1. Caliban says

    Based on what friends from NYC say, support DeBlasio.


    Quinn is a DINO, so tied into the existing power structure of NY she can’t possibly challenge it. It’s not an achievement to elect a lesbian just because she IS a lesbian.

  2. says

    Sorry George Takei but Christine Quinn is correctly viewed as Emperor Bloomberg’s wingman and after more than ten years of elitist tyranny (no sugary sodas larger than 20oz, banning Styrofoam cups, closing St. Vincent hospital so it could be turned into condos for the elites), most voters in NYC want a fresh start and a fresh start isn’t Christine Quinn.

  3. Jay says

    @CALIBAN Democrats aren’t exactly e desirable bunch. Break free from parties and their ideologies.

    Christine is a capable and proven leader, she has everything it takes to lead NYC into the future and I actually think that being her own person is one of her greatest strength.

    De Blasio = social walfare, to me that’s just sad and depressing. It kills something inside of people when they lack the motivation to do anything with their lives.

  4. Josh says

    Most people reject the notion that the failure to get rich means people haven’t done anything with their lives. It’s right for NYC to have a mayor who will represent the working poor and middle class.

    De Blasio wants to expand access to early child education so more kids will be on track to succeed in school and life. That’s the antithesis of creating more welfare dependency.

  5. Quaint Notion says

    @Jay Forget about the welfare issue. The major issue in this race is Racial Profiling.

    When blacks and hispanics are treated as guilty till proven innocent, it’s time for a change. Bill DeBlasio actually wants to stop Stop and Frisk. Christine Quinn wants to continue the policy and keep Ray Kelly as police commissioner, the guy that said “we need to arrest more black people.”

    This is really about whether NYC is run as a police state or whether it is a free city that respects the rights of all people.

  6. gomez says

    @quaint notion. not that i support her but:

    Quinn: If I’m Mayor And Kelly Wants To Keep Job, Stop-And-Frisk Must Come Down. july 20th

  7. Jay says

    I understand we gay men find it hard to connect with lesbians. But come on, Christine is the better candidate. And she will fight harder for us than anyone else will.

  8. Albert says

    Love ya, George, but I can’t. It still sticks in my craw that Quinn overturned the will of the people on term limits without giving voters a say. She’s also not been a brake to some of the hyperdevelopment we’ve seen in the city. Everything going up now is just a luxury condo building and not much ‘affordable’ housing. I’m leaning towards De Blasio.

  9. David From Canada says

    From what I’ve seen on various websites, Christine is the type of person that you either love her or hate her.
    Bill D. sounds like an ultra-liberal: he’s very idealistic, but being realistic isn’t his greatest strength.
    Whichever candidate can brainwash(as usual)the people the most will win. Good Luck NYC!

  10. MichaelJ says

    Does Takei live NYC? If not, what business does he have commenting about the city’s mayoral race?

    @Jay: Quinn “will fight harder for us” if by “us” you mean affluent gay men and women who can afford decent housing in this ridiculously expensive city, who have steady jobs that allow them vacation time and sick leave, who don’t worry that their children will become targets of racially profiling cops, and who don’t dare publicly cross her in any way. The rest of us would do better with someone who goes beyond politically safe small changes that don’t upset the status quo. Elected officials and others involved in city affairs would also do better with a mayor who does not have a record of old-school political vindictiveness that is reminiscent of the Guiliani era.

  11. emjayay says

    Christopher, I don’t think increasing recycling by among other things getting rid of styrofoam takeout containers (which hasn’t happened yet) and cups is a part of the Bloomberg plutocrat fatigue felt by many New Yorkers. Getting rid of trans fats in restaruant food and smoking in public places, now recycling all plastics and starting composting programs etc. are great. That stuff is actually part of the good side of lil Bloomie.

    The proliferation of huge buildings built where nice historic stuctures stood, often knocked down overnight while under landmarking consideration, full of multimillion dollar condos owned by Saudi Arabians princes or Russian oligarchs and occupied on occasion is however a part of it.

    Then there’s the Ray Kelly/stop and frisk/Muslim spying operation/corrupt cop culture/Occupiers bashing and buddy of Quinn thing. And the anti-sick leave anti-living wage kind of Quinn stuff.

  12. emjayay says

    As much as we all love George T and it would be cool to have a gay married gay mayor with a progay record….not gonna happen, for good reasons.

  13. olympiasepiriot says

    Ditto to Michael J.’s “Does Takei live NYC? If not, what business does he have commenting about the city’s mayoral race?”

    I live here. I am not voting for Quinn. Still don’t know who I *am* voting for, but it won’t be her.

  14. UDontKnow says

    If I was rich and really loved tearing down mom and pop shops for glass luxury buildings and chain stores, I’d vote for Quinn!

  15. turrino says

    I have no problem with stop and frisk. Let’s be real: crime and ghetto hood rats are what is and has been ruining the city for years. Besides unaffordable housing that is the major problem.