1. Cd in DC says

    he seems a lot slimmer and happier than when i saw him in my apt building in 07, hope to see him again on Broadway. Dean

  2. MaryM says

    Appalling behaviour and only too common among closet cases.

    At least Ricky Martin has made amends.

    Scum like Ken Mehlman will never make up for the abuse they inflicted on gay people.

  3. Adamn says

    Ricky Martin is a piece of humanity who marketed himself as a heterosexual male well into adulthood. He made a lot of money by appealing to women, and he held onto it.

  4. Chuck Mielke says

    Ricky Martin is, for me, a heroic figure. Here, in GQ Australia, he admits to one of the failings many of us have expressed as we grew up and learned to accept ourselves. What a great picture of a normal human, admittedly given some unusual opportunities and an outsized talent, struggling like the rest of us. But more, he has visibility across the world and he has used his visibility to help us raise our own image and positivity.

    Yes, he made a lot of money appealing to women. Do women have no influence on world politics or social values? AdamN should think a little deeper about the things he criticizes.

  5. ratbastard says

    Didn’t Michelangelo Signorile say the same thing? Funny, I was ‘closeted’ and could easily ‘pass’ in H.S. and before, but I never harassed or bullied boys who were obviously [by that I mean sterotypically fem. gay].

  6. Kim says

    @Ratbastard well we are not perfect like you I’m straight and I made fun of fat kids and nerds.I was wrong I succumb to peer pressure and I am remorseful

  7. Rees Cramer says

    Proud of you for your honesty Ricky. I think I did this too. I was trying to prove something to myself and to my friends. Looking back it just hurts but saying is out loud starts to make that wound heal.

  8. Lalala says

    Hmmmm…. I know so many conservatives with that same mentality and anger.
    I’m glad he was able to find and love himself.


    Anthropologically speaking it is a human trait that gets especially stronger in younger years when one feels the need to identify “the own group/tribe” against those “who aren’t and represent some danger/competence”. That is why it is so hard to eliminate intolerance and bullying, we tend to fall to such emotionally charged behaviors that once were demanded from your peers and now are harmful in so many ways. It is also true –and here we read it over and over again- that many people who think that they defeated that attitude, they didn’t, they just changed the target for a new one that they see as socially acceptable. That’s the human mind.

  10. ratbastard says


    I’m not perfect,either. But I never picked on, bullied or made fun of other kids. Never. Sometimes on TR I mock Little Kiwi, I admit to that, but he/she is a first class pr*ck.

  11. ratbastard says


    So what you’re saying is extreme multiculturalism is doomed to failure?


    And as for Republican [not directed at you,saythetruth], are they any worse than Democrats or other groups, individuals, ideologies, that choose a particular group/individual to single out for abuse and hate in order to rally the troops? Democrats and ‘progressives’ don’t engage in racial politics and divisions? Really?

  12. Seattle Mike says

    Good for him. This adds yet more evidence to the idea that some of the most homophobic people (usu. men) are themselves gay.

  13. says

    kudos to him for talking about this.

    sadly, a great many very sad and insecure gay males remain anti-gay bullies evern AFTER coming out, or to be more apt: after being FOUND Out. because there’s a difference.

    you know the types: the gay men who rather than finding security and fraternity as gay males, choose instead to continue to be afraid of What The Anti-Gay Straights Are Thinking About Them: apologists who throw other gay men under the bus in a cowardly attempt to save their own asses.

    like that idiot.

  14. jarago says

    Martin has evolved and he is a better man for it- as a Latino Catholic male I understand the pressure he grew up with to be macho and conform to out culture of masculinity.