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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Marriage Equality Demonstrates 'Genius' of the Constitution

Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that the recent same-sex marriage rulings demonstrate the "genius" of the U.S. Constitution, in a talk in Philadelphia last night, the AP reports:

Wedding_ginsburgGinsburg said equality has always been central to the Constitution, even if society has only applied it to minorities — be they women, blacks or gays — over time.

"So I see the genius of our Constitution, and of our society, is how much more embracive we have become than we were at the beginning," Ginsburg said in a far-ranging discussion of her work at the National Constitution Center, steps from the nation's founding at Independence Hall.

And as far as judicial activism goes, Ginsburg had more to say:

Ginsburg criticized her majority colleagues for what she called "activist" decisions that overturned laws better understood by Congress, such as the Voting Rights Act, which had been extended by a series of bipartisan presidents, most recently George W. Bush.

"That's an example of striking down legislation on a subject that the people in the political arena are better informed about than the court is," she said.

Ginsburg became the first Supreme Court Justice to officiate at a same-sex marriage last week.

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Ben Cohen is Shirtless, Fit, and Ready to Dance: PHOTO


Rugby star and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ben Cohen decided to show his Facebook followers yesterday what kind of shape he's been getting in for the tv dance competition, writing:

"Quick warm up before the photo shoot! #HowvainamI"

Hopefully vain enough to show us some more as the weeks go on.

Watch Cohen answer some random questions in a new show interview, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Texas Newspaper Denies Gay Couple's Request for Wedding Announcement: VIDEO



A gay Texarkana couple's request for a wedding announcement was denied by a local newspaper this week on the grounds that the paper only includes 'marriages that are recognized by the states in which it circulates.' KSLA 12 spoke to the couple about their experience and what they thought of the Texarkana Gazette's anti-gay policy:

"They refused us because we are a gay couple," says Michelle Cooks. "And if the Pentagon has recognized, you know, giving same sex couples benefits," continues her partner Patricia Wrightner, "At least, I think we could..." "...put our picture in the paper," finishes Cook. They often finish each other's sentences.

Wrightner and Cooks say they've been together for over a year and plan to travel to New Mexico later this month to marry.

When they went to the Texarkana Gazette to have an announcement printed in the paper, they say were turned away. They call it discrimination.

"We were discriminated against," Cook says. "There's no other reason not to have our picture in the paper." 

A spokesperson for the Texarkana Gazette says it's a matter of policy. 

"The Texarkana Gazette publishes wedding, engagement and anniversary announcements related to marriages or impending marriages that are recognized by states in which it circulates," says a statement from Editor Les Minor in response to an inquiry from KSLA News 12 on Wednesday. "This policy has been in place for several years. Neither Texas nor Arkansas allows same-sex marriages or recognizes same-sex marriages from other states. If those laws change, this newspaper will re-examine its policy."

Texas and Arkansas remain two of the 29 states that have no laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. 

Watch a news report of the story, AFTER THE JUMP...

KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather

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American Family Association Finally Ends Its Failed Boycott of The Home Depot

Home Depot

The anti-gay hate group American Family Association announced this week that it would be officially ending its ineffective, three-year boycott of The Home Depot over the company's policies in support of LGBT people. According to AFA's director of special projects Randy Sharp (pictured), the boycott was ultimately a success, although he also failed to offer any specifics about what actions the company took that led to AFA's declaration of victory.

RsharpSaid Sharp:

"We're glad to report that we are suspending the boycott of The Home Depot. After monitoring the company for several months, we're satisfied that the company has withdrawn its major financial contributions to gay activist groups and their activities. [...]

We certainly do expect The Home Depot to deny that they have turned back their contributions to gay activist groups, but AFA has monitored the company - and actions speak louder than words.

Back in 2010, AFA began the nationwide boycott of The Home Depot over the company's commitment to "furthering the homosexual agenda." Executives at The Home Depot, however, remained committed to promoting diversity and continued to support organizations such as Out and Equal Workplace Advocates and the Human Rights Campaign. Indeed, Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes offered a response AFA's announcement this week, indicating that nothing at the company has changed since the boycott began. 

"We haven't made any changes to our policies for inclusion and respect of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. We have not directed our associates to discontinue participation in Pride or other community events, and have no intention of doing so. 

Towleroad readers will remember AFA's One Million Moms boycott of JC Penney last year over the company's hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as spokesperson being a similar dud. Its nice to see AFA's standards of 'success' continue to diminish year after year...  

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