1. Graphicjack says

    I am a fashionista and when I saw that crap on the runway I laughed my ass off. Even on a super fit guy, these look redonk… On someone out of shape, they are awful. I understand it must be hard to create something truly new in the fashion industry, but if it hasn’t been done before, there’s a good reason for it.

  2. johnny says

    The first look was understandable, given that the focus on men is chest and abs. Not my taste, but can def see that working in an LA club or some other hedonistic setting.

    But that second one…? Major koo koo. Looks like a giant toaster cover.

    Nice color though.

  3. says

    There used to be a guy who was at The Eagle in NYC every weekend in the mid to late 80s who made his own version of the first shirt. He had abs before a lot of other people, liked to show them off.

  4. KevinSFS says

    Its like the pinched PEE Wee Herman fashions look the gays can not get enough of. In the not too distant future its going to be like the mullet. Hideous and hard to explain away.

  5. says

    Um, the paper sack straight jacket with bows is a no go. The crop….kinda hot. I forsee a white or winter party outfit just waiting for the walk of shame at 8am from the club to the hotel.

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