1. Tonez says

    Lets segregate to fight segregation! I am a “gaymer” I guess. Just like the ‘It gets better project’ says, the only way to be free is to be open and honest so others can feel they can be too. I don’t need my own gaming convention. Most nerds I meet don’t give a crap. They only care about how good of a GAMER I am.

  2. Phillip says

    Let’s criticize people who want to create a community safe space for people who share similar interests! Why would anyone want to be around those who won’t be judging them for who they are when they just want to have fun? My personal anecdotal experiences speak for everyone, so let’s deride those who don’t have my sense of community.

  3. LiamB says

    Depends. I’ve encountered quite a bit of antigay behavior in MMO’s and in gaming groups. Not to say there aren’t plenty of gay friendly people out there, but let’s face it, games/comics are aimed squarely at straight boys. It’s better than it was 20 years ago, but as in all things, change comes slowly. Doesn’t help that many in the industry take a “that’s just the way things are” attitude about it.

    The con, which wasn’t some “no straights allowed” affair btw, had a lot of guests which were specifically aimed at the glbt community. Artists, game designers, etc. who tend to get lost or overlooked in normal cons, are able to better reach their audiences.

  4. says

    It was so much fun being there. I miss it.

    I don’t think this was about trying to end segregation as much as it was about creating a safe space. I kept hearing about people (especially female attendees) saying that this was the first con where they didn’t feel uncomfortable. Also, some said this was the first time anyone had asked them what pronoun they preferred to be addressed as. It was such a positive weekend. I didn’t come across anyone with a bad attitude.

  5. k says

    I was there and maybe its because I had just come from Comic Con but I found it to be VERY boring and not really “con” like, it was really spread out and not many booths were there. but I guess it was ok.

  6. Sector Space says

    It’s possible to go to a regular mainstream event AND an LGBT oriented event. Some of us have time to do both and enjoy the aspect of going to an event to socialize with our own peeps and walk away with some LGBT friends. I love going to events that are LGBT oriented and that love will never change nor will I ever apologize for what makes me happy.

  7. Lisa says

    I love the concerned gay trolls who get all livid that we have spaces and outlets that are gay themed. Now never mind the many religious organization events, latino festivals, African American festivals, mom day special events, and every other plethora of event happening daily for various groups and demographics…..gays, you better blend in with society or else you’re being uppity and an extremist activist.

    Bring on the gay events. My friends and I have and will gladly continue attending them.

  8. Benjamin Sea-shore says

    @ Tonez
    STFU. it’s not segregation. It’s called loving having a designated environment once in a while to celebrate our community and yeah, God damnit, sometimes I do prefer the company of fellows gays and lesbians.

    As for this little shin dig. As a card carrying proud dork, I wish I would have gone. Even if it was small scale. Still looks fun.

  9. Jeremy says

    Stop telling other gay people how to appropriately be gay. And how to not attend a gay inspired gathering. Makes you look cheap. As cheap as our detractors who also want to police our activities and existence. You do you. Let me go to as many gay book club readings and volleyball tournaments as my heart desires. And I will.

  10. anon says

    The problem is usually with unmoderated online gaming, so I’m not sure how this helps. On the other side, it does show the gaming industry just how many LGBT players there are out there.

  11. Solad says

    Good for them. Creative event and though I’m not a gaymer, I do support that they have a “gay games” event that is for our community

  12. dana says

    This isn’t the first…exciting, definitely…fun, absolutely…but not the first. Get the news right

  13. Squeak says

    Any way you look at it, this is unnecessary separatism and that’s a bad mind-set for our community and unfortunately becoming more common.

  14. SeeYo says

    I”m ALL about gay events, and if other demographics (like latinos, black, religious, cultural) can have events celebrating who they are, musical festivals for their communities, Puero rican pride parade….we too can AND WILL have gay events for gay people, and that will never stop!

  15. Jim says

    I love it. I’m part of a gay volleyball team because I love hanging out with gay people. Like mind people. No shame in that either. This looks fun and if I’m in San Fra next year, I’ll be sure to check the gaymer event out.

  16. says

    @2, It works like this:

    E3: Mostly for corporations, little fun, all games.
    SDCC: Largest comic convention, fun (not really), also mostly for corporations.
    PAX: For gamers, by Gamers, some non game stuff, FUN.
    All other conventions: Lame.

    Blunt but true, the first two are not welcoming as they are playing to a corporate mindset of what geeks want. So boobs boobs boobs. PAX is for everyone and is amazing. If anyone had a bad time at PAX it is likely their fault or a rare altercation. All other conventions are lame because they don’t get enough people and therefore generally have no events or things to do.

  17. Dr.Theopolis says

    I’m the leader of a gay league for a popular MMO. I can tell you it was created by and for LGBTQ players –and our allies!– who are in need of, or want, a safe, welcoming space to play free of hate speech. For the uninitiated, when the rating system logo says “Online Interactions Not Monitored” it means that when you mess up playing your role, some jerk you don’t know calls you “fag” as a way to humiliate/degrade you. Our league offer a safe haven from that kind of talk, and players can be themselves.

    While we are mostly a gay male league, we have had straight women players, some openly identified trans players and straight allies (even a married couple) as players. Usually the straight allies have friends or relatives who are gay and don’t want to listen to hate speech either.

    In short – gaymers come in all shapes, sizes, creeds, races and orientations… just like everything else in life, it’s surprising!

    Wish I could have attended GAYMERX. maybe next year!

  18. London12 says

    I do feel sorry for a lot of gay people who are living in secret, unable to tell their families or friends about their gayness for fear of the reaction or even worse that could happen when they truth about them gets out. I understand why they would feel more accepted by putting on a event like this.

    But it’s not going to change anything sadly, gay people will always be looked on by a vast number of mankind as sick or something seriously wrong with them , it’s not going to change and that is what I feel sad about, they are going to live with this burden for eternity I think, there are a lot of gay people who are out and living a happy life and able to defend themselves, but I think there are a lot more who are living in secret and live in fear most of their lives about it getting out as it’s not accepted by so many people.

    It’s a cross they have to carry, we all have crosses to carry, and this is their cross in life. Some will say they are over the moon to be gay , but there are many gay people who wish they weren’t gay as their lives would be a lot easier.

  19. darkorient says

    Congratulations! As a gaymer from Indonesia, I can only hope that someday there’s something like this for a more international audience.