1. Jay Dwyer says

    This is supposed to sell mascara to women?

    a) they should have marketed this to drag queens

    b) I suppose they will sell some to “people” like Nicole Polizzi (“Snooki want smush smush”)

  2. Mike Ryan says

    @QJ201 “damn simon rex did not age well. He looks like a 50 something old perv…” He’s 40 and I’m 30 and would be happy to hit it. LOL

  3. Robert M. says

    From a marketing stand point, this is a mess. Seeing hot guys grabbing their packages on camera, always a good thing.

  4. Rob says

    I liked it a lot. And I bet if it gets some buzz we will see more ads like it.

    Crazy, CRAZY about bulges here.

  5. chrisj says

    I wouldnt put something they pulled out of their crotch in my eye. That’s how you get eye herpes

  6. Steve says

    I’ve seen Simon Rex’ package: unless he’s been pumping, it’s average. It just happened to be attached to a luminously handsome young man, who has since aged and proven to be NOT so bright.