1. T.J says

    Many LGBT organizations have been working for years to warn about the dangers of Jamaica while trying to get refugee status for LGBT who want to escape the island

  2. dean says

    LCR’s; Foreign Countries have a RIGHT to discriminate and hassle and kill LGBTs at will.

    All Other Gays; LGBTs have a right to live safely in any country they live in. And if they can’t, extend visas.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    If you said Self-Loathing Republicans – You Win!

  3. Hordak says

    that guy behind the one in the red shirt, I just want to punch that smug look out of him & then beat the stupid out the other one.

  4. chasmader says

    I know it’s un=PC, but Jamaica was not ready for independence in 1965 and even more so today.
    That country’s political parties are criminal street gangs and what civil society there was there has decamped to South Florida a long time ago.

  5. Hagatha says

    There is a good chance the the people in the thumbnail image for the video have an IQ of about 66. Now you can jump up and down and complain about IQ and the reasons for it, but the bottom line is that you are dealing with people who are clinically retarded who are also quite possibly inebriated. Not a good mix.

  6. M.J says

    @NYCER Most dogs are more civilized than MOST humans in society today. Watch the news for 10 minutes in any city and that fact is reaffirmed.

  7. Mike says

    Is it worse to be gay or “alleged” to be gay? For these purposes looks like alleged is enough.

  8. James says

    Yes, MJ, I agree. I live in SF, and EVERY single night on the news is “Today in Oakland, ___ people were shot and killed. Also, in Oakland…”
    It’s pretty sad, but you get easily de-sensitized from it. It’s a desperate place. But I lose sympathy when they try to enact police policies like Stop and Frisk, and the community protests against it because it “unfairly targets” minorities. Ok – so don’t use stop and frisk. Have fun killing yourselves. You might die, but at least you’ll be PC!

  9. Roger says

    These are the people the Democrats want to flood America with. Open-Borders Immigration!! Green Cards for Everybody!! Help Speed up turning the USA into a Third World hell hole.

  10. Sean says

    Roger, we’re sadly already doing that. I live in California, which used to be a cool place. Mellow people. Great beaches. Movies stars. Laid back attitudes.

    Now it’s an over-crowded, under-funded bankrupt nightmare. Half the people don’t speak English. Single moms with 8 kids each, flooding hospitals and schools with kids they can’t afford.

    It’s sad – what a place it used to be vs. what it has become.

  11. NVTodd says

    GET OUT OF CALIFORNIA ! I did ! I’ve never been so happy !

    Now, as for Jamaica…

    How did it get this way ? Oh yeah, oops !