WNBA Player Sophia Young Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage, San Antonio LGBT Protections


Sophia Young, a star player with the WNBA's Silver Stars of San Antonio, was one of the hundreds who prayed against an LGBT anti-discrimination bill at San Antonio City Hall yesterday.

She posted a photo of herself on Twitter yesterday holding up a placard reading "Vote No". Given what she tweeted, however, she seemed to think that the anti-discrimination bill, to be voted on by the San Antonio City Council in early September, would also somehow legalize same-sex marriage.

Tweeted Young: "My vote is still No… San Antonio should not allows Same sex marriages."

It was her second tweet in a day about the issue. The first read, "Should San Antonio be a city that allows same sex marriage?? I vote NO."


  1. jaja says

    we should also bring back slavery, since the bible is alright with that.

    (I don’t think we should, just pointing out that if you use the bible for your anti-gay logic…then you have no logic.)

  2. NYC says

    My feeling exactly JAJA – why is it that some just want to have some else to discriminate against… she definitely needs a history lesson.. and remember… glass houses hon…

    tolerance is a two way street… wasn’t so long ago when you wouldn’t have been able to vote, or play basketball.. more history you must have slept thru – or been discriminated from attending.

  3. Gerry says

    Ugh… like Russia, this isn’t about human rights, it’s about distraction… keep the masses looking at the shiny object while you screw them out of everything else. “Gays are horrible, because the bible tells us so”… but of course, these same people eat shellfish, wear clothes made from multiple fibers, get divorced, the list goes on and on… Thank goodness they are now in the minority!

  4. Ernest1960 says

    Wow, she must really hate the majority (I’m just guessing here) of WNBA fans. It’s alright to go to the games and support the teams, but otherwise you don’t deserve basic rights.

  5. Homo Genius says

    Ok…. no one has touched on the OBVIOUS… She plays women’s basketball! Going to be tension in the locker room because something tells me her teammates might take this a little personal

  6. Cajiva says

    Considering the majority of comments above, you people or no different than her.

    Do some of you realize that if they was to reinstate slavery, GAY black people would also be put in slavery. Do some of you care that black gay men read this blog as well and when some of you make comments like that, its hurtful.

    My God, a lot of you want tolerance and acceptance, but don’t won’t to return it.

  7. CDA says

    This is infuriating, but the gay community always reacts in the worst ways.

    Our first reaction should be to celebrate the rapidly shrinking disparities in racial minority acceptance of LGBT people. In some cases, they might even be non-existent (e.g., trans people of color are more likely to be accepted by their families than white trans folks).

    Our second reaction should be to think about why this person might have this backward position: could she just be a hateful bigot? Sure. But maybe her family was poor, or suffered discrimination (or both), and used religion as a buoy, or an organizing tool to fight off oppression. Maybe these things conspired to limit her exposure to more diverse experiences. Maybe she did not receive the education that would allow her to make the connections between the struggles of racial minorities and LGBT Americans, both of which are far from over and very interlinked. Maybe the oppression of racial minorities and women in this country made her cling to a rigid, unyielding sense of gender that clouds her view of what is acceptable, moral behavior for men and women. And maybe it’s none of these things, but we shouldn’t just assume it’s the first, and excoriate her for it.

    Finally, we should educate her. Granted, most of us will never meet her or have inroads to do so, but when we meet someone else who belongs to a group that has been oppressed, and/or continues to be oppressed, we should resist the impulse to co-opt the struggles that their people have gone through. We don’t need to rub anyone’s nose in the injustices they have endured, and shame is not a great teacher. We don’t even know that her activism stems from a Christian belief, so why are people referencing Biblical exhortations to own slaves? This is not productive. Also, she seems to be concerned about marriage, which I would say is very different from the right to vote (which we all have, and if you’re like me and you’re white, you probably enjoy that right to a greater extent than most racial minorities in this country) and the right to not be enslaved (which we all enjoy). Granted, her actual activism is in opposition to a law banning discrimination, which is very serious and a notable disparity between the LGBT community and racial minority communities, but the fact that she has the two confused indicates that she is in need of education, and information. We need to tell her and people like her that we do not deserve mistreatment, that we are equal, that we – like nearly every other group: from women, to racial minorities, to religious minorities, etc. – are hard workers, and should have the same exact opportunities that she and others may enjoy.

    This idea is apposite this week more than ever: Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t inspire a nation by shaming the Irish, and white women, or Jews and Southern Europeans into giving black people rights because they were hypocrites, who had only recently entered into mainstream society themselves. He inspired them by appealing to ideals, and empathy, and our shared lot in this world as a society and a nation. So too would the LGBT community be wise to proceed.

  8. chris says

    Note: She went to Baylor, the same school that urged Brittney Griner to stay in the closet. (And Young is currently injured, giving her more time to spread her stupid bigotry, but I’d bet money that her teammate, Danielle Adams, is a lesbian.)

