1. steve talbert says

    A gay Stepin Fetchit…

    I liked him, too.

    Now he need to learn card reading and astrology and give Walter Mercado a run for his money… And what a marathon THAT would be..

  2. Akrontru says

    Before I offer my opinion I want to make clear that I am not one of those bigots who post here frequently regarding effeminate men. As far as I’m concerned that ilk would hate queers of all types if they didn’t share an attraction for the penis.

    So, my opinion: Simmons has no spine (balls.)

  3. Sepp says

    Simmons is worse than a minstrel performer. Like minstrel performers of the 20s and 30s, he degrades himself for money.
    But while minstrel acts mocked Black people, they didn’t actively celebrate violence against them.

    A big part of Simmons’ act is to mince about on a talk show like Letterman and then get abused and put down by the host. He also appeared in a TV ad in which he is seen prancing around the street in women’s shorts and then is hunted down and run over by a car. Maybe in a few years, if the money is good enough, he’ll act out Matthew Sheperd’s murder for laughs.

  4. Caliban says

    That soap opera clip is BIZARRE! Kind of surreal. Are our grannies toking when they watch those things? It might explain a lot.

  5. Brian in Texas says

    As far as I know Richard Simmons has never confirmed or denied being gay. He might have an “Andre Leon Talley” moment and surprise us all. Being effeminate and/or campy does not equate being gay.

  6. Bernie says

    oh come on, even though he has never confirmed or denied being gay, I have no doubt he is gay, and like Liberace, I wonder why he doesn’t come out……

  7. Ted says

    Many of you may not recall, but Richard had a recurring role on General Hospital may years ago, i would say sometime between 1979 and 1982, as an aerobic instructor. If memorry serves me, it was in his studio that Luke raped Laura. If only i could remember what i had for lunch….

  8. says

    No need to tell the world about Richard, he’s been out since the doctor slapped his behind on the day he was born! He makes everyone look butch… and that’s not a complaint. He reminds me of the Zero Mostel line in the movie The Producers… If you got it, flaunt it and he’s been flaunting it all the way to the bank.

  9. MIke says

    I remember Richard on General Hospital. And I also remember Rip Taylor. Say, is Rip a gay embarrassment Stepin’ Fetchit’, too? After all he’s old, has always been pretty harmless, and gets laughs.

  10. MIke says

    I wish Paul Lynde wouldn’t have died before we could degrade him, too. You know these queens from the 70s and 80s! They were never kool!

  11. pickles says

    LOVE RS. Ever up, ever fun, gets the joke, keeps a look- timeless, classy and a true performer. Yes please. And thanks.

  12. bendskier says

    Oi those acting “skills” are awful!

    I’ve seen 3rd graders create more believable characters.