1. Adam says

    Big yawn. Is this the most important news going around today? Male media wh’ores are no more appealing than female media wh’ores. Lit up the web? Puh-lease.

  2. Bobby says

    he looks great, very nice body and if it inspries people with diabetes even better
    Thanks Andy

  3. ATLJason says

    He’s on the same kind of track in my mind as Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron. One day you don’t even know who they are because they A) are teenagers, which is not my thing and B) star in kids shows which I don’t watch. Then suddenly the next day you turn around and they’re old enough where it seems OK to picture them bending you over a sawhorse in the barn and riding you like a cowboy.

    Hey, I’m still in my 30s so this isn’t all THAT creepy. Right? RIGHT?!?!

  4. WHATWHAT says

    How do you know it’s not a selfie? It’s called a timer fellas, all cellphone cameras have them now, lol. Set the timer, press the camera button, set it down and strike a pose.

  5. Lucas H says

    Guilty secret: I like the Jonas brothers. Now, that being said, I’m calling BS on this story. “I just wanted to give hope to diabetics!” As if!! What he MEANT to say was: “I’m hot, look at me!” Oh, Nick.

  6. FuryOfFirestorm says

    @Lucas: You nailed it. Dude wanted to show off, but instead of owning up it, made up some BS story about “diabetes awareness”.

    I have no problem with him showing off his awesome body, since he obviously put a lot of work into it. It’s just annoying that he used his diabetes as a lame cop-out instead just being honest about wanting to flaunt the goods.

  7. andrew says

    Nick your photo gave inspiration to diabetics and boners to some of us who aren’t diabetics. Boy, you sure look HOT!!!

  8. Jake says

    Why does sexy have to be “hilarious?” Nick knows exactly how people, especially gay guys, would react to his picture. That’s why he put it up. Keep up the good workouts.

  9. Dan B says

    For the cynics here, he’s not exaggerating when he says it’s twice as hard for diabetics to stay in shape. That being said, this is definitely photoshopped; notice there’s a bit of a white halo around his hair, and shadows over his raised arm and his other shoulder.