  9. Tigerama says

    Hi, CDA? Shut it. Three huge scolding paragraphs telling “the gay community” what to do? Have an opinion, mate, but then get off the cross. We ALL have something we think is right.

  10. Gerry says

    @GYAWU – Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. There are plenty of ignorant and selfish people in all minorities… we’ve got the Log Cabin Republicans and GoProud – who btw, I find particularly abhorrent since they are willing to sacrifice the human dignity and rights for all gay people for a perceived tax advantage. I find it amazing that hate is such a motivation to bring out all these people protesting against equal rights. It would be interesting to see exactly how many of them actual live in San Antonio or we’re paid to be there.

  11. HadenoughBS says

    I see Young’s Baylor (Baptist) University education did her no favor helping her understand the cause of equal rights in this country.

    I guess Ms. Young just assumes African-Americans were always born free here; that yesterday’s 50th anniversary of MLK’s March on Washington celebrated her ancestors full-acceptance by American society since their first arrival in the US as “free citizens”.

    It used to be said that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Ms. Young is an example of educational waste.

  12. AJ says

    No less than 3 of her teammates are gay. Danielle Robinson, Danielle Adams, and Becky Hammon are as gay as it gets and another player, Jayne Appel, is an outspoken straight ally. It’s prolly a fair estimate to say the half the league is gay and many more than that are allies. She is gonna have a rough time of it when she comes back from her knee injury.

  13. JMC says

    Given the amount of teammates and peers of hers that are gay that she interacts with regularly, it’s clear this one is willfully ignorant. What an idiot.

  14. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Ah, the hubris and ignorance of youth. She’s not terribly bright and for a woman on the WNBA, not very considerate of her teammates either. Maybe she’ll grow up some day, this is the most notoriety she’ll ever gave. Poor thing.

  15. 1♥ says

    Well this is how equality works. If that was a white person I would call her a bigot and her being black doesn’t change a thing. She is a BIGOT. And no, I don’t care how she was raised. There is no excuse for prejudice.
    And to you commenters that think you can shame me on calling a bigot a bigot are only showing their on prejustice.

  16. cdubois says

    It’s funny to me that every article about an anti-gay person of color comes back to race and slavery in the comment section. Yet when the article is about Russia or Pat Robertson or any other ignorant old white republican you never get the comment “typical ignorant white guy” or “here goes white people subjugating a minority group again.” The white privilege and oblivious nature of the gay community is mind boggling! !

  17. Scott in Philly says

    I agree with CDA that most white gays are closeted racists and these comments are horrible especially about black people.

    The issue I believe is really mostly about religion. If evangelical religion wasn’t around then there would be less to argue about regarding the sinfullness of gays!

  18. Darren in atl says

    To CDA: Our hateful words are expressions of non-violent disapproval of her bigotry. Similar to how blacks referred to “whitey’s” and “crackers”, while waving the banner of non-violent protest. Not much difference, but I’m sure you and others will split the hairs of my statement to find some. Bottom line: we are PISSED at the African American community (as a whole) for trying to usurp the term “discrimination” and “civil rights” from anyone who doesn’t conform to their belief that you must be of a certain hue to have earned them (or been put through slavery, which no contemporary black person can say they have been put through).

  19. cdubois says

    Darren Why are black people held to a higher standard than anyone else when it comes to discrimination? Guess what? If every black person in America was on board with gay rights and gay marriage we STILL wouldn’t have full equality because they aren’t the ones making the policies and laws that keep us as second class citizens. Treating blacks as a monolith incapable of independent thought is just as offensive as anything anti gay people of color say about gays.

  20. jaja says

    My God, a lot of you want tolerance and acceptance, but don’t won’t to return it. – Cajiva

    she’s not being tolerant either, is she…No!
    it’s not my fault she’s stupid & ignorant, she’s bringing it upon herself. I do unto others has they would do unto me, give them a taste of their own poisons ’cause sometimes it takes great humility to realize how stupid & ignorant one can be.

  21. CDA says

    @SCOTT IN PHILLY — I just want to clarify that I was not trying to say that the majority of white gays are closeted racists.

    @TIGERAMA — when I started writing my three “huge” paragraphs, no one had said anything different. I’m unsure why you think it’s more conducive to learning or discussing anything when the same trite, sometimes racist comments are just being regurgitated over and over and over again. But it’s telling that my comment earned your condemnation while others (more manageable in size and perhaps more palatable in tone?) escaped criticism.

    @DARREN IN ATL — I appreciate your candor, and thanks for engaging in a civil way. I just don’t understand why you would approve of anyone using “hateful” words. I am pissed, too, but that doesn’t give me the right to be racist, nor does being racist alleviate my burden. It denigrates us, and it makes us less sympathetic, and it attenuates our claim to equality. We can’t just ascribe some of the qualities of some black people to all black people, and I think it’s just common sense that we won’t ever get closer to any claim on the civil rights narrative that is largely associated with African Americans if we continue to alienate and slander them.

