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Harry Potter Actor Calls Casting Of Gay Actors And Gay Characters 'Ridiculous'

Lucius malfoyWentworth Miller's recent decision to come out in protest of Russia's anti-gay laws was courageous for a number of reasons. Jason Isaacs, best known for his work on films such as The Patriot, Peter Pan, Black Hawk Down, and for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, detailed many of those reasons in a recent interview with UK's The Telegraph, reasons that he calls "ridiculous".

“I have a lot of gay friends who don’t come out,” said Isaacs in the interview. “If you are a romantic lead, there is a perception – I don’t know if it is true or not – that you will no longer be cast as straight people." Many agents are convinced that, if the public knows that you're gay, they'll be unable to see you as a romantic lead in a heterosexual love story. Similar comments have been made by Bret Easton Ellis, and promptly landed him in hot water with GLAAD.

Isaacs continued: 

“Even when casting gay roles, there is a tendency to cast straight people, so they are lauded for their transformation. It’s ridiculous. The notion that a gay actor can’t seem like they are in love with a woman on screen is so patently absurd I can’t believe it still exists.”

Jason-isaacs-jason-isaacs-25494081-350-346Of course, one might argue that if more gay actors start coming out, the better they'll be able to change the public's perception. But Isaacs certainly respects his friends' right to embark on their own coming out journey on their own terms:

“It is not for me to push my gay friends to come out. I certainly don’t think that anyone should sacrifice their careers, if that’s what they think it would be, to make a political statement. But my friends who have done that feel immensely relieved and walk taller in their shoes. I would never judge anyone.”

Another actor from the franchise, Harry Potter himself, no less, is one of those straight actors who was lauded for his transformation into a gay character. He even has a widely-discussed gay sex scene in Kill Your Darlings, one that he called "unshocking" according to HuffPost Gay Voices. Radcliffe expressed similar sentiment in aniinterview with Out magazine, in which he said:

"You never see a gay actor getting asked what it’s like to play straight -- to my knowledge, at least, there is no difference in how heterosexual and homosexual people fall in love."

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  1. Jason's awesome. I've been watching him since Inspector Morse and he has the greatest sneer in show business, bar none (except maybe Rickman).

    Posted by: Chaz | Sep 3, 2013 3:05:26 PM

  2. I agree with fanatapan-

    "I dont think the title is inaccurate; he did call the way in which gay actors are cast and the way that gay roles are cast for ridiculous. perhaps it could be made clearer, but its certainly NOT inaccurate."

    Come on guys read carefully- both the title and the article.

    The title is definitely vague and cryptic- but hardly conclusive. Does anyone who commented above read other news? The title is annoying but hardly unusual. Titles are meant to provide intrigue, hopefully leading to reading the actual article. It's your own fault if you let yourself come to any conclusions about the article based on the title.

    The article above is a thoughtful, decently written article. It presents a nuanced but very clear understanding of Miller's ideas and opinions about the issue of being an out gay actor and why he decided to come out.

    Posted by: notice | Sep 10, 2013 1:34:41 AM

  3. @MOZ this is frightening. Your logic is disturbing. Based on your logic gay people would still be being stoned to death.

    MIGHT = RIGHT eh?

    Here is your comment:

    "@ two dads

    Occam's razor

    everyone has made a mistake or 1 single person = the writer of the title has made a mistake

    occam's razor says the author is in the wrong"

    Posted by: Moz's

    Posted by: notice | Sep 10, 2013 1:39:18 AM

  4. Oh and @MOZ I don't think that is a correct interpretation of Occam's Razor. You seem to have reading comprehension issues in more areas than one.

    Posted by: notice | Sep 10, 2013 1:42:50 AM

  5. have to concur with the unwashed masses here, this title is terrible and completely misrepresentative of what Isaacs said. Why trash our straight allies just to get a few more views? there are enough people who hate us without alienating our friends out there..

    Posted by: Jackie O | Sep 26, 2013 11:31:28 PM

  6. Seriously need to change the title. Very unclear and gives the wrong impression of what the article is actually about. Many people only read titles, and this title will ruin Isaacs perception to his fans.

    Posted by: andrea | Sep 27, 2013 1:43:09 AM

  7. Breath everyone, it's a typo. The title is taken from the story, the word "and" should be "as".

    "Isaacs continued:

    “Even when casting gay roles, there is a tendency to cast straight people, so they are lauded for their transformation. It’s ridiculous."

    Posted by: Eugene | Sep 29, 2013 3:30:06 AM

  8. This is disgusting. You have completely misrepresented what the man was saying and cast him as some homophobic bigot which he clearly is not. The quality of this article is of the like i'd expect from The Daily Mail in England. It's neither right nor ethical!

    Posted by: Rebecca Sarna | Oct 16, 2013 6:20:22 AM

  9. I am more and more appalled by your staff's inability to follow simple grammatical rules or create a headline that isn't either simplistic or inaccurate.

    Would you like to hire me as a proofreader/editor? I'd be glad to help.

    Posted by: YsoSerious | Oct 18, 2013 4:14:27 PM

  10. Seriously, why has the title not been changed? Can RJ Aguiar read? And I'm assuming towleroad has editors? No?

    This is really embarrassing. You do know Jason Isaacs played Louis in the original London production of Angels in America, right? He really deserves an apology for this.

    Thank goodness all of the people who have commented so far have basic reading comprehension abilities.

    Posted by: Bernie | Oct 21, 2013 5:15:12 PM

  11. Beginning to wonder about all the self hate coming from this site....

    Posted by: Ankerich | Dec 2, 2013 2:59:05 PM

  12. I'd like to take the issue from the Writing side. I have a long-running Detective Series in print and two of my detectives are gay, being partners in a dual sense. You would never know it because only on rare occasions does it get mentioned. 99% of the time the characters are seen at work and 'gayness' doesn't apply. It exists, it is just not an issue mentioned in the plots. I look forward to the day when that fact applies on film as well.

    Posted by: James M. Keane | Dec 11, 2013 8:40:06 PM

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