1. Adamn says

    If MTV is so gay-friendly, why weren’t there any openly gay or bisexual male performers from the current music scene? Steve Grand? Adam Lambert?

    Instead, MTV insulted our intelligence by segregating us gay guys away into the ‘social message’ category. How quaint.

    Notice also that there was hardly any male skin shown. Female performers like Miley can show a lot of skin and be surrounded by female dancers who show a lot of skin. But when was the last time you saw a male singer show skin and surround himself with male dancers who show skin?

  2. Eric says


    If they’re already helping the cause, what would be gained from them coming out of the closet, if, indeed, they are? It’s not like they’re conservative politicians fighting against our rights during the day and hitting the gay bars at night.

    I believe that if they’re helping the cause, if they’re LGBT, or queer, or straight, or whatever, they’re sexual orientation isn’t any of my damn business.

  3. chris says

    I’m gay, totally for equal rights in every regard. But I’ve thought this song was stupid since it first came out. Can we stop having to pretend it’s a good thing?

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