    And while it’s a tangent, I think it’s worth mentioning that we do have a claim to civil rights, and we are discriminated against. And any person who claims otherwise – whether they’re black, or white, or Jewish or female or gay or whatever – is wrong. They are just mistaken, and I have never let anyone tell me otherwise. I can kind of imagine where it comes from, though: imagine how compelling the impulse is to jealously guard what you’ve fought for, and what has not seen anything close to full fruition, when a new group comes along, with different experiences, and more glitz, and a tidal wave of support, while you sit there and continue to struggle and see your dream unfulfilled (look no further than the Shelby Co. SCOTUS decision, or the persistent racial wealth and incarceration gaps for proof of this). That’s not to say that it’s right, but it’s understandable.

    And when queers say “Our struggle is the same as yours.” we are not only feeding that fire, and in that situation WE are in the wrong. Because our struggles are not the same, and if there is any ranking in terms of which group had (or has) it worse, it simply. does. not. matter. The dialogue needs to be changed. We need to put the oppression olympics behind us, tempting as they may be, and acknowledge that both groups (and especially queers of color) have been oppressed, are still being oppressed, and will continue to be oppressed, and often at the hands of the same people, and that this oppression often has deep, deep roots in the same causes. Recrimination of each other does nothing to build our strength; it only divides us more and more.

  22. JMC says

    People who expect POC to randomly be more enlightened than white people about gay issues are really dense and serioisly need to reevaluate their thinking. Gay people are conditioned from birth to be racist trash just as their straight counterparts are, and straight POC are just as suspectible to the cultural and religious brainwashing that leads to homophobia in white people.

    Like, are you thinly veiled racists seriously delusional enough to think that white gay people were less racist than their straight counterparts during the bulk of the black civil rights movement? lmao

  23. ELI says

    By the comments here you would think some of you would be happier about the way the Gay community has brought the Black’s and the KKK together in their hate fest for the inequality of gays.
    Yes, I’ve noticed that whenever someone in the gay community comments on someone who is black and prejudice that the comments on the board try to turn it around by calling the gays white racist. That’s not going to work on me because I’m not judging the black community; I’m judging this woman’s prejudice.
    What I really see is a lot of the blacks on Towleroad condoning bigotry as long as they are dishing out the hate.

  24. Brian1 says


    You have it completely backwards. I guarantee you that if someone attacks this woman for being a bigot, homophobe etc they will never be tarred as racist. So if you’re judging the bigot but not the race, as you say, nobody will call you out. The problem is that most of the time if the bigot subject of the post is black, the racists (and they are mostly proud racists) quickly let loose with all sorts of nasty anti-black comments. That’s what those of us who call people racist are objecting to. Hate the bigots regardless of color or sex all you want, but don’t hate an entire race or sex because of one dumb homophobe.

  25. NYCer says

    1) Apparently some comments are getting deleted from here. I guess this is a censored site.

    2) Let’s stop getting off topic here. People are deflecting and excusing this woman’s awful behavior by saying everyone on here is a racist.

    I’m sorry, but there is a VERY salient point to be made – that yes – not long ago – she perhaps couldn’t have married the person she loved simply because she was black. And she has the nerve and naivete to tell me I can’t marry who I want? F U, Sophia. STFU and be grateful you can make a living playing a game.

  26. Rob says

    She doesn’t even frickin’ know what the vote is for. This is a typical, uninformed bigot. Her church just told to show up and hold up a sign to stop teh gays. The vote is for an antidiscrimination ordinance.

  27. MIleHighJoe says

    Another so-called Christian who picks-and-chooses which Bible verses to uphold and which to ignore.

    If she were the “good Christian” she purports to be, she’d be upholding slavery, too.

  28. says

    Here in TN, they’ve gone as far as to declare this Saturday “Traditional Marriage Day” in which the bill passing this new state holiday quotes The Holy Bible. Why does the State feel it has the right to continually define marriage? Exactly what is “Traditional” Marriage in Tennessee seeing as even Interracial Marriage is STILL outlawed by the State Constitution along with Same Sex Marriage? http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2013/08/on-wrong-side-of-hypocrisy-traditional.html

  29. Gino says

    Black people are heavily homophobic. Studies consistently show this and they are allowed to call various demographics racist, but we better not highlight the constant pattern of homophobia within the black community. I say we have a national dialogue about it. And I’m biracial!

  30. Ajeroy says

    Blacks want to turn every story about “woe is them” and to not hold them accountable for their continued bigotry toward our gay community.

    Blacks are bigots toward gays. PERIOD.

  31. Jaylon says

    ChrisQ, You are just another clown who seems to confuse race with sexual orientation. Black struggle and Gay struggle are nothing alike. Don’t even try comparing them. Its pathetic when people in America doe this…

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