1. dean says

    See what they do; Now that Gays and Lesbians have a solid foot in the door based on the Scotus ruling, The Reich-Wing knows legally they have to transition their witch hunt to someone else immediately before their jobs and all that yummy cash just ups and vanishes.

    So like clock-work, all the GOP morons and their stooge-craft start swinging at Trans folk.

    Typical. I guess conservatives feel that they just haven’t done a good day’s work unless they are planning to harrass, intimidate, threaten and insult a minority group.

    And this is why the GOP has a shelf-life as a political party of about 10 more years.

    Good riddance!

  2. Dave says

    The article refers to the “National Center for Transgender Equality.” Oh, so it really is OK for T to be separate from LGB? I thought that any gay person who suggests that is a terrible, evil, bad person? For some reason, the same rule doesn’t apply to trans activists. If it is “transphobic” to say that LGB should not be lumped in with T, then that must mean that the “National Center for Transgender Equality” is by definition homophobic.

  3. Bernie says

    Unfortunately, it appears the bathroom issue is one of the biggest issues with transgenders in the community and education is the only way to solve this……almost everyone needs education on transgender issues, including me

  4. Bernie says

    Unfortunately, it appears the bathroom issue is one of the biggest issues with transgenders in the community and education is the only way to solve this……almost everyone needs education on transgender issues, including me

  5. TonyJazz says

    I feel sorry for the people who have to watch Fox News to pick up these stories. The propaganda channel is full of hatred and misinformation….

    How can an objective reporter stand watching it?

  6. Marshall says

    While I hate their horrible opinions, I hate the way they abuse our language more. It is impossible that passing a law to protect transgendered people could be considered anarchy. The meaning of anarchy is lawlessness. These people prey on the stupidity of Americans.

  7. andrew says

    They don’t even pretend to be fair and balanced anymore. I think that they have the highest ratings of the cable news channels. If true, that is the bad news.

  8. Bill says

    What’s funny is how one of the “Fox News” bimbos blamed Jerry Brown, calling him “Moonbeam”. In fact, Jerry merely signed the bill, which was introduced by Tom Ammiano (a gay member of the assembly from San Francisco).

    Ammiano’s predecessor was Mark Leno, now a state senator. Leno joked (knowing Tom would most likely be his replacement), “They think I’m the liberal. Wait until they see the liberal!”

    When Tom Ammiano ran for mayor, the outcome was hilarious – it was a runoff election and the Republicans had to support Willie Brown (who they hated, but was at least someone you could make a deal with) instead of Tom Ammiano (who they thought was just a tad to the left of Karl Marx). Here’s a classic column about it (written by the always funny Art Hoppe):

    Only in San Francisco would you get such a cast of crazy characters!

  9. FooBar says

    Dave, I actually work with the NCTE and I would ask that unless you actually know anything about us that you please keep your speculations to yourself. Over the past few months we have been lobbying hard for ENDA in congress. Not ENDA for trans people but ENDA for everyone including you.

    We also tackle trans specific issues like the recent change to DC’s birth certificate policy. So seriously, please take your anti trans agenda and leave.

  10. mododavid says

    FauxNews must have forgotten that words have these basic descriptions of their meanings: definitions. And the “definition” of anarchy is not government regulation. In fact government regulation would be the opposite of anarchy. It’s like how socialism is the opposite of fascism, so Obama cannot be both a socialist and a Nazi fascist. FauxNews is faux sho’.

  11. Dave says

    Foobar, NCTE supports ENDA because “gender identity and expression” was jammed into the bill. If ENDA were being voted on in its original form, covering sexual orientation only, NCTE would oppose it. Indeed, NCTE signed a statement that it actively opposes any legislation that would protect LGBs unless that very same legislation also covered Ts. They take this position even if it means that nothing gets passed, which is what actually happened.

    NCTE couldn’t care less about LGB workers; they only see us as a vehicle on which to hitch their own demands.

    Shame on you for exploiting gay people for your own selfish gain.

