1. Ryan says

    I always thought David Ramsey was secretly the hottest guy on the show. Confirmed!

    He’s also one of the best characters, too. The guy steals scenes — but who would have known he was hiding this under his shirt? Woof!

  2. Bob says

    Enough of the stereotypical torso shots. Show us the thighs. Has the male thigh become taboo, has it?

    Sadly, Towleroad seems to be reproducing the same old cliched poses courtesy of thigh-phobic Hollywood.

  3. Rhody says

    Oh such are the tragic lives of gays – the straight obsession. No wonder some straight men want separate changing room.

    I totally agree with this…If you wanna drool over someone do it over another gay man… not over a breeder…

  4. johnny says

    Rhody and AndyTowlette, what is wrong with thinking ANY guy is hot? How on earth are we supposed to know their sexuality from a photograph? I’m a gay man who’s attracted to other MEN, not just gay ones. I used to think Harrison Ford was sexy, but I’m smart enough to know he’s not going to turn magically gay for me. Life is not a sex buffet. What’s up with your heterophobia? Separatist, much?

  5. steve talbert says

    It’s called fantasize because it ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. Who cares if they are straight, bi, or gay if they aren’t having sex with you!@??? you can still admire them if you like them. Staring at real men in real life is just weird and rude. They know who looks at their pics. People who are attracted to them.

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