all when she was removed from the room. Where is Mama Grizzly yelling for “freedom of speech” now? Where is Rand Paul? The GOP is a bunch of cowardly thugs who are an embarrassment to this nation. But now that they have successfully removed the woman’s decision about what to do with her own body, will they actually have to do something besides sitting on their hands?

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