  12. Thedrdonna says

    @Dave: Do you have a link or a name for that statement that the NCTE signed? Claiming that they would actively work against equality for LGB folks unless trans folks were included is a pretty serious charge.

  13. Thomas Cardellino says

    There has been some anecdotal evidence that concentration camp Jews and Seventh Day Adventists and other religious inmates made life for homosexuals even harder than it had to be because, well, they were a further despised minority, and that the religious people thought their inclusion with LGBTI folks was further “torture” because of the “loathed” seeking out another minority to loath in their midst. Why? Because all people, left uneducated about the complexities of human life, seek out those upon whom they can tread to slightly raise their self-esteem, no matter under which conditions all of the oppressed are subjugated. It’s like Anglo-Saxon whites discriminating against the Irish, Italians and Spanish in this country for centuries. It’s like high yellow African Americans discriminating against their darkest skinned fellow African Americans. Transsexual folks are part of the so-called “LGBTI” community because they are not “straight,” an artifice constructed by the dominant majority to make themselves feel better, even if their LGBTI neighbor is a CEO and their white a** is digging ditches for a living after serving time for getting busted for running a meth lab in their garage. Many rungs of the social ladder are achieved by stepping upon those relegated to the lower rungs for their immutable human traits, not because they are “worthy” by their deeds for treatment as “lesser” humans.

  14. FooBar says

    I’m sorry Dave, but that’s just silly. Of course the NCTE supports trans inclusive legislation. We also would have a issue with trans only ENDA legislation that left the LGB behind. We don’t support any legislation that doesn’t provide protections for everyone, LGB included. We also pushed measures to make it illegal for homeless facilities int he district to deny help to LGBT youth, not just T youth so please stop creating this imaginary scenario where transsexuals are latching onto the LGB, especially when trans people are out marching and lobbying on YOUR behalf. I say that as a lesbian woman. The NCTE supports my rights as much as the rights of transfolk. Do you actually do anything for trans rights by the way? Do you go in to lobby your elected officials? Do you run grassroots campaigns? Do you personally do anything or are you more of an armchair critic?

    Further more, I think it’s absolutely adorable that you think that ENDA didn’t pass because of trans inclusion. Do you know how many ENDA bills without trans protections have been introduced in the congress and been shot down. The Republicans said they were going to vote against it and the president said he’d veto it if it hit his desk. ENDA’s failure had nothing to do with transsexuals and everything to do with Republicans.

  15. DavidR says

    When the LGB-only ENDA came up in congress, there was an outcry from the majority of the LGB community because it did not include our “TI” compatriots. It was a proud moment for the movement.

  16. Dee Omally says

    Gender/sex begins biologically in mommies tummy. We know that when it comes to physical birth, “Murphy’s law” applies. It is not a crime to correct what nature did not get right the first time.

    Being transgender (personal history), we suffer inordinate and excessive offenses compared to the general population, usually merely for “being transgender.”

    Fox “newz” continues to publicly persecute transgender children & adults over and over and over in an irrational and acutely obsessive manner. Fox “newz”‘ perennial and unabated relentless stance colored with obsession can only stem from one primary reason: transphobia.

    Their stance against extending affirmative protection for we who are transgender in essence “criminalizes” a medical/legal gender transition. How so? By combatting affirmative protections for us, they continue to sanction/advocate trans-phobia–essentially letting our “haters” know that hurting and killing us is ok. How could anyone actually combat regulations intended to increase safety for any group permitted by law?

  17. Jerry6 says

    What is all of this nonsense about the “FOX News Comedy Show”? Are some people actually taking this show seriously? IT IS A COMEDY SHOW!!!! There is nothing real about anything they say.

  18. Terri Richeson says

    For A transgender person It isnt one day that they feel like being transgender, It is every hour of every day. And it would seem to me that before they started using the restroom of their chosen gender, that they would need some counciling by the school to conform thier gender idenity. The only other alturnitive is for gender neutral restrooms so that it protects those people bother by the few transgener people that only want to live their lives in the gender that has chosen them.

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