1. David From Canada says

    French-Canadian Celine Dion from the province of Quebec. You can still detect the accent in her voice. Very good talker, great singer. Just yesterday I played one of my favourite songs by her, “That’s The Way It Is”.

  2. AriesMatt says

    Caught most of this live on Friday. Celine is a nut…in a good way. Didn’t know she was the baby of such a large family. May explain her kookyness (I’m the baby of ten). Was a little surprised that she still speaks with broken English. Wondering if she and her family speak French in the home?

    Like her new song, although her live performance was a little pitchy (gasp, I know…how dare I speak of such things). Still way better than 99.9% of all other singers/entertainers.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    I’ve never really liked her and did see her on Jimmy Kimmel. She tends to speak out of the side of her mouth and her lips are often convoluted. She has always been a Barbra-wanna-be and will never reach Streisand’s level. The song she sang was pretty ridiculous and turned me right off from the getgo. She has to be somewhat desperate to make a Kimmel appearance and I was surprised at how poorly she has aged. She is too young to have jowls and her eyes are beginning to droop. It’s like nails on a chalk board when she speaks at such a staccato speed and you can’t justify that with the claim of nervousness. This is a seasoned professional who has been before the public, especially the American public, for decades and yet she still can’t speak English without mangling it and covering up with all those “jew know? Jew know?”

    Give her a fine ballad and she is hard to beat. Anything else and she is wasting our time. (BTW, I hope I wasn’t too harsh – LOL!)

  4. Michel Filion says

    Super sweet girl! I have worked on tv shows with her a couple of the times in Montreal and she is most generous and kind. How many times have I seen her chatting with carpenters, security people and cleaning crews, exchanging baby pictures and listening to them.. and all that with no cameras and photographers around.

  5. BigBlackMariah says

    Never liked her singing, but many people do so I’m happy for her that she’s been able to find an audience. She can’t help the way she looks; she has a perfect face for radio. She looks like a mongoose.

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