1. ratbastard says

    Well, we can safely assume Mr. Beckham doesn’t use steroids. That’s meant as a compliment. Otherwise, he’s too much of a cliched hipster/fashionista.

  2. Neil says

    I don’t get the attraction. There are lots of guys with better bodies and faces and more charm. What’s the big deal with this guy? Is it because he was an accomplished player? Someone help me out here.

  3. Pitt90 says

    I agree, Matt27. Too many tats, and nothing else going on for me. But, to each his own! Diversity is wonderful!

  4. Sean says

    He’s so damn hot – I’d kill for that hair. Such a fantastic mop on top of his head.

    And who is “Rolando”? Do you mean Ronaldo? Barf. What a bunch of queens on here.

  5. Sammie says



  6. gerry says

    Thank God attraction is as varied as the community I am part of….cause that man is sex on a stick for me!

  7. ratbastard says

    My father caught me masturbating to images of Beckham when I was younger and beat me senselessly for it. My dad wasn’ anti-gay, you see, but anti-White, like a lot of wannabe liberal white men are. You may not know this, but my father’s self-hating whiteness ended up being his downfall, as my father died of a perforated anus after being gang-banged without lube by a group of 2 dozen black males.

    It had to be a closed-casket funeral because not only could we not get my dad’s legs to close, but the poppered-up look of glee on his face was frozen due to rigor mortis and just seemed a bit inappropriate.

  8. Gabe R L says

    There are better looking men with better bodies suited to being seen in their underwear, unlike Beckham, and who also don’t have uptight breeder boy expressions on their faces.

  9. crispy says

    “And who is “Rolando”? Do you mean Ronaldo? Barf. What a bunch of queens on here.”

    Ahahahahaha! There actually is a Portuguese football player named Rolando, too. But yeh, his knowledge of international football players likely begins and ends with underwear ads.

  10. steve says

    too many tats ….. can find that type and with that face hustling in new orleans french quarter…. i do not get the attraction……..

  11. redball says

    Um, like, ZERO definition on that bod. Never got why he’s treated like a model, let alone a supermodel.

  12. Anon says

    A friend who works at H&M claims that Beckham’s current bodywear did not sell well at all and that it was slow to move even when marked down from 15.00 to 5.00 (with intermediate markdowns). He said that, for some reason, the gray sold better than the black or the white.

    This may have just been his store (I don’t know) which is in a trendy neighborhood. It must have done okay in some spots if they are introducing a new line.

    If any Towleroad shopping mavens or retailers know if this is accurate, I would be interested to know. I will also be interested to see what the new line looks like.

  13. GEtWithIT says

    Who f-ing cares? This old narcissist….. Maybe he should be in The Miss Universe contest. You did have a story about Cohen hosting. Guess it doesn’t matter to you that it’s happening anyway. No boycott. And you report every sliver on Russia.. You lost that one. And this story is SO important. You can all be dreaming about ABS on your death beds.

  14. North Shore says

    Ratbastard: Well your Old Man’s gone now, so whack away. Beckham is yours. Believe what you will, but most gay sex is solitary. Even the marrying kind.

  15. says

    I think his appeal is similar to that of gay-for-pay porn actor Ricky Sinz. Lean, no muscle to speak of, barely makes it to the threshold of good looks, not particularly well-endowed, unshaved scrotum, and too many tats, but when he starts inflicting pleasure on someone, you can’t take your eyes off him. Well, I mean, at least I can’t. He loves pussy, but doesn’t mind being lusted after by other men.

  16. ratbastard says

    Ratbastard: Well your Old Man’s gone now, so whack away. Beckham is yours. Believe what you will, but most gay sex is solitary. Even the marrying kind.

    POSTED BY: NORTH SHORE | AUG 20, 2013 8:03:36 PM


    NEWSFLASH: Raymond Miller, AKA Little Kiwi, wrote that, not me. Mr. Miller trolls using other people’s aliases. He’s also a mega sockpuppet; I think some of these threads with 20-30 responses are mostly Mr. Miller trolling and responding to himself.

  17. Chaz says

    Can someone please explain the David Beckham thing to me cos’ he’s really very average looking. Yes he can play soccer… woop woop! Is it just that he has lots of money that somehow makes him important and people obsess over him?

  18. Well says

    Chaz, I don’t understand what’s so great about him either – never did. His heyday was a decade ago, and he looks “OK” at best. But other than that, he’s nothing more than an aging, has-been football player.

  19. Koskalaka Maricón says

    I know that I’m a happily married queer man, but David Beckham has the most deliciously kissable face, in my opinion. Also, his cute ears seem to just scream out to be nibbled, too. YUMMY!