1. jamal49 says

    There is simply no statement, no matter how crass or insane, that Pat Robertson will not make.

    However, similar nonsense has been said in Russia to justify their own anti-gay laws. Perhaps Pat has contacts there and is now getting his anti-gay talking points from Putin.

  2. Onnyjay says

    Some people –and the maniacal ravings they emit — are unworthy of notice or comment. Shame on t’road, Andy and Anderson for giving space and publicity to the senile old goat’s nonsense.

  3. says

    The ultra right-wing is getting more and more desperate. Hard to prove God is in any way trying to punish teh gays; next to impossible to prove they try to recruit children. What’s left to pull out of your scapegoating magician’s hat? Oh…how ’bout this: they are trying to give you AIDS with stealth needle rings. This is so outlandish even The Onion would have thrown it in their reject pile.

  4. Matt says

    I used to get really angry with Pat Robertson. But at this point, I think he has genuine signs of senility. I don’t like to take pot shots at people in that situation. That said, he has made equally ridiculous comments throughout his career and is hosts a widely available show that is taken seriously by many, so I suppose that makes him fair game.

  5. StevyD says

    Please. Has the “Home” realized yet that Pat has escaped again? Besides, other than to his devoted cadre of cognitively challenged acolytes, Pat’s chronic blather only confirms his intellectual paucity.

  6. Daniel says

    Onnyjay, you seem to be under the impression that if you ignore these morons they’ll go away. This isn’t true, if you ignore these things they go unanswered and then there is a small–but angry section of the population who believe them and teach their children these things. Ignoring something rarely makes it go away. If there’s a cancer you call attention to it and try to eliminate it.

  7. Peter Bramley says

    The comparison between CHRISTIANS and Russians is not lost on me. I’m using it as often as possible because I think it should make both the CHRISTIANS and the Russians uncomfortable to find themselves in the same bed. OK, they’re also sharing it with the Muslims and the Ugandans. I hope they’re cosy.

  8. Ron says

    @CHAD I said the same thing a few days ago and was taken to task by several commenters on here for being tacky, tasteless and wishing him dead. I challenge them to watch this clip. BTW, I stand by my comment; “Pat, please just DIE ALREADY!”

  9. andrew says

    I’ll bet that ring transmitting the HIV story came from one of Pat’s fundamentalists preacher friends who told his wife that is how he contracted HIV.

  10. Mona says

    I can believe that Pat Robertson said something crazy. What I have trouble swallowing is that there are people around him who are either so stupid to agree with him, or so apathetic to allow him to spew this hateful, ridiculous nonsense.

  11. anon says

    The problem for Pat is that he loves the limelight and his son has the charisma of a wet dishrag. He makes most of his money from advertising now, but his demographic is so old that his show (much like Rush Limbaugh’s) has been cut from several markets. I don’t know if they have any kind of business plan for when he “retires”, but it’s a downward trajectory.

  12. Bill says

    @andrew: That absurd story could have come from one of the security persons they had hired, as he said. Especially decades ago, being homophobic does not disqualify one for a job as night watchman.

    Robertson’s stupidity was in believing it, whatever the source.

  13. Red says

    Looks like crusty old Pat had his weave snatched by the always sarcastic and on target Anderson Cooper.