1. Monroc says

    The kids should take it further and all should resign from St. Lucy. Hit them in the wallet, darlings!

  2. QJ201 says

    The school should immediately fire all staff members who:
    1) had sex before marriage
    2) are using birth control
    3) have been divorced
    4) Do not attend church every sunday

  3. Eric Gonzalez says

    While I feel for this guy, there is no doubt that he decided to “push the envelope”. He placed himself in this situation from the get go by accepting and taking a position with an organization that he knew had “rules”. He also signed a “morality contract” as part of his contract with the Archdiocese, which he knew would nullify his contract should his gay life become part of the public record. What did he expect his administrators to do? He forced their hand in this matter. He should have seen the writing on the wall a long time ago, and taken a position with a secular institution..

  4. Onnyjay says

    Brainwash those little darlings before they actually develop the ability to think for themselves instead of being spoon-fed by addled eunuchs and sick old maids.

  5. MichaelJ says

    @Eric Gonzalez: I understand your point–that if you know the rules and willfully break them, you should accept the consequences. But you are not being fair to the guy as a teacher. When you teach in one place for a long time and you like what you do and like the students — and this is usually what happens if you are a good teacher — you become attached to the job and don’t want to loose it. Seventeen years ago when the guy started teaching at the school, he may not have been out to even himself, or may have thought the closet was an acceptable or tolerable way of life for himself. If so, not publicly declaring his lover and commitment to his partner through marriage is no longer tolerable. So yes, he probably did decide to take a risk by “pushing the envelope,” and I am sure he was aware that he could loose his job.

    But to focus on whether the teacher is accepting the consequences of his actions is missing the real story. It is the students who are protesting his dismissal, which is great. It’s great that the students are thinking for themselves, being critical of their school’s discriminatory policies (of their school’s “rules,” if you will) and are letting the school and the public know. Not accepting the rules and protesting against them is needed for the rules to ever change.

  6. says

    The students are the future, and they’re on the right side. It’s not about the church to them; it’s about having a good teacher.

    The school has the right to fire him and, yes, he shouldn’t be shocked that he was fired for the sin of announcing his marriage. The irony is, the school would have had no problem if he was engaging in all kinds of sex or downloading child pornography or anything else, as long as he kept it quiet. But, as soon as he has a family, a commitment, a husband, then it’s job-over. None of it surprising, but it speaks to why the church (and schools attached to it) is falling more and more out of touch with modern morals.

  7. Eric says

    very good point, the strict structures of the catholic church do need to to be pushed, and have and are being pushed in many ways from within and without. I just needed to say that piece because you and I very well know that many readers will only view one side of this coin, and react bitterly without knowing the full breadth of the issue.

  8. David R. says

    I’m conflicted on this. While it’s true that the teacher and students (well, their parents) consciously participate in a bigoted and discriminatory institution, I think a large portion of the American laity feel that they can and will, eventually, change the Church for the better.

    It’s similar to my feelings about staying the US, when Canada seems like a more peaceful place: do I stay and try to improve the most powerful nation in the world? Or move to a place to live my (and my family’s) life more peacefully?

    In the meantime: go girls!

  9. rob says

    The pigs who run the Catholic cult really need to learn their place in society. They need to run their cult and stay out of politics and people’s lives. They need to be brought up on criminal charges for spreading hate, intolerance, and bigotry. The Catholic Church is one of the most immoral, greedy, hate-mongering institutions in recorded history. From its persecution of Jews and homosexuals, to the Inquisition, to the murder of millions of indigenous peoples in the Americas, to its complicity in the Holocaust (including the fact that the recently retired Pope is a former Nazi), to its complicity in pedophilia and denying the victims appropriate compensation, the Church has shown utter disregard for humanity, decency, morality, and the rule of law. I hope the sex abuse victims sue the Church into bankruptcy. And the Church attacks gays for being immoral? lol. Meanwhile, most of the pedophiles are heterosexual. Well if anyone would know anything about immorality, it’s the Catholic Church. The farther away other Churches get from the fanatical Catholic Church, the better off they’ll be. And why has Interpol not issued a warrant for the Pope’s arrest yet? And if the Church can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on hate campaigns and lawyers to fight victims, they can certainly start paying taxes. Why are the taxpayers underwriting government services for the Church? All countries around the world need to prosecute these degenerate priests and the Church hierarchy that covered the crimes up, expropriate all Church property, and tax the Church. And it is patently unfair that gays and their families should be devastated by discriminatory actions, while the bigots and their families go about enjoying their lives as if nothing is wrong. It’s time to start making bigots pay for the discriminatory actions they take. When they have to pay a price, they might start to rethink their actions. I would urge anyone reading this to take WHATEVER ACTIONS POSSIBLE to harm any Catholic property and personnel around the world, to make them pay for the harm they are doing to the people they discriminate against.

  10. Loofiet says

    Eric, stop making excuses for homophobia. You need help.

    May this teacher continue to get support and be completely filled with joy in his loving marriage with his partner. And may the school continue to be condemned for their bigotry.