1. Denise says

    It’s nice to see this, but it would also be nice if gay Germans would start protesting to make gay marriage legal in Germany – it’s LONG overdue.

  2. says

    What bothers me, and not just Huffington Post, is what is happening is relegated to ‘gay’ pages or gay publications. Otherwise it is totally ignored. With FB and other social media we need to get the word widespread so mainstream media starts paying attention!

  3. Mike says

    Huff Post especially loves to report on a well organized march with groups like “Enough is Enough” in the mix. The whole handling of gays in Russia will take on a different tone if the U.S. attacks Syria.
    Maybe the Huff Post will have to struggle with serious reporting.

  4. says

    I don’t recall, but has there yet been a U.S. protest of Russia and the Olympic Games? I know there were sporadic protests against Stoli and Coke, but don’t remember any directly against Russia and the IOC. A 50 State organized protest might get some media attention, maybe in October to give organizers a time for an effective protest and telling politicians their stance will reflect how we will remember them next year in their elections!

  5. emjayay says

    Yes CB I don’t think there has been anything in the US like the big protest in Sweden or wherever it was and now Berlin, although a lot of smaller ones and other kinds of activity. I think a part of it is proximity. Russia is more in their back yard. There must be other reasons as well…??

  6. Milyes says

    LGBT in the U.S are behind many other countries because we back down from religious militants in this country. It’s why of all the western nations when it comes to gay rights, the U.S is very behind.

  7. D.C Civil says

    It’s sad how American LGBT really don’t care about LGBT issues and would much rather throw a party.

  8. Jerod Stefianese says

    Wish people in the states would care half as much, but then again, 22 gay people including couples were attacked or shot at or beat in New York City and hardly a peep from the gay community or national dialogue about it.

    Thank goodness the fight for LGBT freedom is not in the hands of America’s LGBT community.